Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


8. criminals

Lilly Ann's pov

I sat in the bath room doing my makeup. While zayn's mom curled my hair. Zayn and I were going to prom. Only after zayn begged me. I had told him it'd be better if we studied but he said I had a free night. She finished up with hairspray. I sat up and walked to the hallway. She looked me up and down. "No one would ever know you do mma, except for your toned arms and legs." I laughed at her comment. "You're a beautiful young women. Zayn is lucky to have you." She brought me in for a hug. I walked to the mirror. The purple went well with my brown hair that zayn said had auburn highlights. He was always playing with my hair. I'd be studying and he'd be inspecting my hair. I'd always ask him. "Find anything?" He'd just laugh. I stood there waiting when he came out of the hall bathroom. His tux had a pocket which had a purple piece of cloth that matched the color of my dress. His quiff was still there but it looked more, put together than just a normal day. He walked over with a big smile playing across his face. His brown eyes sparkling. His huge frame wrapped itself around my tiny but strong and toned one. "You look beautiful." I smiled as he kissed me. "You're going to smear her lip stick zayn! Now stand next to her! It's picture time." Zayns lips were still on my as I smiled at his moms words. I pulled apart and stood next to him. His arm wrapping around my waist. We took probably about fifty billion pictures before we left. Zayns hand was on mine the whole way there. "Thank you." He said for the fifth time. I smiled. Once inside we danced and got a ton of compliments. Zayn being the popularist guy in school. I watched as the guys I knew from mma came up. "Well don't you look like a girl!" My friend jimmy said. I hit his shoulder playfully. "So who you here with?" He asked. I shrugged. "Oh just zayn malik." He jumped back "whoa! For real are you guys dating." I nodded though I didn't know my self. I found zayn and pulled him aside. "Can I ask you a question?" He smiled. "Anything love." I smile at my stupid question that the answer ment so much to me. "We are boyfriend and girlfriend right?" He laughed. "Lilly we have done just about everything that couples do. Unless you don't remember? I'd be happy to remind you." He smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Yes or no zayn?" He held my hand. "Yes we are." I smiled as he pulled me into his chest and kissed me. He was trying to deepen the kiss but I whispered. "Not here everyone you know is here its too public." He smiled and pulled me to the buffet. I watched as he went to talk to the principle. He came back. "What was that about?" He shrugged "now can I get everyone's attention. We have all the votes in and I'd like to announce the queen and king. I looked out to the windows. It was beautiful outside. The sun was setting causing the sky to look orange. I only had a month of teenageness with zayn like this moment right now. Then it was off man hunting and killing. Zayn new the guy I didn't. I was thinking about what life would be like for me and zayn if we didn't have this task. Would we get married or wait, would we be going to college. You see you might say oh but you have all summer your life will still be normal. No. We are going to go kill a man. Who probably has friends who are going to protect the guy we're going to kill, so you're in it for life. I was shaken out of my thoughts as I looked up to see zayn smiling at me dragging me on stage. It was a dream like daze as they put crowns on our heads. I plastered a smile on my face. Zayn led the way to the dance floor. His crown titled as to not damage his quiff. We slow danced. It was late as we were walking out to the car. I stopped. Daryl was leaning against the trunk of our car. "How was your night lilly?" Zayns hand squeezed mine do hard. I held my ground "what are you doing here?" He chuckled. "Are you accepting the task?" I gasped. "I have a-" I was interrupted by zayn "yes we are. I'm going to do it. I was going alone. But Lilly here wouldn't let me. So I promised if she got all a's she'd come with me." Daryl nodded. "Good ill let my guys know so you can get the shit on the guy." Zayn nodded. Daryl walked off as he did he patted zayns shoulder. "I knew you'd want in, you and him have a lot of... " I felt zayn tense. A lot of what. But Daryl didnt say. He just walked off. "A lot of what?" I asked as we sat in the car. Zayn didn't answer. He just kept leaning in and missing my cheek. "Zayn I can't drive if you're distracting me." He chuckled. "I'm not completely distracting you yet." I laughed. "Oh really." "You'll know when I'm distracting you." I rolled my eyes. "How much did you drink?" One thing I learned after spending a couple of months with zayn is, the alcohol affect doesn't hit him till hours later. "Ehm just a bit." I nodded. I was turning the way to go to zayns house when I felt his finger lightly go up my thigh. And start to lift my dress up. I smacked it. "I can not take you home like this." I quickly made the way to my house. "We're going to my house till you sober up and arnt so frisky anymore." I looked at him his brown eyes dark and lust filled. He just smirked at my. I giggled. "You are such a dork." He made a pouty face. I laughed. "Come on zayn. Get out of the car." I watched as he literally jumped out of the car. Landing in a position that reminded me of Peter pan. "Ik having a hard Time figuring out if you're drunk or sober." He laughed. "Maybe I'm just tipsy?" He said as I walked into the house dragging zayn with me. Once in the house he went to and I quote. "Go pee." I went to my room and slipped off my prom dress. I was stepping into sweat pants when I felt my hair pulled to the side and zayn trailing kisses down my neck. If I turned around my bare chest would be on his tuxedo. It made me nervous and excited to I just stayed still. I started to pull my pants up when zayn stopped me. "Keep them off you look better. I laughed. I turned around my arms covering my chest. Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing me. He picked me up and laid me on the bed. I clung to like a sloth until he finally set me down. All the way are lips were locked. Zayn took no time to have his tux off. I closed my eyes. "Don't close your eyes love, they're to beautiful to be closed." I smiled. "So you're not drunk." Zayn smirked as he slipped his boxers off. "I didn't even drink." I huffed as zayn slipped my thong off. "Sexy but has to go." I giggled. Zayn took his boxers off. I tried to keep my eyes up, zayn busted out laughing. "There's no rules saying you can't look? You're laying underneath me completely naked, for what? The like fifth time I have seen every inch of you." He said as he kissed me. I laughed as I allowed myself to look down at 'him'. I felt my eyes widen. He just laughed. Zayn opened my legs and entered me as I felt bliss and comfort  

As I felt closer to zayn. Would this be our last time together, before we became criminals? "Stop thinking I love you Lilly Ann." I smiled at zayn's whisper.  


Steamy!!!! Hahaha. Enjoy

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