Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


41. no show

Loving the midnight memories album, not one song on it that I skip :)

I don't have a grown up chandler Riggs so I'm trying to find one any ideas?

(Betthany's pov) 

I sat the phone up so it was standing. 

"what are you doing?" chandler asked, his voice bouncing off the bathroom walls. 

"I'm about to curl my hair." If chandler was here he'd probably come from behind me, taking my hair and pushing it to the side then he'd run kisses up my neck and I'd giggle and smile but I'd be saying that I had to get ready and he would finally stop and sit on the counter and just listen to me talk, but I have a boyfriend who would do the exact same thing?

"Hello are you there?" I looked up and smiled. 

"Clearly." I sectioned my hair. "so are you going to come check out the set sometime." 

"what you were serious!" He nodded. 

"Of course I would love for you to come see it, you seem very into the show." he said laughing, I couldn't help but join in too. 

"What are you getting ready for?" "Sarah's wedding." his mouth went into and o shape as I nodded. 

"I wish you were coming." I spoke my thought aloud. He smiled and chuckled, god I loved that chuckle. "well I would but the wedding is today." I nodded. 

"I don't even know if Niall is coming." He sighed. 

"I'm sorry if I were you... maybe he will come." he voice trailed off at the first sentence. If he were my what, boyfriend? the thought caused me to smile. 

"Well I honestly don't care if he is or isn't." chandler rolled his eyes. 

"Oh we all know that's a lie, you will be devastated if he doesn't." I felt my eyes start to sting as they glassed over. I turned around I didn't want him to see how Niall had the effect to make me cry. I wiped my eyes. 

"oh come on Betthany, I hate seeing you like this. especially when I'm not there to hold you." I felt a smile tug at my lips. 

"last tour this happened, but it was shorter, this has been since February. It's f-ing June, he missed my birthday, he missed our year anniversary. He missed Sarah's baby shower. He missed Sarah's birthday. He's missed so much." I sighed with frustration. 

"I'm sorry I wish I could help." I nodded and continued to curl my hair. "here how about I come down for your birthday?" his face lit up. 

"you would do that." I nodded 

"of course." 

When my hair was done I swiped on mascara and Chapstick an I was ready to go. "stay here I'll be back." He shook his head. 

"Betthany I'm not physically there." I smiled. 

"Don't remind me." I slipped on the elegant red dress. I walked back in the bathroom and picked up my phone, bringing it to the full length mirror. 

"you look lovely, you've matured." I blushed. 

"well soccer helped." That's when I saw his face sadden at the heart staking reminder of what split us up in the first place. 

"Anyways, I will just text you because Sarah will get pissed." He laughed and shook his head pushing his dark hair back. A swoon worthy move that got me every time. 

"Um well I will text you." he nodded. 

"Have fun." I rolled my eyes. 

"Without Niall." he chuckled. 

"He will be there." I but my lip and sighed. 

"I hope you're right bye." he waved and I hung up. I closed my eyes and let in a deep breath then let it out. I walked outside the hot summer air blowing my dress around. paps were following me, of course this was a big day, Harry styles was getting married. 

The area was beautiful, it was in this little church and it was cute. I ran all over to find Sarah. 

"Ah ha there you are." He chuckled she went to fix her hair and I noticed her hands shaking terribly. 

"oh Sarah what's a matter." She looked at me her eyes shiny and watery. "don't cry what's wrong." "oh Betthany you don't understand, I'm not going to be Sarah jasinski and more, I'm going to be Mrs. Styles. I'm going to have two kids, all in one year, it so much stress, what if he doesn't even want to get married, what if he thinks he's stuck with me. I'm just so scared, we aren't going to work out." he nodded. "I don't understand, but I do know you guys are going to work out, you're going to be an amazing mom, you always took care of me like a mom. Harry loves you and there's no if ands or buts about it. I believe in you guys, trust me." she smiled and I handed her a tissue. she blotted her eyes and then she gave herself a shake. 

"The twins know something's going on." she said smiling. I placed my hand on her stomach and felt a small kick. I felt the smile grow on my face. Niall and I should be here together. We should be holding hands walking down the isle as bridesmaids and Niall being Harry's best man. But he's not here. I straightened up. 

"See you out there pretty lady."

I walked into the church hall and looked through the heads of people. I didn't see the blonde quiff I'd been hoping for. I was hoping I'd walk in and Niall would be standing there holding flowers. Instead I just got greeted by Sarah's mom and dad, a few of our friends. 

"Betthany dear you do realize you need to go back there." Sarah mom directed me to the rest of the bridesmaids. Perrie had hold of zayn's arm, even Danielle was with Liam, Louis and Eleanor and Betthany with nobody. I felt my phone buzz against my boob, letting a giggle erupt from me. I turned around and pulled it out. 

ChandlerIf he's not there don't focus on him not being there, focus on your best friend getting married, he's not worth worrying about have fun. :* 

I smiled as I read the message, chandler was right forget Niall focus on Sarah. 

(Sarah's pov)

I watched as the bridesmaids walked down with their husbands. I noticed Betthany walking alone, my heart hurt for her, where the hell was Niall. I was very disappointed in him, I had now lost all respect of him. I shook my head as my dad grabbed my arm. 

"Ready?" I smiled and rubbed my stomach. 

"Well it's now or never." We locked arms and the doors opened. I took in a sharp breathe as everyone stood up. Harry stood at the end of the isle. He looked even better in a suit. His curly hair pushed back from his face. He was glowing. We started walking and it felt like the longest ten feet I've ever walked, I just wanted to run up there and jump into Harry's arms. Once we finally reached the altar, my dad kissed my cheek and walked away. Harry took my hands and I felt the tingles I always got every time we touched. 

"Are you ready?" Harry asked. I smiled. 

"Definitely." I hadn't been about thirty minutes before but after Betthany's pep talk I was good. 


we said our vows and harry sung his to me, making me feel terrible that mine were lousy. we exchanged rings and thats when the priest said the famous words.

"I now pronounce you husband an dwife, you may kiss the bride." i felt myself get all giddy as harry made sure not to press hard against my stomach, we kissed and everyone cheered.

"Niall is a no show." i whispered into harrys ear, he sighed.

"We will do with out him." 




sorry that its short aww sarah is Mrs. Styles, i feel so happy :)

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