1D IMAGINES! *Hatius*

Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
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3. Imagine for Aria πŸ’•

You waited for Niall to get home. He said he'd be back a nine it was now ten-thirty. You started panicking thinking about things that could of happened to him. You diced to text one of the boys to see if they knew were he was.

From Aria: Hey Liam have you seen Niall?

From Liam: No I've tried calling and texting but he won't answer.

From Aria: Oh okay if you find anything out please tell me.

You turned your phone of and threw it on the couch. You paced back and forth waiting for the sound of the key to unlock the door. You got a text and got excited, but frowned when you saw it was just Liam. He replied to your other text and said 'okay'. Anger filled your body as you threw the phone at the wall, but not hard enough to break it.

You went to pick it up, then you heard the door opening. You stood up and sighed in relief when you saw your fiancé Niall standing at the door. He had an almost growing beard and bags underneath his eyes. You could tell he was drunk. "Where the hell have ya been?" You asked putting your hands on your hips.

"Out." Seriously out is all he could say? You've been sitting here worried to death that something happened to him and all he could say was 'out'. You rose your eyebrow at him. "I was worried to death Niall! I thought you got in a car crash or something? Why didn't you answer my calls?" You asked him. He placed his phone and car keys on the table as he slouched on the couch.     

"My phone died sorry!" He said coldly. You shook your head at him. Suddenly his phone buzzed, well he just lied. "I thought your phone died, 'babe'" you say popping the b sound. He llooks at you and then his phone. You do the same. You run to the phone and pick it up. Niall following behind. He looked like he was hiding something, which is why you answered  the phone.

Girl: Hey babe, tonight was awesome! 

You dropped the phone on the ground in disbelieve. He didn't. He wouldn't would he? Tears started forming in my eyes as the girl on the phone shouts 'Hello?' she finally gives up and  hangs up. Niall looks at you worry spread across his face. "Babe please it's not what it looks like!" He said to you. "You.....you cheated! Niall you cheated. I was sitting here worried sick and you go out having sex with another women! You said you don't believe sex till marriage! You said you'd save yourself for me!" You yelled. He looked at you with tears streaming down his face.

"Don't act so innocent. You also cheated! You slept with my Best friend Ariala! You broke me!" His voice got quiter. You hated when he used your full name it always brought back the wrong memories. "Don't you dare bring Liam and me into this! We weren't together then Niall! We were broken so that's not cheating." 

His face was red now. "I fucking hate you! I hate you so much! Why the fuck are we even together?" You gasped as the hot tears got quicker. "Well if you feel that way maybe we should call this whole thing off!" You yell. You start walking to Niall and yours room but stopped at what he said next. Those words broke your heart into millions of pieces. "Your the worst thing that's happened to me Araia!" He yelled.

You turned to face him. "You don't mean it....." You say tears threathing to drop. "I do! Now get out!" He yelled. You jumped at how loud his voice was. You ran to your bedroom and grabbed a suitcase. You stuffed all your clothes in not caring how you put them. The quicker your out of  here the better. 

Your hear things smashing downstairs and cursing. You keep on crying thinking about what Niall said to you. Were you really the worst thing that happened to him? The question repeated in your head, but there was no answer. 

Niall entered your bedroom. "Oh my god I'm so sorry I meant none if that!" He said walking up to you. He put his hand on your cheek. You push it of and continue packing. "I'm so sorry Ari please forgive me!" You could see the regret in his eyes but he took it to far. You picked up the suitcase and tried leaving but Niall grabbed your wrist

"Let me go!" You yelled but he didn't. "I.... I'm sorry it meant nothing I was drunk please forgive me!" You look at him still eyes full of tears. You sigh as you put the suitcase down and turn to face Niall. You put your hand on his cheek and suprised him with your next move. You kissed him hard like it was the last time and it was your last time.....

He smiled as we pulled away. "Does this mean were back together?" Niall asked you. You sigh And reply with "No". You see Niall turn pale. "Wha-why not?" He asks "Niall listen to me." He nods. "We keep on going in circles were just tired of it. We play all these same old games. We wait for something to change but it never does. All we do is fight so what's the point." Your voice is now calm and quite. Niall sighs and replied with "I know."

Niall grabs your waist and you put your arms around his neck. You kiss long and passionate. This was it your last kiss, your last time you share your love for each other. You both pull away. You stare into his gorgeous blue eyes. "Niall please stop making this harder then it already is!" He lets go of you. You pick your suitcase up. "I'll never stop loving you Niall. You'll always be on my mind. Just do me one favour know that this is for the best. Don't torture your self about this. I forgive you people make mistakes." You sigh knowing this is your last day with Niall. "Wait before you go take this!" He hands you his necklace the has a cross on it. 

You put It on and smile. "Know that ill always love you no matter what. Weather we are friends or more I'll never stop loving you Aria." You sigh as a tear slides down your face. Niall wipes it away. You smile, as you grab your suitcase and walk downstairs. Niall stayed upstairs thinking about everything. You open the door. "Goodbye my Nialler, I'll never stop loving you." You hold the necklace with your hand as a  tear drops from your eyes.

Your starting a new chapter to your life. A new beginning without him. You step down and give the house one good look and remeber all the memories you had. "I'll never stop loving you!" You say before getting in the taxi and beginning the journey to your new life......

*Hope you like it Aria. Let me know what ya think :) ~Nikki~





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