Movella Reviews by F.J Morgan!

Movella Reviews by F.J Morgan!
I will review any type of book, Fan Fictions NOT INCLUDED
I will give a completely honest review, so if you request my opinion on your book don't complain if it's negative.
Poetry and screenplays allowed :)
Please try to enter completed books. if you simply just can't, then I will read what you have written thus far.


3. Victoria wethers (Yes - Her again!) - May's Flowers

So I think we are all familiar, by now, with the great work of art that is "A Child's worst fear". I may be exaggerating slightly, but I found the screen play rather good. Good Ol' Vic has written another dark, ominous script that I hope shall be taken to the three walls soon!


May is diagnosed with lymphoma which, to put it extremely bluntly, totally sucks. Her father, the mayor, is not impressed of this, and neither are her friends, as you would expect. 


I like this so much, I'm refraining from giving a full review. If you want to know the whole story, read it! It's a really good play! Did you NOT see my review for her other play? THAT WAS GOOD TOO!



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