Movella Reviews by F.J Morgan!

Movella Reviews by F.J Morgan!
I will review any type of book, Fan Fictions NOT INCLUDED
I will give a completely honest review, so if you request my opinion on your book don't complain if it's negative.
Poetry and screenplays allowed :)
Please try to enter completed books. if you simply just can't, then I will read what you have written thus far.


5. The Missing - Take A guess? Okay, It's Victoria Again! Oh, and John Bryan. Featuring Chris Haansen.

So, let's get down to business and defeat the huns. The Missing is about this man who hunts young girls and- GODDAMMIT CHRIS HAANSEN GET OUT OF HERE! Anyway, he moves to the mystical town of Lake Claire and before I can think of a good joke about Chris Haansen again, let me just say that this story is beautifully written. It wasn't what I was expecting for a story about a you-know-what hunting a girl- one second, I need to get Chris Haansen to take a seat over there before I can continue.


Anyways, to the actual review.

First off, John Bryan makes a wonderful first impression on me with his great collab work with Vic and I wasn't expecting ExceBrilliant writing -- well, maybe from Vic -- but it was more than ExceBrilliant, it was another obnoxious double word that I made up...FantAMazing! It was smooth and once again Vic managed to place me in that world as if I was sitting right next to...ugh, YOU KNOW WHO. Sorry, I don't want Chris Haansen back. 


I'm not biased although my name is listed as a co-author. I have done JACK-SHIT for the book, so this is (mostly) unbiased.


Keep it up Vic and John! Oh, and does anybody have a Chris Haansen repellent?





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