The Company I Keep

Elora doesn't hate him, he is sweet and leaves really big tips, but his really messy. It is her job to clean but this might be the end of her.

“You are really messy,” I scrunched my nose up as I picked his sock of the ground.

“Only when I am stressed,” He threw himself on the bed and flopped on his stomach, his shirt riding up to revel a tattoo on his hip.

“Are you stressed?”

Louis smiled at me and shook his head, “Nah,” he looked tired and his smile faltered for a second. “Besides, isn’t it your job to clean.” He words came out sharp and his smile was gone.

I nodded at him and kept cleaning and said nothing back.


2. Deux


I didn’t move from my spot and watched the guy, well Louis Tomlinson, I knew who he was, as he walked over and collect his briefs from where they landed. “I didn’t hear you come in.” his words came out easily and he didn’t seem fazed by my presence.

  I grabbed the hem of my apron. “We-uh- we knocked and nobody answered.” I spoke in a quiet voice, not wanting to say anything wrong.

  “Well, I was in the bathroom. By the way, I’m Louis.” He smiled at me, the corners of his eyes crinkling up, he actually looked like he was glowing, and stubble surround his jaw and mouth that was now in a smaller smile, his shirt the same color of his briefs. I gave a small smile back and moved a step backwards and pivoted my heels to turn.

  “I—I need to get—“

 “What’s your name?” Louis interrupted me.

 I looked at around, maybe there was somebody behind me but I was being an idiot, I was the only one in this room with Louis Tomlinson. Louis was looking at me waiting for my answer, “Elora. I need to get cleaning again, if you mind, of course.”

  Louis shrugged and wrinkled his underwear in his hands. “You can keep cleaning.” I gave him a nodded and turned to head out of the room. I wasn’t going to clean the room anymore with the owner of the dirty underwear that I touched in it.

 Apparently I wasn’t looking how exactly how dirty this room was because before I actually knew it, I was face planted against into a black sweater. My nose pressing against it and I inhaled the smell of cologne that made me suck the smell even further into my body, and just by the smell I knew it was some expensive one. Armani or some shit. I scrambled up when I felt hands at my waist hoisting me up, the sound of quiet laughter at my ear.

 “Better watch where you are going, Elora.” Louis said my name different like it was some sort of secret, he accent making it longer than it was, his hand resting at my waist until I stepped forward out of his reach. He said my name like ‘E-E-L-O-O-O-R-Ah’ and I turned quickly to face him, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Louis’ lips twitched at the corner, like he wanted to smirk at my fall.

 “Thank you.” I mumbled out and forced myself to walk away. I quickly headed for the doors and heard the main door open with a bang. With Alexandria and Harry fighting.

 “You are a dumbass, Harry.” Alexandria’s voice had a sting to it.

  “Go and fuck yourself.” Harry words were quieter and I already knew that the pair had gone too far in bickering. I turned to peek at Louis, who was standing in the same spot I fell and listened with amusement in his face. I sighed heavily and exited the bedroom, Alexandria hugging the vacuum in her arms and Harry staring at her with dead eyes.

 I scurried at them and quickly shushed them when Alexandria opened her mouth. I pulled them by their clothes and pulled them right next to me. “Both you shut up,” I spoke quickly, “Harry, was right. Indeed the Louis Tomlinson is in here at the moment.” I watched as Harry’s eyes brighten and he stuck his tongue out at Alexandria. I shook my head at them; I already had enough embarrassment for the day.

 “Oh! There are three of you!” Louis’ voice came from behind us. We all turned around quickly. Louis stood standing next to the pink and gold patterned couch. His blue eyes clearly studying the three of us. Except this time he had no shirt on. My breath got caught in my throat. He was handsome. Maybe the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. His body was very well toned and words had run across his collar bones. I glanced at Harry and Alexandria who were wide eyed and frozen in place.

 It was Anton that had spoken, he had suddenly appeared. He gave a nod in recognition, “Mr. Tomlinson, I hope these three were not bothering and doing their job.” Louis shook his head and placed his hands promptly on his hips.

