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Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
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4. Imagine for Ashley πŸ’•

You opened your heavy eyelids, and checked the clock to see the time, it was nine-twenty five. You sat in bed and stretched as you yawned. You looked over and met your eyes with the love of your life. You kiss his nose, he scrunched it a little as you giggle. You get up but only to be pulled back down by Louis. "Babe come on five more minutes please." He pleaded in his morning voice. You giggle once again as you sit back down. Louis pulled you close. He sent chills down your spine. After five minutes you decided it was time to get up. You try to get out of Louis grip but be doesn't allow you.

"Babe please I gotta go get Mandy ready." He sighed and let go of you. "Fine!" He huffed. You get out of bed and giggled. A breeze hit you giving you goosebumps. You look around for a hoodie and find one of Louis. You put it on as the warmt hits you. You walk out of Louis and yours bedroom and into your four year old daughters.

You walk in and see her staring out the window. "Hi baby girl." You smile, She turns and looks at you. "Hi mommy." She turns her focus back out the window. You walk up to see what she's staring at. "What you looking at princess?". You look out and see everything covered in snow. "Mommy it's snowing!" She says excitingly. 

You smile and wrap your arms around her. "I know baby girl, maybe we can go out and play!" She looks at you like a child on Christmas morning, and squeals. You pick her up an cradle her back and forth. You feel arms wrap around you. You turn around to see Louis now wearing a shirt. You smile again, your little family stays like that for a while. You hand Mandy over to Louis. "I'm going to go take a shower and then get Mandy ready!" "It's okay babe I'll get Mandy ready. Right after I take a shower with you." He smirks. Your daughter gives you a funny look. "Louis!" You scowl trying to be serious but fail. You slap his arm. "I'm teasing now go and dress warm I'm taking you ladies out somewhere."  You see your daughters eyes fill with exciment. You laugh as you walk out.

After your shower you get dressed in a sweater shirt that says NYC in white, black skinny jeans, and brown snow boats. You curl your hair and let it fall over your shoulders. You spray some perfume and put on some eyeliner, mascara, and some light lipstick. You walk out to see Mandy all dressed up. She wore a cheeta print shirt, black skinny jeans, and some black winter boats. Her hair was left opened and curly at the bottom just like yours. She wore a navy blue beanie. You see Louis teaching your daughter how to kick. "Now that's how you do it if a boy ever comes near you." He smiles proudly.

You roll your eyes as you walk in. "Louis don't you think she's a bit young for this?" You ask. "Your right I'll just kick there behind if they ever break her heart." 

You laugh Louis is being a great dad already. "Well I'm going grab a quick shower and then we can head out." Louis says kissing you on the cheek before walking out.

After Louis was done his shower he walked downstairs, were you and your daughter were putting on your coats. He wore a stripped t-shirt, black jeans, and some winter boats. His hair was as usual. He smiles as he zips up his coat. You wear your beanie and so does he. He puts on your daughters mittens, and then his own. He picks up Mandy and takes your hand in his. "My two gorgeous lady's!" He says as he escorts you and Mandy out. The paparazzi starting snapping photos as always. Louis held Mandy tight and your hand as well. You duck your head as you walk to your car. You get in the front seat as Louis straps Mandy to her carseat. He gets in the driver seat and closes the door, paparazzi still taking pictures. You hear him curse under his breathe but not loud enough for your daughter to hear.

You guys grab some breakfast at a coffee shop. After you guys were done you head back into the car. You drive around for a while and stop at a big hill. Not many people were around. "Daddy were going sledding!" You daughter screams. "Yes princess." He smiles and looks at her from the rear mirror. "Thank you!" You say as you kiss your husbands cheek.

You guys walk out each of you holding one of your daughter hand. You swing her back and forth. Louis falls and you laugh so does, Mandy. "IM FINE!" he shouts as he looks up snow covering his face. He gets up and then throws a snowball at you. You gasp. You throw one back. You daughter starts to throw little ones. "Who's side are you on princess?" You ask she looks at you both. "I'll buy you a doll if you pick me." Louis smiles. Mandy runs to Louis. You gasp and pretend your hurt but laugh it of. 

The next thing you guys did was go sledding. Your daughter sat in the front, then you, and then Louis. You guys sled down many times and laugh. Just having a good time with your family. The day went by so quick. You wish everyday was like this, but you knew it couldn't be. It was now evening, the sun was setting. Louis, you and you're daughter sat on the bench at the top of the hill. Looking at the breathe taking view. You sigh. Louis meets his eyes with yours. "I love you!" He says. "I love you more!" You guys kiss your daughter in between you.

"eswwww gross!" She yells. You and Louis laugh as you pull away. "And we love you Mandy." You both say in unusuin. You and Louis kiss one side of her cheek and hug her. "I love you to mommy and daddy, I have the best parents in the world!" You and Louis smile. You rest your head on Louis, and your hand on your daughters tigh. You guys stay like that enjoying the beautifull view.

Today was perfect! You love your little family and hope to grow bigger.......

*Hope you like it Ashley let me know what ya think :)

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