1D IMAGINES! *Hatius*

Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
Begin commenting! ~Nikki~


2. Imagine for Sarah ๐Ÿ’•

You sat on the couch and stared out the window as a raindrop slides down the window. You let out sigh and walk up to the window. You think about how much you miss him. His smile, his voice, his eyes, and the way his dimples pop out when he laughs. You miss him so much and your about to crack. You need him here.

A tear slides down your face and you wipe it way. You make your way back to the couch and take your phone out. You text him, but know he won't reply cause he's busy.

From Sarah<3: I miss you! I can't take it anymore I need to see you :(

You text him hoping for a reply, but you know you won't get one soon. You head onto twitter checking everything but mainly his page. You dicede to tweet something.

@(Y/T/N): If we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time..... I miss you @Harry_Styles!

You refresh and see your retweets and favrioute are crazy! You see lots of hate comments but don't read them. They don't bother you, they make you stronger. It brings you and Harry closer.

You feel lonely so decide to call some friends up. You set up some popcorn, candy, ice cream, and movies to get your mind of things. After 20 minutes there's a knock on the door. You get up to see Hannah standing there. "Hey!" Hannah says. "Hi" you say barley audible. 

Hannah, your best friend frowns as she kicks off her shoes. "Come here!" she says gesturing for you to give her hug. You walk over to and wrap your arms around her. You begin sobbing in her shoulder as she calms you down. "Shhh, I know it's hard!" She soothes you. Hannah pulls away and wipes some tears of your stained cheeks. "Come on let's go watch a movie!" She says excitingly. 

She grabs your hand and leads you into the living room. You guys sit down on the couch and Hannah puts in the hunger games. She sits beside you and squeals as the movie begins. Halfway through the movie you get a text from Harry. You were surprised since it usually takes longer then that for him to reply.

From Hazza<3: I miss you to babe. Ill be home sooner then ya know it. Please stay strong Sarah I love you!

You read the text and reply with 'I love you more'. You begin crying. Hannah pauses the movie and walks over to you. "Shh, he's going to be home soon I promise!" She keeps on reassuring you but you know it's going to feel like years. "I....I just can't take it Hannah I miss him too much! I'm just broken. I need to see him just one time!" You tell her. She rubs your back. "I know you do honey, but he'll be home before you know it!" She tells you. "I'm sorry Hannah, but I'm really tired I'm going to take a nap. You can stay for as long as you'd like. Movies are over there, and snacks are in the fridge. Just make sure you lock the door when you leave or you could stay if you'd like!" She nodded as you headed upstairs. You didn't even change your clothes you were to upset to. You curled up into a ball and cried yourself to bed.

Hannah's POV:

It hurt me to see Sarah like this. She was always funny and adventurous, she still is but just a lot sadder. I diceded to call Harry and talk him into visiting Sarah. If he couldn't pay for a ticket I would do it. Just anything to see Sarah smile again! I picked up her phone and scrolled through the contacts and found Harry. I clicked on it 5 rings passed by and finally an answer.

Harry: Hello?

Me: Hey Harry it's Hannah

Harry: Hi mate. We haven't talked in in a while how are you! 

Me: *sigh* I'm good but Sarah isn't!

Harry: Why what's wrong did something happen?

Me: No... No nothing like that she's just really upset! She hasn't been eating and his gotten really skinny!

Harry: Awe my poor baby! Can you tell her I love her and I'll be back as soon as I can.

Me: I will but I think it's going to take more then that to fix her up and see her smile again!

Harry: What do you have in mind?

Me: I was thinking maybe you could visit, even for a day would do she just needs to see you.

Harry: I've been trying to visit her but I never have time.

Me: Can't you just come this once? I mean she is upset, really! She barley talks.

Harry: *sigh* I'll be there by morning but don't tell her I want it to be a suprise!

me: *squeals* thank you so much Harry! The key will be under the door mat!

Harry: Alright bye I have to go get packed!

Me: Alrighty bye!

Shes going to be so excited. I left after The Hunger Games finished. 

~Next Day~

Sarah's POV:

You woke up sniffing, but you felt strong arms wrapped around you. You smelt the sent. It was his sent. You turned to face him and squealed with excitement. You forget Harry was sleeping so it woke him up. "Mmmmm I'll be up in a minute Niall!" He said. You laughed. He opened his eyes, and smiled. "Morning babe!" He said. You squealed as he got up. You kissed him hard, and passionate. You pulled away breatheless. Tears forming in your eyes. "I missed you." You whisper as a tear escapes your eye. Harry lifts your head up by your chin. He brushed the tear  of with his thumb . "I missed you!" He says. He  places a hand on your cheek and you both kiss. He pulls away breatheless once again. "I love you!" He says. "I love you more!" You guys hug  and kiss some more.

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