Broken Glass (The Sequel To Obsessed:A Jason McCann Love Story)

We first left Jason and Sammie when they moved to London,in the book Obsessed.Now,two years later,Jason,21 is back to his calm ways and Sammie,20 sometimes resorts back to her old job of calming Jason down whenever he gets upset.They love each other very much and would never give up on each other.But,what will happen when things start to fall apart?

Find out in...Broken Glass (The Sequel To Obsessed:A Jason McCann Love Story)


2. The Trouble Is Already Starting

~Jason's P.O.V~

Today was just like any other day in London,with peace,quiet and of course,spending time with my babygirl,Sammie.But,just like any other place you have your occasional asshole who either wants to disturb the peace or try to take what's mine.But,I don't let it get to me anymore.

I smiled as I stared at Sammie,admiring her beautiful features.What did I do to deserve such an amazing girl like her?She's beautiful,peaceful and just a total sweetheart.I can be sweet but sometimes I can be a total monster.Sometimes I wonder,how does she even put up with me?But anyway,that night I found out that some of my old friends are here.We hung out...Things got a little outta hand when they started smoking marijuana..I smoked some and we continued smoking.We were high as kites..I'm surprised I even found my way home...When I got home,Sammie was still awake,watching tv.She looked at me,apparently,my eyes were bloodshot because she said it."Jason,your eyes are bloodshot.You look horrible.Are you alright?",She asked.I nodded.I kinda wasn't hearing properly but I could understand what was going on.She looked at me as if she knew I was high..She got up and went upstairs,not even saying another word to me for the rest of the night..The trouble is already starting...

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