Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


21. walk into my arms

Awww snap chapta twenty Juan be here.


"Harry?" I spun around there was Sarah, she was wearing a really nice outfit, her hair was in one of those braids that looked extremely difficult. For a bit I'd forgotten why I had come and I suddenly felt very weak and vulnerable. "oh sorry okay Sarah, I miss you and I can't make it with out you please take me back." I knelt down on one knee and held out the impala key. I heard her gasp.

"you fixed her up." I nodded and stood up. I pushed her hair behind her ear.

"Sarah I love you and I can't not be your boyfriend." she smiled.

"Harry you weren't with any other girl on the tour right?" I nodded.

"Never thats preposterous." she smiled and giggled.

"Okay." I threw my arms around her small figure, it felt so right. I leaned down to kiss her, those velvety lips that always tasted so sweet. I just melted into her, the way we should always be. we pulled away gasping for air. I smirked.

"we should do this more often." she rolled her eyes and swatted at my chest.

"I want to take you out.'' smiling she replied "let me go get ready." I nodded and walked around the book shop. 

Sarah came out about three minutes later, her hair was completely down in waves, it had grown so much, probably at her belly button now, her skin was lighter due to winter. she was still the girl I met six months ago. 

"Can you believe we met six months ago." I said as we sat down in a nice restaurant. she shook her head.

"Yes six months five hours and... 18 seconds." she said sarcastically.

"oh hush." I said placing my large hand over her tiny one. I pulled out my phone to post a smile that said

yes guys I'm back with Sarah and its most definitely permanent. Sarah's phone buzzed. she checked it and smiled.

"Well I thought I'd put it out there before the paparazzi do." she nodded as our food came. 


"I'm sorry about jane." she pressed her hand on my chest.

"Harry it's fine, really." I brought her closer into my chest, holding her like she'd leave the minute I fell asleep.

"I love you." I said placing a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you too." she let out a sigh and soon we were both sleeping.

Betthany's pov

I ran down the steps, pulling my pants up a bit.

"why are you rushing?" Niall asked as he leaned against the wall.

"Niall I can't miss this race." he sighed and opened the front door. I skipped out into the mustang.

"I don't like you doing this." I looked at him. "the last one okay I promise." Niall sighed. I drove down the road and to the race.

I hopped out of my car. the adrenaline still flowing Niall grabbed my hands "lets go, now." I frowned but agreed. 

I showered and shaved once we got back to my flat.

"How was your last race?" Niall asked his arms around my waist.

"Good but the Olympics are coming up so gotta practice hard, coach said practice everyday." Niall sighed and surprised me by kissing me. The kiss was nice and slow, passionate but decent, a nice kiss that I would love to just stay there and kiss forever.



"Wait you and Harry like are official again?" she shook her head fast

"I mean he did sleep in my bed." my mouth dropped.

"Did you guys." I waggled my eye brows.

"Oh my god Betthany no we did not, I mean I'm sure you and Niall sleep together too." I smiled.

"That's doesn't mean we don't do anything." she raised a brow.

"Betthany you're to much of a chicken." I nodded and sipped my water.

"well the games about to start." as I walked off I heard Niall asks Sarah what we were talking about and she bluntly said

"our sex lives." I turned around to see a cheeky grin on Niall's face. I shook my head and jogged off to the field. We were starting the competition where it led up to the Olympics.

"listen we need to go, undefeated. Y'all understand that means no losing?" the shook their heads. I walked to the center to flip the coin. 

The Japanese had the ball first, a disappointment but oh well. We won 2-1 not as good as I hoped but still a win. No injuries thankfully just a few things that need some stretching.

"you tired?" Sarah asked as she patted a towel on my forehead.

"Hardly." I laughed out.

"well then when we get home go shower and we'll go out." 

I ran up the stairs and couldn't wait for the shower. My legs were sweaty and sticky from the shin guards. I took a shower blow dried my hair curled it and did my makeup. No foundation just powder and some light eyeshadow, a bit of mascara and no eyeliner. I walked down the stairs to be greeted by everyone. Sarah was looking great too.

"Did you steal one of my dresses." she smiled.

"How can you tell?" Harry laughed.

"As you see Betthany, Sarah actually has curves unlike you." I pretended to be hurt but I wasn't it was the sad truth. I shrugged.

"Niall doesn't mind." Niall wrapped his arm around me.

"yep."  Harry chuckled.

"He will one day." Sarah elbowed harry in the rib. I felt my face flush. we walked out of the flat and got into the car.

"Okay who's driving home."

"I'm not drinking." I said loud and clear.

"okay well I guess Betthany is driving?" I nodded.

I walked down the isles of the market. fruits salad on my mind when I saw a magazine.

"Back together?" I picked it up. A picture of me with Niall's SnapBack and hoodie. I flipped through the pages. It was just all the pictures of us going to games, one of us kissing.

"Are you two?" I looked up to see a red head.

"um yeah we are we've been for the past two weeks." She smiled.

"But why didn't he post it on smile like Harry did?" I shrugged.

"I don't know I'll ask." I quickly set the thing down and Paid for my items. I was for sure going to ask him. Maybe, It wasnt a big deal was it?


Sorry lately theses chapters have been choppy bc I've been kinda well this is a filler chapter - ßetthāny

Sarah's note here - Sarah oh wait what? sarah didnt edit this chapter either? hm yeah so yeah hahah im editing bitches!!! love ya'll 

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