Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


1. Broken

This is a fan fiction about zayn Malik  

Now if you don't like drugs, violence or cursing then I'm sorry. Please read my other fan fiction called temporary. Vote comment and follow me. Oh and if there is any errors I'm sorry I do this all and only on my iPod. If you're younger than 13 don't read. I know at the age if 10 I was innocent and now I wish I still was. 





Lily-Ann's pov

I stood there lighting my cigarette. I tried to push everything away. I tried not thinking about the stuff I used to. Like the science term paper due at the end of the month. I tried not to think about my body weakening from not training. So here I sat on the back porch smoking my life away. I got up and threw my cigarette on the ground and smashed it. I had a friend to meet up with. He was giving me a fresh bag of grass. By midnight tonight I won't be thinking about anything. Just how I like it. I looked into what I called home. The window had no glass just boards. There was trash everywhere. My mother was never home to see what I was doing and I had no siblings.

Zayn's pov

I grabbed my hoodie off the chair and grabbed my skate board. I needed a place to think all by myself and what not to Do than go skateboarding. I left my house and off I was down the road. I reached into my pocket to grab a cigarette. Then I hesitated. I couldn't I told my mom I would stop. Compared to then I have technically. I remember when I first started, it was the summer time, so I was using my newspaper and cutting grass money to pay one of the older guys to buy me packs. I would go through a whole pack in just one day. Now I could usually last off one or two cigarettes a day. I don't want to sound conceded, but I was the most popular guy in the school. And I absolutely hated it. They all thought I was perfect. Which I was definitely not. I lived in one of the poorest neighbor hoods in the county. I payed for my own clothes, because of my success on x-factor with the boys. But I didn't keep the money I couldn't. I was skateboarding as I light my cigarette somehow my mind had told me I deserved it. I skated past lily's house, I once wished to be like her. Then something happened and she stopped fighting, she stopped getting good grades. Each day she looked more tired than the day before. I knew she smoked, probably did drugs and drank. She had pretty blue eyes that where green around her Pupil. She had light golden skin and brown hair. Ill admit i used to have a massive crush on her, still do. I watched as she hopped on her board. She was wearing light skinny jeans all black vans and a blue shirt on. Her MMA shirt. I wonder where she's going its five in the afternoon. I decided to follow her. She was good at skate boarding. So she was fast. I followed a little back so she wouldn't see me.

Lilly-Ann's pov

I got on my board fast. I was in a hurry to get there. I didn't want Stan thinking I was backing out, because trust me I wasn't. I ended up in our usual meeting place. There was Stan waiting. He was not handsome at all. He was always drunk too. Some newbies might give him a penny less than the amount and he wouldn't know but I know he's just a leg to the major boss and that guy will hunt you down and get his penny and your life. I got off my board and said "so Stan give me what you got." " I have just what you ordered." I nodded unrolling the lump of money in my pocket. I looked up "so then what's that?" I pointed to a bag of blue pills. He smiled another customer unless you wanna use it baby. Ugh now I knew what it was. "Stan don't you try shit. Because I will fuck you up." I said as we exchanged items. I got back on my board. And skated away. I inspected the bag. Seemed legit I didn't dare open it.

Zayn's pov

Drug deals, should have known that's what she was up to. The guy obviously said something to piss her off because I heard something about how she could fuck him up. I mean shit! I wouldn't doubt it in a second. She had been captain of the MMA league. I hid because she wizzed bye. I wouldn't let her smoke that, she could die! So I skate boarded after her. "Making secret drug deals in dark alley ways."


Well that's the first chapter I don't know how all this stuff really works because of course this is all on my iPod so If you guys could send me tips about updating and stuff. Thanks


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