Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


20. Christmas

Sofia stormed up to her room later that evening. She opened the door and was surprised to find Draco and Daniel sitting on her bed. 

"Hey, Sof. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she growled. "What in the world were you thinking?" 

Draco looked stunned. 

"What are you talking about?"

"Attacking McNair! You shouldn't have done that! Now he'll be out to get you."

"Did you hear him call you a pet? He deserved that and worse!" 

Sofia shook her head. 

"You can't go around cursing whoever you feel like!"

Sofia looked at Daniel for the first time. He looked incredibly pale. 

"Are you okay?" She asked him. 

He shrugged. 

Sofia sat down beside him and pulled him into a hug. 

"It's okay, Danny, it's going to be alright."

Daniel shook her off. 

"I'm alright," he muttered. "But what about you?"

Sofia forced a weak smile. 

"I'm alright. I'm just tired."

"Do you want me to leave?"Daniel asked. 

Sofia shrugged. 

Daniel sighed and stood up. He left the room quietly. Shutting the door softly behind him, leaving Draco and Sofia sitting alone in silence. 

Draco stood up. 

"I guess I'll go too."

Sofia grabbed his hand and pulled him back down. 

"Will you stay with me?" She asked softly. 

He questioning look, but did not complain. 

"Alright," he muttered. 

Sofia laid back in her bed. She tried to calm her mind, but it was no use. 

"Sofia, are you really okay?" Draco asked. 

"No. I'm not alright."

"What did he want?"

"He had another task for me."

Draco laid down beside Sofia and stroked her hair gently. 

"What now?" He asked. 

"Something you'll be happy about."

"And what would that be?"

Sofia sighed. She didn't know if she was allowed to tell anyone, but Draco could help her. He would enjoy it. 

"I have to get rid of Dumbledore so Voldemort can get to Harry."

Draco flinched as she said the name. Sofia closed her eyes and rolled over, turning her back on him. 

"Potter and Dumbledore will both get what they deserve.

Sofia didn't say anything. Draco noticed the silence and rolled over to face Sofia's back. 

"Sof, you know I can't stand either of them. You know I hate them."

"I know," Sofia whispered. 

"We don't have to talk about this right now," Draco said. "How are your classes going?"

Sofia rolled back over to lay on her back. She stared up at the ceiling, and could feel Draco's eyes on her. 

"They're alright." 

She looked over at Draco as he narrowed his eyes. 

"Just alright?"

"Yeah," Sofia said. "Defense Against the Dark Arts sucks. Umbridge keeps giving me more work than the rest of my year just because I know all of the stuff she's teaching us. Snape acts as if I don't exist now."

Draco looked away for a moment. 

"If you want, I could talk to both of them for you. They'd both listen to me."

"Would you really?" She asked. "That might help with my stress a bit."

Draco laid back down and slid a hand under Sofia's shoulders and pulled her closer to him. She rested her head against his strong chest, breathing in his comforting presence. 

"Go to sleep, Sofia. You're exhausted. I'll stay here tonight with you if you would like."

She placed one hand on his chest, just above his heart. 

"I'd like that," she whispered. 

She closed her eyes, and before she knew it, she was fast asleep.


A few days later, Sofia awoke alone on Christmas morning. Daniel had gone home the other day, and Sofia was not looking forward to spending Christmas with the Malfoy family. She would much rather be home with her own family. 

There was a knock at the door. 

"Come in," Sofia called gently. 

Narcissa walked through the door and shut it softly behind her. She came over at sat on the bed beside Sofia. 

"Happy Christmas!" She said cheerfully. "I just wanted to come fill you in on the plans for today. Breakfast is ready in the dining room. You'll have the morning free to do what you'd like and then after lunch we'll begin to get ready for the party tonight."


"Yes of course! Every Christmas we attend the Ministry Christmas party. It's a huge event and only very special people are invited. Most ministry employees don't even get invites."

Sofia was disgusted by how thrilled Narcissa was at her own family prestige. 

Narcissa stood up again still smiling. 

"I'll leave you to get dressed. See you down stairs in a little while!"

She glided gracefully from the room, leaving Sofia alone in the silence. 


Later that afternoon, Sofia sat in her bed as Narcissa braided her hair. She had been forced to endure over an hour of the older witch applying makeup to her face and polish to her nails. It was a miserable experience for Sofia, who never spent more than ten minutes getting ready for any occasion. 

"That should be it," Narcissa said at last.

