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Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
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9. Imagine for Elin ๐Ÿ’•

You and Harry have been dating for almost year now. He said he has a big suprise for you, you and the boys were going to see Taylor Swift! One Direction are going to record a song with her and you get tag along. You love Taylor Swift, but your not a big swiftie. You get ready on the tour bus as Harry gets ready to. 

"You ready love!" Harry calls. "Ya almos." You replied putting on some perfume. You walk out to meet the boys, Julie (Nialls gf) and Eleanor. "Let's go guys!" Liam calls. Harry takes his hand in yours as you walk out. 

You get to the studio and wait for Taylor. After five minutes she arrived. "Wow sorry guys I'm late!" She apologized. You see a twinkle in her eye as she faces Harry. Jealousy fills your body. Liam takes charge, as always. "Hello Taylor, I'm Liam, that's Niall, Louis, Zayn, Julie Nialls girlfriend, Eleanor Louis girlfriend, Elin Nialls sister, and Harry."  Taylor smiles, and hawks at Harry. "Nice to meet you all! Lets go get started!" She cheers.

You all head upstairs. The boys and Taylor head Into the booth. You notice that Taylor is sitting beside Harry. The begin singing, it was an amazing song. You couldn't help but notice every 5 minutes Taylor would stare at Harry and scootch closer to him. You mention it to the girls and they nod in agreement. 

You all stay there for a good two hours. "That's a rap for today guys! Well finish it tomorrow." Taylor said. They all say goodbye as we walkout. "Actually Harry can you stay for a second, I need help with something." Taylor suspiciously said. "Sure, I'll meet you down with the others El"

 You nod walking downstairs, but have a pity feeling in your stomach that's something is going on. No one is downstairs, looks like everyone left. You wait for five minutes and Harry is still not back. You walk up still having a pity feeling in your stomach. You open the door and your heart shatters into pieces. 

You were right! You saw Harry kissing Taylor full mouth. You run out of the studio and back to the bus. You cry your heart out. You feel someone walk in. "Elin open the door!" It's Zayns voice. "Go a-a-way." You sob. Zayn walks in picking you up. He leads you two to the couch. You cry in his chest. "Elin love what's wrong please calm down I'm afraid you'll pass out!" You still cry into Zayns t-shirt. You see it's soaking wet, but he doesn't seem to care. "Did Harry do something?" You sob harder. "It was Harry wasn't it?" Zayn forms his hand into a fist.

Your almost out of tears. Zayn wipes some tears off of your face, as you take some deep breaths and manage to choke out "Harry kissed Taylor!" Zayn stands up. "What! How could he?! That little prick!" You pull Zayn back down. "Look Elin, Harry is stupid not to notice what he has." You nod in agreement. "Come on let's go get your mind of things." Zayn grabs your hand before you can say anything.

You walk around, Zayn holding you, and find an arcade. You spent most of your time watching Zayn play video games, he was really good. After and hour or so you guys sit for some pizza. You sit close to Zayn he has his arm around you and your head is on his shoulder. "Hello I'm Perrie your waitress for today." She smiles and notices Zayn. "Awe you guys make a cute couple!" She frowned a bit upsit. "Oh no were just-" she finishes for you. " Best friends?" "Exactly!" Zayn smiled

You eat the pizza laughing with Zayn. You guys pay and Zayn gets Perries number before leaving. You leave the arcade with a few paps snapping what would look like a good photo for tomorrow's paper. "Oh zaynie got a girlfriend!" You tease him. "Shut up!" He shove. you. You laugh as he takes his hand in yours. "Come on let's go before they get worried." You feel upset again. You and Zayn walk in still hand in hand, everyones eyes on you. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Harry says standing up. 

You hid behind Zayn. "I was out! Comforting your girlfriend!" Harry looks at you. "What are you talking about?" Zayn chuckles as he rolls his eyes. "How could you be so cool with this?". "What's going on?" Liam asks. "I saw Harry kiss Taylor." You confess. "What? How could you Harry?" Eleanor snorted throwing an arm around you. You sob into her shoulder. "What the hell Harry? You cheated on my sister?" Niall yelled getting up. Julie tries pulling him back down but fails. "Niall stay out of this!" You say tears streaming down your face. "No I don't care he cheated!"

Niall swings but obviously Louis catches his hand. "Niall mate calm down, lets hear Harrys side of the story!" You stare at Harry. "She came onto me I swear!" He looks into your blue eyes. "Then why didn't you pull away?" "I-I don't know?" You run into the bathroom, and lock the door as you cry on the floor. You hear Niall yelling to open up, but he finally gives up.

 You search around for a razor, and find one. You run it through your hand as the blood streams down. You hear the door open. "Sorry I forget I had an extra k-" Harry pauses and looks at what your doing. Tears stream down his face as he leans down. "Elin w-why?" He breathes a couple if times. "I promised I would never be the reason for those scars!" He seethed.

"Elin I'm so sorry! She came onto me I should if pulled away but she had me traped!" He wipes away the blood from your wrist. "I'm so sorry!" You could see the regret in his eyes. "It's fine, ill give you one more chance Harry." He smiles as he kisses your wrist. "I love you." He promises. You smile "I love you more."

*hope you like it Elin and please don't try anything like this! Sorry it took so long! ~Nikki~

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