Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


19. Not ready for you to be gone

I want a Horan hug I mean who doesn't but you know. I'll never get to fall in love with him. because I am a simple small town military brat.

I am so sorry guys that this isn't edited but I promised a chapter :/ so hopefully the rest will be done by oh I don't know Friday? lol sorry for the inconvenience.

Betthany's pov

"No limit. Rules are that you have to buy at least one thing from each store." Sarah nodded looking a bit nervous. I shrugged, running off to the first store we'd already set up base. At three we had to own and go to the food court. Having one item from each store.

Running around like a chicken with its head cut off, yeah my sort of fun, I decided on going out of my comfort zone. I bought a pair of pink lace underwear, it wasn't bright pink but like a dark salmon rose color. Throughout the day I was bracing myself for Niall but I didn't see him. Walking to the food court with my many bags, I stopped and had to answer my phone.

"Carlos babe, not a good time." I heard a groan. "Why sweet."

I wanted to gag. "Because I'm shopping and I don't think I want to be in a relationship anymore."

There was a pause "Well I just wanted to let you know you have a race tonight." He hung up, his voice grim. I groaned and threw my phone in my bag. Well, whatever bag was closest. I was so close to the food court when I saw who was dreading. I slipped on my shades and pretended to be on the phone.

"Haha I know dude okay I'll be at your flat in a bit, Sarah." I said walking by Niall.

"Betthany?" I stopped. The way he said my name, it was special not only because of his Irish accent, but because it was spoken from his lips. "Gotta go Sarah."

I pretended to hang up. "Niall." I said hoping my voice was strong, but it was far from it. It was raspy and weak. I sounded pitiful.

"Can we talk?" I waved my bagged arms. "I'm busy."

He sighed, "what about tonight?"

I held my poker face. "I've got a race tonight. Then practice and a gym schedule tomorrow." He scratched he nape of his neck. "Will we ever be able to talk?"

I laughed. "No."

He sighed, his voice pleading, " don't make this hard Betthany, please." I held my composure.

"Goodbye Niall." I said. "Oh and by the way Betthany, Sarah is right there." I followed his eyes to Sarah staring wide eyes at us. I groaned.

"Goodbye Betthany," He said slipping his sunglasses on. Walking away I let my bracelet drop knowing Niall would pick it up. I wasn't ready for him to leave my life just yet.

"Holy shit what did he say? What did you say?" I smiled.

"Wait you're smiling." I nodded.

"Is he looking?" I asked as she peaked over my shoulder.

"He smiled and waved. Yeah he was looking at you, what is he holding?" I was about to turn around but then stopped. "He's holding an excuse to talk to me later on. Oh Sarah does this mean I'm weak? I can't hold back any longer."

Sarah shook her head. "Just wait, I think you should anyways."

I nodded. "Besides I'm busy." Sarah

shook her head. "with wh- ohhh." I rolled my eyes as Sarah and I walked toward the exit. I will admit, I did look back.


"How's this?" I asked, prancing in my new jacket.

"You look H-A-W-T girl," Sarah said being a tad bit dramatic.

"Okay well I gotta go now. This race is bringing in the dollars!" 

She sighed. "Niall didn't want you to do this, he didn't know you'd get addicted." I frowned. " I'm not addicted and who cares what Niall thinks?"

She gave me a look. "You definitely care what he thinks." I nodded as I walked out of the house getting into my car, revving the motor.

I grabbed the door knob slowly, then realized Sarah didn't live here anymore. I walked to the kitchen and put the money in the can that was meant for cashews. the house was dark and I didn't like that. Slamming the door behind me as I heard Narry run down the stairs. "heyo bro." I told him. He completely ignored me and ran to his scratching post. 

Morning came to early and I think the world new that. I brushed my hair back into a ponytail. (Messy buns are for pussies. JK JK LOL JUST KIDDING.) I had work out clothes and probably fifteen jackets. One thing I hated about London, it's cold weather. Just as I walked out of the house I ran into someone. 

"Oh my god I'm sorry." I exclaimed. I looked up to see it was Niall.

"Well in that case," I walked around him, surprised by my actions. "Betthany, wait." 

My heart ached, my throat burned and there was an empty pit in my stomach. I turned around to face him. "What? I'm about to go to the gym," I said cautious of my flamboyant emotions. 

"Oh sorry but you dropped this in the mall and I wanted to give it back." I couldn't help but mimic his smile. Niall took my left wrist sending tingles up my arm.

"What is this?" he asked. I followed his gaze to a tattoo. "Is féidir liom grá amháin ach amháin," we said together. 

"Irish for I can only love but one." Queue Zayn popping out from the bushes singing "Let Me Love You", 

"How much more has changed about you?" 

"Everything," I said bluntly fiddling with the bracelet "So, everything about you?" 

I giggled. "Well.." from the way that we touch.... yeah we don't any more. "so what about this?" Niall started to tickle my sides, any one who knows me knows, if you have the intention to tickle me and you stick your finger at me, not touching just pointing, I'll start screaming and laughing. I am the pilsberrry dough girl. "Niall stop!" I said laughing for the actual first time in months, and it didn't feel forced. When Niall stopped he put his hands behind his back. "sorry." I shrugged. I was thinking. "Niall I don't want you gone." he looked up at me, hope bright in his eyes. "Niall I still love you, and I'll never stop." Niall let out a sigh of relief and pulled me in so quickly. he squeezed me tight and I knew what face he was wearing. A big grin. "so are we cool?" he asked the question i was still thinking about. i sighed and thought trying to hide my emotions. "yes, we are cool, now if we're a couple thats up to you." he chuckled. "we're a couple and always will be." i smiled as he placed his lips on mine, feeling for the first time in what felt like years, a kiss from Niall the one who i truly loved, not carlos, but Niall. I never wanted it to end either. "I love you, Betthany." I felt my heart flutter when he said that, "I love you and i always have." he started to talk but then he realized i was a fan. "I dont even want to discuss one direction or anything to do with it." i titled my head in confusion. "Why." he shrugged. "Werent you going to the gym?" he asked. I nodded. "will i see you later?" niall must have understood how i felt. "I'll be waiting." i smiled and unlocked my car. 

Sarah's pov

I watched as betthany came barreling through the door. "Sarah! Sarah! Sarraaahhhhhhhhhh." she screamed. she ran up the stairs to me. she was laughing...or crying...or both "What girl, speak and breathe!" she smiled and then did the usual weird thing she does to "calm" herself down. "OKay so as i was leaving the house to go to the gym as usual, i ran smack into niall as i walked to my car." i gasped, niall what was he doing there. "and then he gave me my bracelet and saw my tattoo." "Psh you mean oneof them." she said giving me the look and she rolled her eyes. "Well then we talked and made up and then he kissed me like with everything, and i and we and I love him." I let my jaw hit the floor She what?


ommmmmgmggggggg yay yay yay ive got my irish love back yes!!!!!1 omg sarah is probably going to be pissed at betthany. lol oh well i cant give any spoilers on here. - Betthany

(sarahs not here) - sarah

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