The incident

A girl just moved into a neighborhood full of bad boys, drug dealers. She doesn't know what she has gotten herself into when zayn the leader of "the gang" breaks into her house. This is a story if an 18 year old girl called Nayla.


4. chapter 4

Nayla,s POV

There stood a man he looked about m age or older, kept staring at me like I was some kind if toy.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I snapped

I want in the mood for anyone, I had to Finish unpacking my stuff

"Woah, woah not a good start" he smirked

Who does he think he is to talk to me like that.

"Good start?! Who do you think you are to came barging into my house like that?! Huh!!" I spat

Zayn's POV

Oh no, she did not just day that.

I wasn't in the mood for he bullshitting. She looked so insecure of herself, yet she tries to talk to me like that?!!

I lifted up my hand, she screamed and hid her face??!

Seriously, I ran my hand through my hair. Did she really think I would got her. Something bad must have been going on in her life.

"Did you really think I was going to hit you?" I chuckled

"I-I, y-you d-d-don't understand" she cried

"Look I'm not here to hurt you, it's just, look can I at least come in and talk?" I asked

There's something about this girl that I can't help but think what's been going in get life. She looks bruised and cut.

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