  “Not at all,” I kept my eyes on the floor or I would just end staring at Louis. It wasn’t that I hadn’t seen attractive guys or stuff but Louis was really handsome and it made my throat close up a little just looking at him, I finally looked up and found Louis staring directly at me, “Very helpful may I say, one more than the others.” It was just a thing now.

  Anton looked at me and smiled, he had always given me too much credit, “Is it Miss. Bouchard?” he asked Louis. A confused look crossed Louis’ face but Anton understood, “That one, Miss. Bouchard,” he pointed at me, “Is she the one that has been helpful?”

 Finally Louis nodded his head, “Very helpful.” I turned to look at Anton’s reaction and looked between Louis and Anton. I hadn’t done shit so far besides pick up dirty Calvin Klein briefs and fall on a sweater. Alexandria, Harry and I stood there a second longer before Anton had told us to go back to clean and he and Louis stayed in the living room chatting. We went on our way back to the bedroom and as I passed Louis I saw his eyes go to my white shoes and back to my face where our eyes met for a second. Yup, he was the most handsome man I had ever seen.


 Alexandria dropped the vacuum to the ground with a bang. “I’m not paying for that.” I said and grabbed the plush duvets off the bed, just as Harry threw himself on the bed and started to roll around, his curly hair beginning to get messy.

 “Yea and I am not paying for all the condoms you will need because Louis Tomlinson and I mean Tomlinson, just wants to lick you up!” I quickly turned to Alexandria and opened my mouth to say something back.

 “I saw it!” Harry raised his hand from the bed. “I saw him looking. How helpful were you Elora?” I closed my eyes and held the duvet to my chest.

  “He was lying. I didn’t even help him; it was more of the other way. He helped me, I tripped and he helped me get up. Now, shut up and do your work because I do not want to be stuck here until nine in the morning after my night shift again because someone didn’t do their work right.” I kicked a shirt on the ground to the side.

  “It was one time!” Harry yelled but his voice was muffled.

  I placed the duvet on the ground and frantically got my knees to start gathering on the stuff on the ground quickly. “Dude, calm down, it is barley after lunch; if you hurry you will throw up all your coffee.” Alexandria started to pick up stuff as well and Harry pulled the rest of the sheets off the bed.

  “Can you please just cleaning the restroom, this place is fucking huge and a regular room takes an hour to clean and I want to finish fast.” I grabbed a sock off the ground and added it to the pile of the clothes and I had started to make.

  “I’ll do it!” Harry let the sheets go the ground. “I am pretty sure the bathroom is the next door.” Harry wandered off.

  I was almost done with picking up the right side of the floor when Alexandria spoke up. We had kept quiet for a while just cleaning up the floor. “Do you think he has a girlfriend?” she asked as she folded a pair of pants.

 “Who? Harry? Dude, he going—“

 “No! Tomlinson, I mean Tomlinson, do you think he had a girlfriend?” I looked at her and shrugged and reached to pull a gold curl.

  “I guess, he is really handsome. I think once Ezra had a phase obsession with him.” Alexandria nodded and handed me the stack of clothes, “I seriously don’t know if these clothes are dirty.” I took them from her and the blast of wind chimes came out of her front pouch pocket, the light of her cellphone screen lighting up. She hastily pulled it out and turned to face me with big brown doe eyes. I sighed and let a smile spread over my face, “I can cover.”

  She smiled at me gratefully and stood up and ran out of the bedroom. She only looked that happy when Emily called her. Alexandria and Harry also had full day shifts on Fridays and Saturdays and Alexandria didn’t get to spend time with her daughter in general. I got engaged back to my work and crawled to the left side of the room, the other side was properly clean, this side wasn’t messy just a few things laying here and there which I quickly gathered.

  “I heard you can fix a mean bed.” Louis’ voice had said. I turned to find him standing a few feet away from me. He had the pile of pants that Alexandria fixed under his arm. I moved so I could sit on my knees and lean back on my legs.

