Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


14. weeks feel like years

I love Niall James Horan 

Niall + Betthany = love forever 💙💙

Because I am Niall's 👸(princess)

(Sorry for Betthany's extreme fangirl...) - Sarah 

(Umm no I'm not as you say extreme)

(Yes she is -S)

Sarah's pov 

I held Misha in my lap. It'd been about three weeks since the guys left. Harry had texted me just about every second of the concer. then recently last week his calls stopped as did his texts. I heard Betthany walk down the hallway. 

"Did you get a text from Niall yet?" I asked. She glared at me. "Don't you think I would've told you," She spat out. 

Whoa, someone was pmsing. I felt bad for Betthany. She never let herself get in serious relationships because she didnt want to have to care, though she'd never admit it, she was afraid to get hurt. She also has an issue with jumping to very dramatic conclusions. I turned on the news and decided to just keep it there. 

"The latest in E! news, One Direction is on their world tour. Harry and the rest if the guys have been hanging out with a couple of fans." I paused the tv, looking at Harry's arm around this red head and Niall was laughing at a blonde. They both looked like prostitutes. Why was his arm around her and not texting me? It just looked bad.

"I was right," I heard Betthany say from behind me. I tried to shake the horrible feeling from my heart and stomach as I un-paused the tv. The boys were at a signing and it was Harry who started talking. 

"We do this for our fans and only for our fans." Ouch. "We wake up every morning thinking about who we will be able to hug next," Niall said.

I turned the tv off and put Misha next to Narry. Betthany had already stormed off. I could hear the mustang being reved up all the way inside, the tires screeching as she pulled out of the drive way. I tried to use Harry's rules for keeping calm but it just wasn't working, somehow I found myself in that Italian restaurant.

I sauntered over to the bar. "-and what can I get a lovely lady like you?" I looked up to see a somewhat familiar face. I looked for the name tag.

"Umm the strongest thing you've got."

He chuckled and shrugged. "So, what brings you here?"

"What makes you think that?" He smiled revealing perfect white teeth, he looked like he was a Calvin Klein model. "Well a wonderfully hot specimen like you doesn't just come to a place and order the strongest thing we've got." I nodded taking the small glass, though it just reminded me of the first night I'd met Harry. I just stared at the glass cup.

"Just a guy issue."

"Oh why would you be having that kind of issue?" I snorted. "I'm Harry Styles' girlfriend why would I not be having those issues or I was his girlfriend." I took the last sip of what was like fire going down my throat. "So you're not his girlfriend?"

I shrugged. "Honestly I don't think so, but my heart keeps telling me that it isn't over but logical me wins and I feel he doesn't even care about me." Nick handed me another glass. "I just feel empty you know."

He nodded, his gray eyes like storm clouds. "I know how you feel. My sister Veronica used to be with Harry, it turned out to be a horrible thing."

"Yeah Harry mentioned her but said little." He chuckled. "You're not going to be able to drive home. " I looked down at the three empty glasses. "Oops guess I'll have to text Betthany." I said as I pulled out my phone. just to see no new messages.

"It's fine I'll diove you home." I chuckled. "I feel I'm not going to be me here soon." He nodded, "well hold on a bit longer my shift is almost over."


I woke up my head hurt a bit and it was dark in the room. I looked around to see no familiar surroundings. Okay, where was I? I stumbled out of the unfamiliar room and walked into more unfamiliar rooms.

"Hello?" I decided on calling out. "Sarah you're up just walk straight and take a left." Nick? Why was I at Nick's house?

"First, where is the washroom?"

"Oh sorry. Just turn to your right." I turned to my right and opened the door. I was wearing the same as I was last night. My face was a little oily so I decided to splash it with water and then I finger combed through my wavy hair. I then followed the same directions he'd gave me the first time. I walked into a sun filled kitchen. He was cooking. "so um how did I end up here."

He chuckled. "Well after we discussed me driving you home, I left to go checkout and when I came back you were out like a light. Plus I didn't get the directions to your house and your phone was in your back pocket and I didn't feel comfortable taking it out, so I carried you into my guest bedroom. Usually Veronica stays there when she has a match here."

"Oh, well thanks. That was very nice of you, I'll have to repay you sometime. And match?" He placed an omelet on my plate. "She's on the German women's team."

"Thanks. Betthany played them a couple months back. That was also like my last date with Harry." He frowned and started to eat his omelet. "I think to get over someone is to just stop thinking about the other person and start talking to other people." I nodded finishing up my omelet and I insisted on cleaning up after breakfast.

When Nick dropped me off at my flat, he spoke. "You wanna know how you can repay me?" I smiled. "Sure, how?"

He smiled, "a date."

Immediately Harry popped up inside of my head. I felt automatically guilty. "Um sure when is this date?"

"How about tomorrow and I'll pick you up at six?" I nodded using a smile to hide my feelings. "see you at six tomorrow," I said leaving the car.

As soon as I got inside I walked to my room. Harry's hat lay on the dresser. I busted out crying. Why did this happen? I should've known Harry didn't love me. I just let the tears flow.

When I finally was able to get up I got into the shower and cried more while showering. I stood infront of the mirror staring at my face. "Harry would've never wanted me if he didn't feel sorry. I need a distraction, better yet a replacement." I got dressed in sweats and placed all of Harry's belongings in my One Direction closet. Stepping into our beauty room, I looked at the array of party dresses and I began to choose my outfit.


Oh Lordy poor Sarah so what do y'all think is happening to me? hmm find out maybe next chapta?? So I'm guessing sarry is over idk but my heart hurts now guys. - Betthàny

My heart hurts now... But I wonder what is happened with Beni? Hmm... - såråh

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