Broken Glass (The Sequel To Obsessed:A Jason McCann Love Story)

We first left Jason and Sammie when they moved to London,in the book Obsessed.Now,two years later,Jason,21 is back to his calm ways and Sammie,20 sometimes resorts back to her old job of calming Jason down whenever he gets upset.They love each other very much and would never give up on each other.But,what will happen when things start to fall apart?

Find out in...Broken Glass (The Sequel To Obsessed:A Jason McCann Love Story)


3. Hurts So Good

~Sammie's P.O.V~

Jason's high,I can see it in his eyes and honestly,I hate to see him like this....It seems like lately me and him have been getting into a lot more arguments lately and I hate it...I love Jason but,I can't keep controlling him when he goes crazy...I'd never give up on Jason but,sometimes I wonder if I should.But knowing me,I could never do that to him.Jason followed me upstairs,looking at me as I sat on the bed."What's wrong,babe?",Jason asked with a smirk on his face.I know exactly what he wants....But,I'm not in the mood."Nothing,Jason",I responded as I started to look away from him.He sat next to me and started to kiss my neck.I pushed my hands against his chest lightly,enjoying the pleasure but I finally pushed him off.He looked me in the eye as I pushed him off of me...This is that dominant look that can easily get me to give in...Damn,I don't know why I love it...He leaned in and started to kiss and suck on my neck..."Shit...",I moaned out as he started to suck on my neck hard.His  teeth lightly biting into my neck,hitting my spot perfectly..He started to bite a little harder....Mmm,it hurts..It hurts so good...



(Author's Note : Sorry,this chapter is so short.I promise the next chapter will be longer.And thanks to all the people who liked the first book "Obsessed".I'm not really a good writer so it's nice to know you guys like my story. Xoxo ~Amaris) 

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