 “Since I was four I could make any bed put in front of me.” I joked and winced at my bad joke.

 Louis smiled and let a laugh out, “That was actually terrible.”

 “Sorry, I don’t know how to make jokes.” I didn’t even try to hide my smile at that shitty line.

  “Don’t worry, your eyes make up for that.” He said as it was a natural, like he gave me compliments regularly, because that was a compliment, right? I looked at him, he had a shirt on now and he looked quite pleased. “Uh, just to make it easier, everything on the floor is clean. Sorry, for the mess, I went crazy last night looking for something. A relief washed over me, I wasn’t going to have answered his thing about the eye stuff.

  “Thank you, made my job easier.” He gave a nod.

  “You are certainly welcome,” I gathered the last piece of clothing on the floor, “Where is the blond that was with you?” Louis asked. I stood up and set the clothing on the corner of the bed. I wasn’t really surprised he asked about Alexandria, a lot of men that passed through here actually asked for her. She was stunning, blonde curly hair with big brown eyes. “She had to take a call, why?”

  “I just heard her talking.” Louis handed me his trousers I put them a drawer next to the bed. “I don’t have a girlfriend by the way.”

 The last words catching me off guard and the drawer jamming my fingers, I kept the yell of pain in my mouth and hissed quietly and circled to look at Louis. I hadn’t really properly looked at him until this moment. He was a bit tan but that was what made his blue eyes pop out so brightly and his hair was messily swopped to the side and now really looking at him he didn’t had stubble, he had a full flown beard. Louis was fucking sexy. My hands at one point had gotten sweaty and I ran them down my dress to cool them off. “Oh cool.” That was all I could say, he must have heard me calling him handsome. “I need to get back to fixing the room.” Returning my attention to the stupid bed I felt my cheeks to burn.

  “You don’t have too.” I wanted to laugh at Louis words, that I didn’t have to get to work and clean the rest of the room.

 “I actually need to, if I want to get paid.”

  I heard Louis scoff from behind me, “I mean that I don’t want you to finish cleaning, you, Alexandria, and Harry, very nice bloke by the way, can go and do the other rooms or what you guys do.” I stared at Louis, he looked annoyed. He didn’t want us to clean. Without a word I walked over to the vacuum that was still on the ground and picked it up.

 “Okay, Mr. Tomlinson, we will head out.”


 We were bombard by questions, fucking stupid questions if I might add. Everyone wanted to know if we had met Louis Tomlinson, or is had some big secret that Harry, Alexandria found out just by cleaning and then being kicked out of his room.

 “For the last time, he doesn’t have a damn bag of money on his bed.” Harry said in a huff to Trish, who promptly stomped away. “Holy shit, why is Louis Tomlinson such a big deal to girls?”

  “Not to me!” Alexandria stuffed a chip to her mouth. She looked happy after she came back from her call and worked pretty hard on cleaning all the other rooms we had gotten. The day had gone fast and we had a dinner break for an hour and thirty minutes.

  I looked at her and Harry for a second and laughed, they were my best friends and it made my heart ache for a bit. “I am gonna go call my pa and Ezra.” I stood up and left my finished food at the table. I went into the break room, which was empty. I pulled out my phone and was about to call the house when it started to vibrate, the house number appearing on it, I smiled and slid my finger across the finger to answer the call.

  “Hello,” Ezra’s voice came across.

 “Hello, I was just literally about to call you.” I declared. “How was your day, Ezra?”

  I heard a muffled noise, “Pretty boring, finished my homework, I made breakfast! I made hotcakes without burning them!” he sounded pretty proud of himself.

 “Dude, I just made hotcakes like two days ago.”

 “I really wanted some though,” Ezra said, “El…” Ezra’s voice had gone from loud and fun to dead in a second.


 “El, I think Pa was getting sick this morning.”

“How do you know?” I kept my tone calm, I didn’t want to worry Ezra anymore with this kind of problems.