She stood up and walked around, studying Sofia's appearance. She pulled a wand from her own dress robes and pointed it at Sofia. She flicked it once and the stood back. 

"Perfect. You look beautiful, dear."

A mirror floated from the desk across the room and Sofia peered into it. She hardly recognized herself.

Dark eyeshadow made her eyes look about a hundred times greener. Her eyelashes were dark and long, framing her eyes beautifully. Her cheeks were tinted pink, and her lips a soft red. Her hair was pulled pack by braids into a soft bun at the nape of her neck, except for a single curled strand that hung down framing her face. 

"You are such a beautiful child," Narcissa said absentmindedly. "Now, if you are ready, Draco and Lucius are waiting down stairs for us. Come along."

Sofia stood up. The red dress robes her parents had sent her fell gracefully around her as she walked. She followed Narcissa out of the room and then down the stairs to the entrance hall where Draco and Lucius stood patiently. 

They looked so much alike. They were both dressed in their best black dress robes. The only difference between them was that Draco's white blonde hair was much shorter. 

"Ah, ladies, are we all set then?" Lucius asked as Narcissa and Sofia walked towards them. 

Sofia nodded. Draco stepped up to her and held out a hand. Sofia took it gently and Draco led her over to where his father stood patiently. 

Lucius put a hand on Draco's shoulder as Narcissa took Lucius's other. Then in a flash, the Malfoy Manor disappeared. 

Sofia looked around as her feet hit solid ground. They were standing in the middle of the Ministry of Magic. Sofia had been here once before when she was little. 

There were witches and wizards everywhere, all marvelously dressed in bright colored dress robes. They were all talking and socializing. Some held drinks. Across the room Sofia saw a huge golden statue. Behind it were tables of food and drinks. 

Looking around, Sofia saw a few younger witches and wizards who looked like they might be here with parents. Sofia recognized a few from  Hogwarts. 

"Come on," Draco whispered in her ear. "Let's go get something to drink."

She realized he was still holding her hand as he led her through the crowds of people. She followed him across the room to the tables of drinks before he finally dropped it. 

"Butterbeer or firewhiskey?" He asked. 


"Going bold, are we?" He said jokingly, grabbing one for her and one for himself. 

"I'm not one for social events," she said, taking the goblet from him and taking a sip. "Unless you want me hiding in a corner all night, you'd better let me have a few of these."

Draco laughed and took a sip of his own goblet. In a minute or so they had both downed the first one and each held a second goblet. 

"My parents would kill me if they knew I was letting you get drunk."

Sofia finished her second drink and set it down, reaching for a third. 

"Drunk? Who said anything about getting drunk? I'm just knocking the edge off a bit."

She lifted the third glass to her lips and drained it quickly. She went to set it down but tripped, almost falling into the table. Draco caught her and pulled her up straight. 

"I think that's enough for you," he laughed. 

Before Sofia could protest, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Luke behind her, his eyes bright, a smile on his face. 

"Luke!" She squealed in a very uncharacteristically high voice.

She lunged at him and wrapped him into a hug. 

"How many have you let her have, Draco?" He asked.

Though his voice was light and joking, his eyes looked serious. 

"Let me?" Sofia said. "He hasn't let me do anything."

Before anyone could say anything, music filled the room. Witches and wizard came together and began to dance. 

Luke wrapped a hand around Sofia's back and leaned over to whisper into her ear. 

"Will you dance with me?"

Sofia nodded. She let Luke lead her over to where others were dancing, not once looking back for Draco. 

With one hand around her back and the other holding her hand, Luke led the dance. It was a slow dance and Sofia drank up every moment of it, gazing up into Luke's eyes and feeling like she would be list forever in the blue depths. 

"You are so beautiful," he whispered to her. 

She felt her face blush. 

"It's all this stupid makeup-" she began but Luke shook his head. 

"You, Sofia, are beautiful. With or without makeup, you are beautiful inside and out."

They spun around in tune with the gentle rhythm of the music. As the song began to end, the curl fell into Sofia's face. Luke lifted the hand from her back and pushed it back behind her ear. Before she could react, their lips were touching. 


Across the room, Narcissa watched the dancing couple, her heart sinking with every turn they made. She had hoped it would be Draco there, dancing with the beautiful girl. After all, she had never seen her son so happy with a girl. She could see him on the other side of the room, glaring at the two dancing as he drowned another firewhiskey.


Author's Note: 

Let me know what you guys thinks, like, dislikes, suggestions, etc (except suggesting I write more chapters, I'm working around the clock on that). You ideas and support is much appreciated!!

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