Broken Glass (The Sequel To Obsessed:A Jason McCann Love Story)

We first left Jason and Sammie when they moved to London,in the book Obsessed.Now,two years later,Jason,21 is back to his calm ways and Sammie,20 sometimes resorts back to her old job of calming Jason down whenever he gets upset.They love each other very much and would never give up on each other.But,what will happen when things start to fall apart?

Find out in...Broken Glass (The Sequel To Obsessed:A Jason McCann Love Story)


1. Life Since Rockhedge

~Jason's P.O.V~

I moved to London from Rockhedge,2 years ago for safety reasons.I planned on going alone but Sammie wouldn't let me leave without her and to be honest,I'm glad she didn't let me leave without her because I probably wouldn't be able to live without her.I'm happier than I've ever been in a long time and it's because of her.London is quiet and serene,much like Rockhedge,except the people here have accents.Life here,since moving from Rockhedge,California has been amazing.Me and Sammie are living together and we're happy here.I can control my anger now and I don't let things get to me easily.Sometimes,I do but of course,Sammie is there to stop me from going insane.It's great here.

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