Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


15. Protective Charms

After leaving Dumbledore's office, Sofia ran to the Gryffindor common room. She grabbed her school bag. She ran to her trunk and threw it open, pulling out stacks of books  she began shoving them into her bag, thankful for her mother's undetectable extension charm. 

She had managed to cram about ten books in before she decided that was enough. She checked her watch. Lunch would just be starting. 

She hurried down to the Great Hall, with her bag swung over her shoulder, passing several people who called out greetings to her. 

The Great Hall was filling with students and teachers. She looked around for Luke, and saw him talking to a pretty Ravenclaw girl. She ran over to him not caring that he was in the middle of a conversation. 

"Hey Luke," she said quickly. "I have some things I need to take care of but I'll see you later, okay?"

She ran off again, before he could say anything. She left the Great Hall as quickly as she had come in, leaving him staring after her. 

She ran out to the grounds, making her was down to Hagrid's hut. She knew he was still gone, but it was the perfect place to have privacy. 

She sat down beneath the great oak that shaded the empty hut. She leaned against the smooth wood and opened her bag. She pulled out the first book she could reach along with her quill and notebook. 

Beginners Guide to Protective Charms

Charms can be used for a wide variety of uses, but the beginning field of study is the use of charms in protection. 

"Hem, hem."

Sofia looked up from the book to see Professor Umbridge staring down at her. 

"Forgive me for interrupting, Miss Adema, but isn't this a very...unusual place for a student to be on a weekend."

Sofia tried to calm the angry fire burning in her chest at the way this woman pretended to know everything. 

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean, Professor," she replied, buying herself some time to try and figure out what the toad wanted. 

"I only mean that this is the house if the groundskeeper, who is not here. It is unusual that a student would be here when the person who lives here is not."

Sofia could tell that Umbridge had been spying on the hut, probably waiting to see if Hagrid came back or anything happened at the hut. 

"I thought I could have some privacy here. I hate being interrupted while I am studying."

She put a little bit of emphasis on the last point, hoping to get Umbridge to leave her alone. 

"I see. And the library cannot give you this privacy?"

So, she was not going to go away that easily. 

"There are always other students there, and it's the first place my friends would go to look for me."

Umbridge nodded thoughtfully, then held out a hand towards Sofia. 

"May I see what you are reading?"

Sofia handed her the book uncertainly. Umbridge looked at the title, and scanned a few pages before closing it again. 

"This book is not on any teachers list of materials. Why are you reading it?"

Sofia quickly scanned her memory for anything Professor Flickwit had said in class about Protective Charms. 

"Professor Flickwit mentioned it had some good information about obliteration charms."

Umbridge seemed to relax a bit and handed the book back to Sofia. 
"Very well Miss Adema. You may continue. However I must insist that you receive approval before you read books not assigned by your teachers. Though at home you may be exposed to some very advanced magic, here at school we need to keep everyone on a safe, ministry approved learned track."

She turned and began to walk back up to the castle. Sofia drilled holed into her back with her furious gaze the entire way. 

Once she had disappeared, Sofia turned back to her book. She tore through it furiously, and within an hour she had finished it. 

What she had found so far disturbed her. All of the protective charms it covered had holes, ways to defeat them or get around them. Sofia wanted to know the enchantments her parents used to protect their house so she could be prepared if any were to break. But how could she be prepared if they were all breakable?

But then again, she reminded herself, this was just a beginners book. Maybe more advanced spells had fewer flaws. She was sure her parents would know. Maybe charms weren't the best protections anyway. Maybe there were other types of defensive spells that worked better. 

She tried to ease her worries, but she could not stop thinking about little Mathias. Sure, he would be safe while both of her parents were with him, but what about when one had to leave? Someone would always stay with him, but what if her mother was left alone with him? After all, her mother drew her powers from her father. If they were separated, would she be able to protect Mathias without him?

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