Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


13. Snape

Sofia sat beside Draco in the library. She had told him to meet her there after dinner. They did not have long to talk. Curfew was not far away. 

"Why does he want us there?" Sofia asked. 

Draco shook his head. 

"Father wouldn't tell me. He only said that the Dark Lord had plans for you."

"He told me he'd leave Daniel alone."

Draco placed a hand on hers. 

"Father meant that the Dark Lord has plans for you, not your brother. I'm not sure why he wants Daniel there. Maybe he just wants to meet him."

Sofia snorted. 

"You know as well as I do that isn't true. He has something planned. Are we to be there the entire time?"

Draco shook his head again. 

"Father said the tentative schedule is for you both to come down the first three days of the holiday, then your brother goes home for the rest. You'll be allowed to go home for the last three days."

"What do you mean, the tentative schedule?"

"All Father said is that the Dark Lord is waiting to see how some things pan out before he makes the final decision."

"What things?"

Draco looked up as two young Ravenclaw girls passed. Once they were gone he looked back to Sofia. 

"He wouldn't tell me. But I think it has something to do with something at the Ministry?" 

"What is it?"

Before Draco could answer, a voice sounded from behind Sofia. 

"Miss Adema, it is almost curfew and I would hate to deduct House Points for you being out of bed."

Sofia turned around to see Professor Snape standing behind her, looking even more cold and cruel than usual. Before he could say anything else, she stood up and stepped away from the desk. 

"My apologies. I shall be off to bed then. I'll see you in class tomorrow morning. Good night, Professor. Good night, Draco."

"Good night Little Wolf."

She hurried away before Snape could say anything, not wanting a reason to stand in his presence any more than she had to. She sped to the Gryffindor common room. She arrived only a minute before curfew, and with Filch stalking around the portrait if the Fat Lady, for once in her life she was glad for Snape's interference. 


"What were you doing with her?" Snape snarled at Draco as soon as the little girl had fled from sight. 

"We were talking."

Snape grabbed Draco by the front of his robes and pulled him to his feet. 

"Come with me," he growled, storming from the library. 

Draco followed uncertainly. 

"What is going on?" He ask. 

"You should not be around that girl. Don't you know who her parents are?  What would the Dark Lord say if he found out you were wasting time with Gryffindor scum like her?"

Draco felt himself becoming heated. There was so much Snape did not know, could not understand. 

"I though her parents helped the Dark Lord last time."

As the two made their way toward the dungeons, Snape snorted. 

"You are a fool. Her parents may have helped the Dark Lord, but they resented him every step of the way, even managed to turn some of his servants like Regulus Black against him. Besides, she is friends with Potter. Do you think the Dark Lord would allow you to fraternize with a friend of his greatest enemy."

You are the fool, Draco wanted to say, but he stopped himself as he caught sight of Umbridge walking towards them. 

"Professor Snape, I hope you have a good reason for keeping a student out of bed past curfew," she said, a wide grin on her face. 

"Of course. Mr. Malfoy came to me just before curfew to inform me that he saw Potter in the dungeons a few moments before. I asked him to show me where, seeing as there was no way Potter would get back to his common room in time, but there was no sign of him."

Umbridge seemed to believe Snape's story. 

"Shall send Mr. Filch to the Gryffindor corridor to await Mr. Potter's late arrival. I assume you shall walk Mr. Malfoy back to his dormitory?"

Snape nodded. 

"Good," the toad said. "Good night both of you."

She walked off quickly, as if eager to go and try to catch Harry. Once she was out of sight, Snape grabbed the front if Draco's robes and pushes him up against the wall. 

"Remember where your loyalties lie," he snarled. "And remember, that girl will do anything in her power to bring down the Dark Lord and anyone who serves him."

Snape whirled around and disappeared around a corner, leaving Draco alone to ponder what he had said.

He knew Sofia had to serve the Dark Lord, but it seemed Snape did not. Draco had been unsure of Snape's loyalties, whether they were to Dumbledore or to the Dark Lord, but now it seemed that they were with the Dark Lord. Either way, both trusted him, and no matter where his true loyalties were, he was fooling one of the two most powerful sorcerers ever to live. 

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