1D IMAGINES! *Hatius*

Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
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6. Imagine for Katie ๐Ÿ’•

You tapped your leg nervously as you waited for your best friend to walk through the door, you sighed. What was taking him so long and why were you so nervous? Oh you know, maybe the fact that he's changed. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and looked up to see Maura looking at you. You sighed once again. "He'll be home Katie!" She said, you gave her a weary smile.

Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours. You missed him so much. You don't know what your reaction will be. You heard the door open you looked up, but only to  fine Greg with the Welcome Home Cake. You frowned it seems like that's all you've been doing. Greg laughed. "Don't be so upset Kat! He'll be here!" You take the cake from Greg and place it on the table. "He's here! There here!" Your mom yells, she was the lookout. "Everyone hide!" Your dad yells. 

Greg hits the lights of and stands beside them. Maura and your mom hide behind the sofa. Your dad and you hide behind the giant T.V. Your dad smiles at you and you grin. Finally after so many months your going to see him. Your family and Niall's family were really close. 

The door opens and you here footsteps. "Why's your house so dark Niall" you hear one of the boys whine, probably Louis. "I don't know Louis!" You hear that angel voice reply. They walk into the living room and Greg turns the lights on. "SURPRISE!!!" Everyone yells. The boys jump and you all laugh. Niall looks around and faces you. You stare into his heavenly eyes. "Kat?" He says almost in tears. "Niall!" You reply. 

You run to him. You rap your arms around him like there's no tomorrow. You sob into his shoulders, as does he. Everybody awes. You pull away and stare into Niall's eyes as he stares into yours. "I missed you!" You smile. Niall wipes away your tears. "I missed you!" You guys hug       once more before pulling away.

"Boys this is Kat my best friend!" Niall says. "Hello!" They all say. You return the favour by smiling. "LET'S GET DRUNK!" Louis yells. Everyone laughs and the party begins. Niall changed a lot. He wears t-shirts and skinny jeans now. His hair is all jelled up and may you say he looks very handsome. Wait what? You can't like him he's your best friend, but you've always had a tiny crush on him.

You look over at Niall. He's laughing at something your moms telling him, you sigh knowing how much you wanna confess your feelings for him. Someone brings you out of your daydream, you see it's Harry. "What ya staring at?" He asks. "Oh ummm nothing!" You stare it Naill again his gorgeous laugh and smile. 

"You like Niall don't you!" Harry asks smirking. "Whaaaaat? Pff No!" You say very unconvincingly. "Come on Katie don't hide it! We all can see the way you look at him!" Harry  tells you. "Okay yes I do like him!" You admit. Harry looks at you for a moment. "Well he likes you too!" Harry says. Your face fills up with exciment. "Really?" You ask. "Yea he always talks about you!" You sigh. "No no not that like that good things I promise!"

You look at up him and smile. "But he'll never ask me out! I think it's better if we stay as friends!" Harry nods his head. "You'll  never know unless you try!" He whispers in your ear before walking away. You think about it for a moment. Does Niall really like you? You've always loved him more then friends. His eyes, smile, laugh, and especially his personalities. 

Your once again brought out of your daydream by tapping on your shoulder, you think it's Harry so you diced to give him an answer. "Harry I'm not going to ask Niall out! He'll say no!" You turn around and meet your eyes with blue ones instead of green. "Oh ummm hey Niall....." You say awkwardly. "Hey!" He says. "So did you here what I said???" Niall snickers at you.

"Yup!" You roll your eyes Niall being Niall. You walk away but only being pulled back by Niall. He shortens the distance between you and him. You guys state at each other for a while. He puts a blonde lock behind your ear. He grabs your waist and you put your arms around his neck. He kisses you. His lips so soft and sweet. This has always been your dream.

You here awes behind you. You an Niall pull away breathless and red. "Get a room you two love birds!" Zayn shouts. You both laugh at him. "We should probably go somewhere private, I'm sure Mr. (Y/L/N) will want a follow up conversation. (Y/L/N= your last name). "You bet ya!" Your father shouts. You laugh. You love it when your dad is protective. 

The fire is slowly dieing. And people are saying there goodbyes. You say bye to the boys and get there numbers. Your about to leave but get pulled back by Niall. "Aren't ya going to at bye to your boyfriend." You smirk at him. You kiss him hard and passionate. "Goodbye Nialler I love you!" You say . "Bye Katie I love you!" He replies. You sleep really happy that night knowing Niall was only yours...

*I hope you like it Katie let me knew why ya think ~Nikki~

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