Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


18. Love

Instead of attending the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match, Sofia decided to stay behind in the common room alone. The past few days she had found herself longing for solitude. 

The past few days, Snape had completely ignored her. Usually, he would make snide comments about stuck-up rich children, or find ways to point out her easy privileged, but now he acted as if she did not exist at all. She was not sure which she preferred. 

Luke on the other hand, had been much more supportive. She had been worried he would shut her out, perhaps even turn her over to Dumbledore, but he hadn't. After they had left Snape's office, he had hugged her, and refused to let go until Draco came out and growled at them in disgust. Luke had spent as much time as possible with Sofia after that, and his presence calmed her. 

Draco, meanwhile, had made his dislike for Luke very clear. He was trying to protect Sofia. He did not trust Luke to keep her secret. 

One of the two boys would constantly be with her almost constantly, and though both of their presences relaxed her, she needed some time alone. 

Luke had tried to convince her to go to the match, but Sofia had refused. He had offered to stay behind with her, but again she refused. After arguing for a while, he had finally given in once Sofia threatened to lock herself in the common room. 

Alone, Sofia decided to write to her parents. She had not spoken with them since the start of term. 

Mother and Father,
The past few weeks of school have been difficult. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is none other than the horrid Dolores Umbridge. She has been working hard to take away as much power from Professor Dumbledore as possible. Already she is working to expel any teachers she does not deem up to par. Books she had us reading in class teach us nothing. She does not believe in using magic in class. Harry Potter and his friends have started a secret group to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts to students who want to be ready to fight. Voldemort called me to him again. He was angry because I could not tell him where the headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix was. He read my thoughts, and threatened to hurt Mathias if I did not obey him. I am so scared. I want to protect my brothers, and that is my top priority, just as you have protected me for so long. I am trying to be strong, but I  so afraid. Please, tell me how to be strong when I have no strength left to give.  Am I a fool to love south that it can be used against me?


My Dear Sofia,
Please do not be afraid. Trust in your training, and your powers. Trust in your heart. I know you fear the pain of love, but you must trust in it. Love is the most powerful magic alive. It is  unbeatable, uncontrollable, and completely free. It was love that conquered the Dark Lord all those many years ago. It was love that kept Harry Potter alive, love that gives us hope when all else has failed. It is love that protects us, and it is love that will defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. Your father has things he wishes to say to you, and when he is ready he will write to you himself. Do not fear for your brothers. Your father and I will keep Mathias safe. Voldemort cannot come here and he knows it, though he will pretend otherwise. As for Daniel, he will be safe at Hogwarts until we bring him home. Even if the ministry removes Dumbledore, there are older and more powerful protections there that would take far too long to breach. I know you must go to Malfoy Manor for most of Christmas, but I do not believe either of you will be in danger there. As long as you keep your head down do as you our told for the time being, it will be alright. Your father has things he wishes to say to you, and when he is ready he will let you know. On the bright side, you will be pleased to know that I am closer to finding a spell that protects against the Cruciatus Curse. I managed to find protection for less powerful curses that are similar in nature. It will still take me time, but I believe I will be successful. Your father has recently found some very interesting items, but I will let him tell you about them. I would hate to ruin the surprise. My child, I miss you so much. Remember, I love you more than anything in the world. You have made me so proud, and I have faith in you. 

Guinevere put down her quill. Her husband squeezed her shoulder supportively. 

"Did we make the right choice, Carston?" She asked him.  "Bringing children into this world, I mean. Making them live with this curse?"

Carston grabbed his wife's hand. 

"Every day I ask myself if I made the wrong decision marrying you, allowing you to take on this curse. But then I see you, and I am reminded of how much I love you. You always knew what I was, the life I was destined to live, and you chose love anyway. Without your love, I would never have survived all those years in the Dark Lord's service."

"But I made that choice myself. Our children, they never had a choice. They'll never have a choice."

Carston grabbed his other wife's hand and knelt down on the floor below her. 

"They will have a choice. There is always a choice. They can choose to fight the curse, if they wish. We knew  long before Sofia was born the burden she might have to carry as the oldest, and we have done everything in our power to prepare her for it. But we refused to let Voldemort ruin our hopes of having a family. That's something he will never have, something he will never know the joy of. And so yes, we may have brought them into a difficult life, but we brought a little more love into the world as well. Like you told Sofia, there is nothing stronger than love, and I have faith that this love we have created will be enough to get our children through."

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