Forget Him

"Forget his Name. Forget his Face. Forget his Kiss. His warm embrace. Forget the love that you once knew. Remember he has someone new. Forget him when they played your song. Remember when you cried all night long. Forget how close you once were. Remember he has chosen her. Forget how you memorized his walk. Forget the way he used to talk. Forget the things he used to say. Remember he has gone away. Forget his laugh, forget his grin. Forget the dimples on his chin. Forget the way he held you tight. Remember he's with her tonight. Forget the time that went so fast. Forget the loved that moved, its past. Forget he said he'd leave you never. Remember he's gone with her, Forever." I read to the class as they clapped, they have no idea that this is true.


2. Forget His Name

"Forget His Name"


Sophie's P.O.V

I say "Forget His Name" because he used to say that we would get married. Don't understand? maybe a flashback will help. It started when we were dating so about 6 months ago....

**Flashback 6 Months Ago**

"Let's watch a movie" I said. "okay how about 'The Nightmare On Elm Street?'" Zayn asked. "No! You picked the movie last time its my turn so lets watch...'The Proposal'" I said and put it in the DVD player. 


"wasn't that a great movie, Zaynie?" I asked. "I think if we stared in a real life movie about our love then we'd be the best movie" Zayn said. "Oh Zayn..." I sighed. "Have you ever thought about getting married?" Zayn asked. "well of course i did Zayn but not so soon. We are way to young" I explained. "I know we are and i'm not proposing yet but lets just think about it." Zayn said. "Mr. and Mrs. Malik" I said. "Mrs. Sophie Malik" He nodded. "That sounds great Zaynie" I said and kissed his cheek. "it does sound great doesn't it Wifey?" he smiled "Just so amazing, Husband" I smiled.

**End of Flashback**

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