Wrecking Ball

Mercedes was ready to start her new school, she was ready for it to be cliche and normal but that was far from what she got.


16. One the edge

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He was close and I could just feel the presence of him. I didn't want him, I wanted him, his soul, his years. I shook my head.

"Mercedes." I stopped dead in my tracks,

"Harry." I watched a figure step out it was Harry, it was him, his eyes his skin.

"Harry come on we have to go save your mom." Harry smiled an evil one.

"Don't listen to him, I'm Harry." Harry's voice said from my left I turned to see another Harry. I let out a howl as more Harry's came into view.

"None of you are Harry. give him to me." that's when Milly stepped into view. I felt the air sucked out of my lungs. she looked normal, her sandy hair was a dark color like Harry's and her eyes were brown, not the green they usually were. Her skin was death pale and she was very thin, but some how she was still beautiful.

"Milly you did this, you made this happen." A single tear fell from her eye. what? It was her fault.

"I know." she said in a faint whisper. A hand placed itself on Milly's shoulder, the handsome and breath taking Louis stepped out.

"but... you're dead, both of you." Louis cracked his handsome but devious smile.

"Ah but see Mrs. styles, I should say, our kind queen made sure we came back. she needs you on the team. that's why we're here. Alive." his words were cold and stung my ears, first off i wasn't Mrs. Styles, yet and secondly i wasn't going to join her side full of zombies.

"I'm not going to be with your queen, give me Harry." Milly was silently crying but her eyes stayed open. what was wrong with her. Did she regret everything? 

"No" my subconscious told me

"Queen you can step out now." Louis was looking in the shadows behind him, and out stepped clary, her red hair highlighted by the rays of the moon, green eyes glowing in an eerie way.

"you!" i spat i wanted to rip her head right off her shoulders. 

"I trusted you!" i screamed into the night, she didnt seem fazed. 

"Little girl tsk tsk, so inexperienced." she cackled. 

"On this night i shall make myself a champion greater than the rest." I was grabbed from behind 

"let me go!" I used all my might and strength that i had in me, I couldnt forget I was slowly transofming into an immortal, something i could not forget about. As long as harry was safe I was fine. 

"Ah harry i had forgotten about him, but not completely, do bring him out." 

to my suprise harry was dragged out, he had his hands tide back and his legs tied at the ankles. they forcefully threw him on the ground.

"Harry." i said, it was hoarse and a whisper something a human ear couldnt hear. Clary walked behind him, his skin was pale like milly's and there was slashes all up and down his torso. 

"oh a pity isnt he, the oh mighty down." she walked behind him and took hold of his jaw. Tilting his head up. 

"It'd be a shame if this pretty neck of your was kissed by an immortal." I sucked air.

"Or we could just torture the fledgling in front of us." with a blink of an eye she had a silver dagger in her hand. she took it and dragged it acrosss his chest, right where the two sparrows had been. Harry let out a pain filled groan, i felt it across my chest too. The smell of his blood hit my nose in seconds and thats when i realized that this was the worst possible situation i could ever be in.

"Why dont you just come over and take a whiff, hm? or better let why dont you have a bit of a taste." she mockingly gestured toward harry, his head was lifted and he stared right at me. i flet my feet start to move, i wasnt in control. 

"Harry..... I love you... you know that." i was going to start sobbing. 

"Hahhaha claiming of love, such a stupid thing to do." i was directly infront of harry and the smell was overwhelming. I was ripping to shreds inside. I had no idea what to do, my mind told me kill, my body told me kill, my heart said run away. 

I bent down looking Harry in the eyes, his green ones were pained as if they already saw the future. 

(Harry's pov) 

She stood right in front of me, she was so close. I wanted to run away as fast as I possibly could, but my heart was making me stay, it said to wait and see what Mercedes was going to do. Her brilliantly blue eyes were lost and clouded, she wasn't slowly turning anymore. She was turning extremely fast. And to be honest, it scared the death out of me. 

"Enough do it girl before I kill you." Clary's voice was high pitched and she was getting impatient. I hated this bitch. I was now pleading for mercy. she closed her eyes and bent down even further and instead of her lips I felt her finger tips. I tried controlling my breathing and my heart but it just was not working. "I love you." she was whispering under her breath. I myself could feel what was happening inside of her, she was tearing, burning, melting, the pain was terrible and she was going through this. 

"I swear if I live I am going to kill you and your army." I promised myself. Clary let out a cackle. 

"Good luck lover boy." I felt Mercedes plump pink lips on my neck and I braced my self, the continued to slide down my neck stopping on my collar bone. she was shaking against me, crying and I couldn't do anything. The rope restraining me was meant just for me. 

"I can't do it, I Won't do it, I'm not going to do it." clary stepped down by me and she turned Mercedes head up. 

"Oh but darling you will." Mercedes turned back to me and closed her eyes again. 

"I'm not going to, I don't need to." then she got louder with each word. 

"I am not going to do it." this time she stood up. 

"I am not going to do anything but hurt you, I will kill you and make you feel the pain that I feel, the suffer, the lust, everything. Then you will be the one begging for mercy, and she won't be there." with that mercy crumpled to the ground. I let out a cry of pain. 


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Chapter seventeen wont be up for a but sorry but I promise it will be updated.

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