Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


23. Try

I should be doing home work right now, maybe after I write this chapter, or after the next one...


I paced the bedroom. 

"I'm Betthany Michelle Stevens, born April 24th. I've lived in one small town my whole life until I got drafted to the female Olympics soccer team in London. That's when we moved here about how ever long a year? Then one night I was at home sleeping, Sarah was out and she met Harry, they started dating till he went on tour with the rest if the guys, shit happened Sarah broke up with him, started dating a guy named nick while I was street racing I met a hot guy names Carlos and we started dating but then I dumped him, Harry came back, begged for Sarah and now here they are." 

"Wrong!!" Sarah screamed. I threw myself on the bed. 

"You forgot the part about you falling in love with Niall." I let out a groan. Sarah walked out and in came Niall.

"I'm sorry I can't remember I feel like shit a horrible girlfriend, not remembering." Niall shook his head and sat next to me. He was very calm and slow in his movements. 

"Do you believe I was or whatever, I am your boyfriend?" I sighed. 

"yes if everyone is saying so but how?" he shrugged. 

"Here's what we'll do, I'll take you everywhere, try to get you to remember." I nodded. 

"If you don't truly believe me just look through your texts, you have a habit of not deleting them." He said handing me my phone. He left me in the room and I unlocked my phone with ease, how can I remember a phone pass code but I can't remember the love of my life, according to everyone. I looked through my texts, sure enough there was like 300 messages between me and Niall. The last thing Niall texted me was I love you. I had said it in multiple texts days before, I had loved him. What if now I don't? He remembers me. 

I sat on the couch munching on cereal. Niall had apparently moved into my flat too, we must've been a lot. So he was up stairs taking a shower, while I had breakfast. 

"Do you have your stuff ready?" He shouted from the top of the stairs. 

"what do you mean?" He hopped down the stairs. 

"On Saturdays you have practices at nine." I knew that and so did he. 

"I know why do you know?" he frowned. 

"Because I take you to practice." I stood up and cleaned my bowl out, grabbing my duffel bag, Niall locked the door behind me, he even has a key. 

I was in the process of unbraiding my hair. Niall had come up with a brilliant idea, he'd take me on a date, to a place we always went. I wore a long coat and a scarf, light wash skinny jeans and a flowy shirt, my hair was wavy and I wasn't wearing makeup. I pressed Chapstick on my lips as I walked down the front steps. 

"So where are we going?" Niall smiled causing butterfly's in my stomach, an odd feeling. 

"What?" he asked still smiling, I shook my head and frowned. 

"I hate surprises." he laughed. 

"Still the same aren't you." I shrugged. 

"I don't know how would I." he patted my thigh, causing tingles to go through me. 

"you'll remember I promise." I sighed and ran my hand down my hair. 

Niall pulled up to a public park. 

"A park?" he shrugged. 

"Sorry its not much but you loved it here.'' I smiled as we got out of the car. 

"It is so cold!" he wrapped his arm around me, I tensed up at first then relaxed. 

"If you want me to move I'll put my arm down." I smiled, Niall was really sweet. 

"Is any if this ringing a bell?" I looked around 

"Nope." he almost frowned but stopped. 

"Honestly I don't care if you don't remember, we will just have to replace those memories you lost, as long as I have you right here, and you're not off dating someone else then I'm happy." I smiled as my heart best faster, Niall had this affect on me that made me feel really weak and dependent. 

"Okay so how should we begin?" He smiled. 

"Lets start over." he stuck out his hand for me to shake it, I couldn't help but giggle. 

"Hi I'm Niall Horan and you are?" I shook his hand a grin plastered on my face. 

"I'm Betthany Stevens." Niall's smile grows. 

"Ah what a lovely name Ms. Betthany, what do you do for a living?" he asked as we walked last a little man made pond. 

"Well I am a professional soccer player for the London Olympic football team." he made a surprised face. 

"My my, what an honor might I have an autograph?" he was using this old man accent that was extremely hilarious. 

"Why of course." I mimicked his accent. 

"Well I do say I'm a bit hungry aren't you my good sir?" He smiled and we raced each other back to the car.

"Food has to be my best friend." Niall chuckled. 

"I have to agree." my phone rang and I gave a weak smile to Niall. 

"Sarah I'm busy what do you need?" I heard muffling. 

"Oh really sorry what are you doing?" I rolled my eyes. 

"I'm having dinner with Niall." she made a loud gasp. 

"Oh my god I'm so sorry I'll just call you back." 

"No no what do you need?" 

"Well I was wondering if you'd want to go on a double date?" I looked at Niall his blue eyes curious. 

"yes we'd love to." I hung up and told Niall the news. 

"That's a wonderful idea why didn't I think of that?" I shrugged. 

"Dinner was lovely." I said to Niall. he was sitting criss cross on the toilet while I brushed my teeth. 

"Yeah because I didn't make it." I raised a brow. 

"Why you're not a good cook?" I watched disappointment flash across his eyes. I'd ruined the moment, stupid stupid me. I just had to remind him. that I barely knew him. Niall got up and hugged my then started to kiss me but stopped. 

"Oh I'm so sorry I... we... just." I chuckled as his cheeks flushed. 

"It's okay I understand." he started walking away, 

"Wait where are you going?" he stopped. 

"To the couch." I shook my head.

"If you live here you can't sleep on the couch, you sleep in a bed... I mean our bed." I kind of whispered our but it was audible. 

"Are you sure?" I nodded as I climbed into the bed, Niall was on the left side. 


Soo I hope Betthany get her memory back or something. but anyways vote comment and follow us! :) - ßetthāny 

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