Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


17. Telling the Truth

Sofia stood in the Room of Requirement with Luke. They were teaching each other spells that they knew. Well, Sofia was doing most of the teaching. Though Luke was exceptional at Transfigurations, he struggled with curses, jinxes and hexes. 

"You're not moving your hand correctly," Sofia said. "You're jabbing too much. It's more of a swipe."

She demonstrated the movement and muttered the spell, and ropes shot out of the end of her wand and bound the target across the room. 

Luke sighed with frustration. 

"I'm just not good at this. If we ever did get attacked, I'd never stand a chance."

Sofia stepped up to him and put her good hand on his shoulder. Her broken wrist had been worse than she originally thought, almost completely shattered in two, and she was wearing a cast. 

"Don't say that. You're a great wizard. You just have to get the hang out it."

"A great wizard?" He snapped. "A second year can do more magic than I can!"

Sofia stepped back, afraid of his anger. He had always been so patient and even tempered. She knew he was exaggerating. Luke was one of the best in his year. 

"Luke, you can't compare yourself to me."

"Why not?" He yelled. "I'm almost as pure blood as you are! I'm older and have more years of training. How did your family get all of the power?"

Sofia backed away, so afraid of this new side of Luke. 

"My family paid a terrible price for the power we have," she said, her voice shaking. "I would give up all of my powers to be rid of the cursed life that I am destined to lead."

A tear fell from Sofia's eye. Luke's gaze landed on it and he stared at her, horrified. 

"Sof, I didn't mean-"

"No, Luke. You don't understand. No one will ever understand."

Then, she ran. She ran as fast as she could, not stopping as he called after her. She left the Room of Requirement, hardly able to see through a stream of tears. She didn't know where she was going, nor did she care. She just kept running. 

No one would ever understand. No one would ever know what her life was like, the expectations, the sacrifices, the fear. Being destined to serve someone you hate, someone who defiles the peaceful world that you long to live in; they didn't understand. 


She heard Draco's familiar voice as she ran through the Entrance Hall. She threw open the door and kept running. She ran across the grounds, heading as fast as she could towards the forest, where she knew she could get lost forever. 

She had almost made it, when a strong arm wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her down. She hit the ground with a thud, just managing to avoid landing on her injured wrist. She screamed and kicked, trying to throw off whatever had pinned her to the ground by her shoulders.

She managed to get to a seated positions, but strong arms held her there. 

"Shhh, Sof, it's okay. It's okay I promise."

Draco's voice was soothing, and Sofia stopped struggling against him. She leaned into his strong chest as he knelt beside her and sobbed into it. 

"I've got you Sofia. I promise, I won't let anything happen to you."

She felt him stroking her hair softly as she continued to cry. 

"Please, Sof. Please don't worry. Daniel is safe. Mathias is safe. I will keep you safe."

They sat there for a long time before Sofia became too exhausted to cry anymore. The sun began to fall, casting golden rays across the darkening sky. 

"We need to go inside, Sof. It'll be dark soon and you need to eat."

Sofia shook her head unable to get any words out. 

"What's wrong? Sof, please, talk to me."

"I d-don't want to be a-around p-people," she stammered. 

"You need to go inside. You have to eat, to keep up your strength."

Sofia shrugged. It did not matter. Maybe if she starved herself, she would lose her powers. 

Draco sighed. 

"Fine, we're doing this the hard way then."

He slid one hand beneath her bent knees and the other behind her back. He lifted her easily and began to trot back up to the castle. She did not complain. She had no energy left to complain. 

When they walked into the Entrance Hall, Sofia was relieved that the entire school was at dinner. Draco carried her across the hall, but instead of heading towards the Great Hall or the Grand Staircase, he veered off towards the dungeons. 

"Where are we going?" Sofia croaked through a dry throat. 

As Draco began to walk down the stairs, she reached up and wrapped her hands around his neck. 

"Somewhere quiet."

He trudged along towards the potions classroom, but before he reached it he veered off towards a side corridor where a single oak door sat quietly. Draco knocked twice with the hand supporting Sofia's back. 


The voice of Severus Snape sent a chill through Sofia's spine. Draco opened the door, and she realized that he has brought her to Snape's office. 

"What in Merlin's name is going on?"

Snape slammed a fist down on the table he was standing behind. Sofia saw that Luke was sitting across from him looking quite shocked. 

"I come up for dinner and find this boy," Snap jabbed a finger toward Luke. "Yelling about Draco harming Miss Adema and now you walk in carrying her like a little child. On top of this, Miss Adema clearly looks in a frantic state. Now will one of you explain to me what the devil is going on before you all receive detention?"

Draco walked over to the empty chair beside Luke and set Sofia down in it. He stood behind her protectively. 

No one spoke, though Sofia looked like she was about to cry again. 

Snape, displeased by the silence, turned to Draco. 

"Draco? Have you anything to say?"

"There are plenty if things that could be said," Draco replied curtly, "but they are not up to me to tell."

"Then who are they up to?" Snape snarled. 

"Me," Sofia said in a small whisper. "Only, I'm afraid to tell."

Draco placed a hand on her shoulder. 

Sofia reached into her robes and took out her wand. Then she pointed it at the door, and cast every privacy spell she knew. 

"What are you doing?" Snape growled. 

"What I am about to say," Sofia said with a little more strength. "Will not leave this room."

Snape nodded, as did Luke. Then with a shudder, Sofia told them. 

She told them about her family curse, and her tattoo, and how Voldemort had already called her to serve him. She left out specifics, and made no mention of her most recent encounter with him. 

The whole time she was talking, Draco kept his hand on her shoulder. He would squeeze it comfortingly if she paused or became too tense, and Sofia found herself thankful that he had convinced her to tell him the truth a year ago. 


Author's note:

Don't worry, I do intend to tell you exactly what the curse on the Adema family is. But for now, it's a secret ;). If anyone has any recommendations on things they would like to see in the books (characters, events, etc), let me know and I will consider it.

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