Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


7. Meeting with Voldemort

Sofia bowed her head. 

"My Lord," she began, cursing herself silently for having to address him this way. "I am here to ask a favor."

Lucius Malfoy snorted with laughter.

"You dare to come into my house uninvited and think you can ask a favor, from our master?" He snarled. 

"Believe me, I would not come into your house if I had another option."

Sofia tried to keep her voice calm, but as she raised her head to glare at him, her hatred for Lucius was boiling. 

"My Lord," she addressed Voldemort again, "I am here to ask for you to allow me to fulfill any tasks that you may wish to give my brother."

Voldemort smiled. 

"You Adema's are all the same. Why, your mother was her not long ago, begging the same, only for you."

"My brother would not be a good servant. He is too soft, too kind to everyone he meets."

"You say this, yet he was placed into Slytherin, was he not?"

Sofia bowed her head, having no answer for this retort. The room was silent for a moment, until Sofia raised her head again and met Voldemorts red eyes calmly. 

"I know that my family belongs to you. I have accepted that long ago. All I ask is that you allow my brothers a few more years of childhood. Let him learn, grow and become more powerful. Until then, I will do whatever you need me to do. Besides, wouldn't you rather have a servant who is closer to Harry Potter?"

Voldemort pressed his white hands together, deep in though. Sofia held her breath, hoping that what she had said would be enough.

"Very well, Miss Adema. I will let your brother run free for now."

He stood from the table. Some of the Death Eaters went to stand too, but he signaled for them to stay where they were. 

"I have some things I wish to discuss with Miss Adema alone."

Sofia felt her heart pounding in her chest as he stepped towards her. He held out his hand towards her. She hesitated for a moment, then placed her hand gently on his. 

As soon as she did, she felt herself being spun around. She felt as though she was being pulled in a million different directions, her feet floating into the air. The. She felt like she was falling, falling fast until her feet hit solid ground. 

She dropped her hand from Voldemorts and looked around. They had Disapparated, and were now standing on a mountain. In the valley below the ancient Hogwarts castle sat quietly. 

"There is another task that I have for you in addition to your current one."

Sofia did not reply. She was stunned by the view before her. Never had Hogwarts looked so beautiful. Never had it called to her as much as it did then. 

"Not only must you help rid Hogwarts of Dumbledore, you must be a spy. I need you to keep me up to date on the actions going on inside the Order of the Phoenix."

"Isn't that the group Dumbledore made to fight you last time?"

Voldemort nodded. 

"Yes, and it is crucial that I know their every move. Though it will be difficult, since they will no doubt be skeptical to allow you any access to the Order itself, see what you can find out from Potter and his friends."

"As you wish."

Voldemort smiled and put a hand on your shoulder. 

"It is time for you to return to school."

They Disapparated again, this time landing on the very edge of the Hogwarts bridge. 

"You have just enough time to get to your potions lesson. I shall expect news from you soon."

He took his hand off her shoulder and vanished.

Sofia took off across the bridge, sprinting as fast as her short legs would carry her across the grounds. She ran into the school and hurried as quickly as she could down to the dungeons, only just managing to take her seat when the bell rang. 

"Where on Earth have you been?" Natalie whispered furiously. "I've been looking everywhere for you. You were talking to Daniel and then you just took off. I thought you were going to be late."

"Silence, class" Professor Snape called cooly as he entered the classroom.
He began his lesson, but Sofia found it impossible to focus on a word he was saying. She was too focused on her pledge to Voldemort. 

He shoulder burned where Voldemort had held it. Her tattoo burned as well. She pulled up her sleeve to check it and saw that it was bright red. She pulled her sleeve back down quickly before Natalie noticed. 

He said he would spare her brother. He said he would let him remain a child for a little while longer. Sofia had bought Daniel time, but how much?  Her family was at his mercy, and he could go back on his word at any moment. How far would Sofia be forced to go to protect her family before she would have to choose between family and the good of the wizarding world?

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