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Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
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8. Imagine for Maria ๐Ÿ’•

You walk up to the one place you wished to never visit. You held the roses and cards in your hand as you got walked to the gate. 'Manchester Grave's' you read the sign as a tear sliddered down your cheek. You pulled your coat closer together and let out a breath. You looked up at the guard and signalled him to open the gate's doors. He nodded as the gates opened, and you walk in. You look around it's not to crowded just a couple of families paying a visit to there beloved ones. 

You walk through some sections and finally get to theirs. You gulp. You didn't want it to be like this. You walked to their graves and gave it a hard look. 'Harry Styles will always be remembered as a happy man 1994-2013' and 'Niall Horan the one that never stopped smiling 1993-2013' thats when you had enough. You fell to the grass on your knees and started crying. You pulled on the grass.

You know this is not how Harry and Niall want to see you so you be brave. You wipe away your tears and imagine Niall and Harry wrapping their arms around you and telling you there fine. You breathe in and out a couple of times and finally say something "Hey guys!" You manage to choke out. You look up at the sky as lightin flashes, it's about to rain but you don't care. The lightning gives you a flashback.


*on the phone*

"Ya...... Okay babe....... Ya that's fine ill be at Nialls....... Alright bye love you to Harry!" You hang up and grab your notebook, for wedding planning. Yup that's right you are soon to be Mrs. Styles and your going to do some planning with your bestfriend since kindergarten, Niall Horan. He said he needed to talk to you about something, so you diced to do some wedding planning as well.

You jumped in the car and looked at the sky it was lightning, it was about to rain. You loved the rain. You turned the car engine on as it roared to live. You put the gear on reverse as you backed out of the driveway, of the house you and fiancé Harry lived in. You couldn't help but think that something Niall was going to tell you was going to be bad. Every time someone says they need to talk to you, it ends up being a breakup or bad news. 

You reach at Nialls before you know it. You turn of the engine and hop out. It was raining now, but you didn't run you loved the rain and took your time. You ringed te doorbell, as Niall opened the door. You walked in and he closed it. You hugged him, he hugged back but not as enthusiastic. You frown as you kick your shoes off, something's deffinetly wrong. 

You follow Niall to the living room. No one has broke the silence yet, so you decide to. "So how is everything?" You say awkwardly. "It's good and you?" He asks. "It's been great!" You cheer. "Look I have to tell you something Maria." Niall says. "Me too! Do you think Blue or Red for the theme of the wedding?" You stall because you don't want to hear the bad news just yet. "Blue  and listen!" Niall says again. "I'm glad you choose blue because its an amazing colour maybe we could blend in some purple. Oh I know the ribbon can be purple and the light-" you get cut off as you tell Niall your ideas. "I said Listen Maria!" He says calm but a bit irritated. "I am! Hey I know the ceremony can be outside. We can have a waterfall and some sand. Oh I know the bridesmaids can wear-"


Your shocked and flattered. "Niall I love you but we can't be together! I'm with Harry and I lo-" your cut off again. "Yea I get it! You love him. I'm not good enough for you! I get it no one ever loves me." You frown. "Niall don't say tha-" you get cut off once again. "HE CHEATED ON YOU NOT ONCE BUT TWICE! YOU HEAR ME TWICE!" He says putting 2 fingers up. "Don't you dare being Harry into this Niall!" You said getting angry. "Why shouldn't I! You probably opened your legs for him right away!" You gasp. "Your drunk Niall!"

"YEA IM DRUNK! IF I WAS DRUNK WOULD I BE CRYING!" You start crying. Harry walks in. "Hey guys I'm her-" he doesn't finish when he sees you crying. "What's wrong?" He says running up to you. He sees Niall crying too. "What happened??" Harry asks you worriedly. "Why don't you tell him Maria?" Niall asks you. "I....I... Nia-" you get cut off. "Just as I thought so!" Niall said before walking away.

"Niall please, wait Niall!" You call after him. He faces you. "JUST FUCK OFF!" He yells. You drop to the floor and whimper. Harry looks at Niall as he storms off and then you. He picks you up and hugs you. "Shhh." He soothes you. "I have to go after him Harry!" You cried. "Ill come with you." Harry offered. "No you stay here and see if he comes back." Harry nods as you walk out.

You check everywhere Nandos, arcade, Liam's, but no where to be find. You stop at the beach that was near Nialls house. You hear a guitar and singing. It's Nialls voice. You walk up slowly an listen.

" If I'm louder Would you hear me? Would you lay down? In my arms and rescue me. Cause we are, the same. You save me, but when you leave it's gone again. And then I see you on the streets in his arms I get weak my body fails I'm on my knees praying. When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight. It just won't feel right, cause I can love you more than this. When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just won't feel right. Cause I can love you more then this." He finishes the song and strums the guitar, he was soaking wet. You've never heard that song but know its about you. 

Your about to walk up to Niall but stop decide against it as you hear his next words. "I FUCKING HATE YOU MARIA!" He yells, as throws a rock into the ocean still unaware of your presence. He storms back into his car, as you start crying. You walk home slowly with tears streaming done your face. Your soaking wet and and your makeup is running, but you don't care.

Your about to cross the street when a car comes your way. You see it's Nialls car, and you freeze not knowing what to do. You hear Niall honk. "MARIA MOVE!" You hear Harry shout. You still don't. Harry jumps on you. Niall swerved hitting a tree. An oncoming car hits you and Harry. All you hear sirins, and talking. A big explosion happens that's when you black out completely.


You wake up to the heart monitor beeping. You look around the room to see the boys, Pierre Eleanor, and Danielle. All red eyes like they've been crying. You look down to see you're mother on her knees and her head on the bed sleeping. Everyone's sleeping and doesn't know your awake. You start screaming remembering everything that happened.

Everyone wakes up. "Maria.... Oh my god baby your okay!" Your mom hugs you. "Wh-where is Niall and Harry" you ask. Your mom looks at you. "Honey there right over there but there's something you shoul-" You just jumped out if bed not letting your mom finish why she had to say. You looked at the two people you loved the most. There hearts are still beating you sigh in relief.

"Maria you didn't let your mom finish, they only have twelve hours." Liam says. Your body stops in shock of what he said, and you feel dizzy. You pouring crying your heart out as you hold there hand. Nialls eyes open. "Ni-Niall?" You stutter. "Maria before I go I need to tell you something. I'm so sorry, I meant nothing! I was stupid! I love you Maria" he says. "I love you." You kiss his forehead. You stare at the monitors as they both slow down and go flat. The loves of your life gone like that. You collapse on the floor crying.


Your crying on your knees. It's raining hard, you've hated the rain since that day. "IM SORRY!" You shout. "I'm really sorry!" You start to cry and hum More Then This. You know Niall forgave you but you've always had a hole in your heart. 

*Let me know what ya think Maria. And please no hate this is fictional! NOT REAL!



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