 “I had gone to brush my teeth and I guess Pa didn’t wash the sink right because there were a few spot of blood left.” Ezra sounded like he was now gravely upset.

 “Hey, hey, no don’t cry, okay, we are going to the doctor and everything will be fine.”

  “You promise?” I sighed into the phone.

  “I promise that we will find out why pa is getting sick.”

  “Okay.” I spent the rest of my time on the phone with Ezra; my pa had gone out to by some things. When I had come back everyone in the lunch room was looking me, I looked over at my table and my try wasn’t there anymore and Harry and Alexandria were standing by the door. Anton standing with them, he waved me over and looked me in the eyes.

  “Mr. Tomlinson, had requested for you services.”

  Louis’ P.O.V

 It was going to be three months. Three months that I would have to stay and Paris and actually get back on track. Everything had been postponed for so long and now I couldn’t get distracted, without my family around I could get some work done. I stared at my reflection in the mirror a minute or two question of what I had done was actually a good idea. Releasing another cd, it meant writing and recording for these three months, a cd was usually a year project but it was mostly my fault I had got caught up with actually spending time with people I cared about. I ran a hand down my face, hairs poking my fingers. I could do this, I had to this. It was a love hate relationship with my manger, he pushed my buttons most of the time and the other half he pushed me to my fullest potential and the fact that he was my best friend actually helped me a lot.

  I debated whether I should call Niall and tell him that I was just stressing just thinking about those three months coming but just ignored the idea. I truly didn’t know what I found more dreadful about the situation. The girl holding up my dirty underwear or the fact that a beautiful girl holding my underwear. She was short, had short hair, and her accent was a bit heavy but her English understandable. I knew she had grown embarrassed because she had tripped over nothing and she didn’t have a clumsy body movement, she was warm when I picked her up and watched her walk away. There were two others with her in the living room, a blond and tall curly haired guy. All three looked nervous. Her name was Elora Bouchard and she smelt like coffee, and had gray eyes. Anton seemed to praise her when I asked about her.

 “How long has she been working here?”

 “A little over a year, she learned quickly, we had hired her for a seasonal job but she was good enough to keep.” Anton’s accent wasn’t heavy and he was a mellow guy that seemed like he would fuss only on bug things not like little things. He had left only when I told him that I was fine and accustomed already. Harry was a really nice guy. He was pretty young and was only working here so he could finish paying his studies.

 “Nah, man I want to be a lawyer.” His voice was slow and raspy.

 “Cool, very cool, I wanted to a teacher.” Harry looked pretty amused when I said that. I wasn’t trying to be a creepy but I had planned to go back and talk to Elora, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew her from somewhere, when I heard them talking. She was with the blond and they were talking in French and I only understood bits and pieces and I knew the word girlfriend in many languages now, they were talking about me and if I had a girlfriend. I watched as the blond ran out of the room with her phone pressed to her ear. It was starting to annoy me that I couldn’t place Elora’s face in my head.

 I had seen those eyes before and her pink lips Cupid ’s bow lips were unforgettable. I had actually spent the rest of the day on my computer and trying to fix some audio. Niall had come around the nearing hour of dinner. “How do like this room?” he asked.

  I shrugged, “It is really fucking big, what is with you and big rooms.”

 “I love space. Actually I love the views.”

  “You wanna order something for dinner or head out.”

 “I wanna order.” Niall grabbed the pamphlet on the table, “I saw this dish I couldn’t even pronounce and I wanna taste.” I laughed at his antics. “Call room service, please and pretty please tell them not send a creepy maid up with the food, the one this morning scarred me.”

  I looked at the phone and the list of numbers and punched in the one for food. Indeed the dish Niall wanted was unpronounceable but I guess they knew we wanted and of course Niall had to get dessert. “Is that all, sir?” the guy asked over the phone. I looked at Niall who was engulfed with the t.v. “Uh, is there any way I can get anyone specific to bring the food up?”

  “Of course, who will it be?” My heart started to beat fast just thinking about it.

  “Miss. Elora Bouchard.”

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