Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


28. Home or is it?

So um I'm reading after and can I just say, it is having an effect on me that um I am just ugh if you know what I mean. 


I smile as the London air hits me.

"Hey." Niall squeezes my hand. I love holding his hand. I can't believe when I was younger that holding hands was stupid. I love holding hands, now.

"Oh jeez I hate the cold." I said pulling on my jackets and sweaters and scarf.

"I know you do, you tell me that all the time." I smiled and we walked to grab our bags and to go home. Well to our flat that is.


Niall was the first to wake up, he was watching the tele and eating a massive bowl of cereal.

"Good morning beautiful." Niall chimes as I walk past him. I lay down on the couch and rest my head on his lap. He throws the blanket over me even though the house has the heater on I'm freezing, no matter what I'm cold. except when Niall's wrapped around me then I'm content.

"Back where I'm from we have such things as fire places." I yawned at the end of my sentence.

"You didn't have to get up babe." babe, I'm his babe. I gave a silent giggle and

"well I was up because you weren't in the bed there was this big spot for all the air to get in like it was a tsunami of air that just kept coming and I was an ice cube."  Niall just shakes his head.

"Man I drowned you with cold air." he said sarcastically.

"oh hush." I sat up so Niall could wash his bowl out. I was walking up stairs when Niall asked what I was doing.

"Going to get socks." Niall rolled his eyes and followed me. I slipped on the fuzzy purple socks and Niall crawled back In bed.

"oh now you go back to bed." he gives me a big smile.

"can you comeback to bed?" I smiled and crawled next to him. I turned to the side and Niall pulled me into his chest as I finally was able to go back to sleep.

Sarah's pov ( wait who's that?) 

Um no why would I need another cat. I sighed and grabbed Harry's hand.

"come on we don't need another cat I promise you one is plenty. Misha is all we need besides he's just started behaving." Harry gave a sigh and a pouty lip. I did miss Darby though, we found a couple who bought Darby and her kittens because they've always wanted her type of cat and I can't even really remember it was so long ago.

"so your family is next on the check list." Harry said I nodded.

"what's a matter." I sighed as our locked hands swung back and forth.

"well I'm scared that the minute I step foot at my home home, I won't come back here." Harry nodded.

"I understand, if you wanted to move back, if move with you." I looked up at Harry and smiled.

"you would?" he nodded and patted my head.

"I think we should go watch a film." Harry said nodding toward the cinema. I shrugged.

"what do you want to see?" he smiled, revealing his dimples.


"That was probably the worst movie I've seen ever." I said as I brushed my teeth. He rolled his eyes,

"Sarah you chose the film." I rinsed the tooth brush off and put it away.

"touché." Harry followed me and picked me up gently throwing me onto the bed. Laughing I asked

"what was that for." he smiled his curls touching my forehead.

"You weren't walking fast enough." I rolled my eyes and turned over so Harry and I could spoon like we always do.

"night love you." I smiled even now it doesn't get old.

"I love you too."


"Where are you going?" Harry asked as I slung my purse over my shoulder.

"To the salon." he frowned.

"why?" I shrugged.

"The pink in my hair is a bit childish, besides I'm thinking about job and school." he frowns.

"But I like it." I smile.

"you can come to the salon and choose but I'm keeping the length." Harry nodded. and threw on his boots and a jacket.

"So this is Harry." Sam out stylist said starring Harry down.

"you boy are-" I cut her off before she embarrassed me.

"well let's get started." she frowned and looked at my hair.

"You've kept it in good condition so not much to snip off but, the color has faded what do you want to do with that?" I took in a deep breath as I thought. layers would be nice. umm what the hell else ugh. I looked to Harry.

"what about like a honey?" he suggested, I smiled what a genius. Sam looked at me and I nodded in approval, she led me to the back and my phone buzzed 

Harry - Have fun love you.

I smiled as Sam washed my hair and started applying the dye and all the hair stuff. 

I sat down in the chair and she washed the excess and started cutting the dead ends. I decided against the layers. I texted Harry that I was almost done and she started straightening my new hair. my hair was about the same length but now it was a sandy blonde. I jumped up and down as I smiled and posted pictures on smile. I ran out to Harry. he looked up his green eyes sparkling.

"you look amazing." I smiled and Harry wrapped his arms around me.

"lets go get some food." I suggested and Harry smiled as he pressed his lips on mine.

"we're in public not to much PDA." I said pulling away slightly he gave a small smile.

"you owe me when we get home." I blushed and smirked, what did he mean by that?


"Would you stop staring at me?" I said as I pulled the top of the dress over my boobs. He laughed.

"Most girls would be drooling if I was staring at them." I put one hand on my hip.

"Do I look like most girls?" he smiled and grabbed my waist pulling me into him.

"That's why I love you." his curls touch my forehead and I can see perfectly into his green eyes.

"You really love me?" I asked, his green eyes filled with sadness.

"Dont think so low of your self. I think you're beautiful and even if people call you ugly you've got a good heart and good soul. you're sweet and funny and crazy, everything about you is just perfect to me." I smiled and Harry pressed his soft lips on mine. I was about that snake my fingers into his dark curls but I stopped my self.

"Harry we have dinner reservations." I said pulling away, though pouting he nodded. 

"Do you not want to kiss me?" he said as he stopped at a light. I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Are you crazy? Harry I would die to kiss you, you just choose the wrong times." He smirked and I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"I can kiss you whenever you want." he said kissing my nose. I giggled and Harry drove on. 

"What's the name?"

"styles." she eyed him suspiciously then grabbed two menus.

"Right this way." Harry placed his hand on my lower back which sent tingles through me. When we sat down I slipped my jacket off and automatically regretted it. Harry's eyes scanned from my face to where my dress started, which was pretty low. He frowned and looked around. By the time his head turned back I had put the jacket back on. we ordered our food and discussed plans for Christmas.

"It's my turn to meet your lovely family." I giggled at the thought. my mom and Harry she would not bite her tongue around him. Oh home.

"what's wrong." Harry asked immediately.

"Nothing it's fine, it's just I miss home and my family." Harry looked back at his plate and didn't answer, I didn't question.


This is a crap sarry chapter but ohh well lol I'm so sorry about Sarah's lack of editing time :( - ßetthāny 

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