Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


35. coming home

I'm just going to let y'all read 

Because I'ma rant about how Lori is a whore.

Sarah's belly will be on the side ~>

(Sarah's pov) 

"You're telling me you find a perfect place?" Harry nodded. I smiled. 

"Near by?" he nodded again.

"Oh Harry I could just hug you right now." I carried the lap top with me to the kitchen, getting the small tub of ice cream. 

"If I was there I would've gotten it for you." I smiled at Harry. 

"Let me see." I chuckled and rolled my tank top up showing off my round belly. It was big to me and certain dresses and shirts didn't fit any longer. 

"I think it looks adorable on you." I rolled my eyes. 

"Well it sure don't feel adorable." he laughed and I could see his dimple. 

"I hope he has your dimples." Harry went all serious. 

"No she is clearly going to have your eyes." I chuckled and shoved a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth.

"How long till you get home?" Harry pulled out his phone. 

"Twenty more days babe." I smiled just as the door opened and Betthany came walking through. 

"What are you eating." I looked at the ice cream. 

"Ice cream." she frowned. 

"What did I say? I told you that this is a healthy child not an ice cream sugar eating baby." I rolled my eyes and laughed. 

"You haven't even gone home yet and your souther accent is like strong." she put her hands on her tiny hips. 

"I have been watching this new show called among the between. You'll never guess who's in it?" I raised a brow. 


"Chandler." I dropped my spoon. "And why the hell are you watching that show." she shrugged. 

"Who?" We both turned to the laptop. remembering Harry I blushed. 

"Just an ex boyfriend of Betthany's." I looked at Betthany's turned face. 

"Does Niall know." She shook her head 

"And he won't." she said sternly 

"Speaking of niall has he been texting?" Harry shook his head and I was surprised Betthany asked. I watched her face harden. Had Niall not been texting her, just like last tour, that tour didn't end well. 

"How are you?" Betthany asked Harry as she took my ice cream and started eating it for herself. 

"I'm fine I would be better if I was home with Sarah." I smiled and rolled my eyes 

"You do not want to deal with this girl trust me last month she was always sick." I blushed, Harry's response surprised me, something he was constantly doing lately. 

"I'm helpless here I want to be there." I shook my head and pushed my chair out to get up. 

"I certainly want you here." Harry smiled and Betthany hoped onto the counter. "babe I have to go I need sleep and I'm sure Betthany would say the same to you, bye love you two." I smiled and watched as Harry blew a kiss. 

"Bye love you too." Harry hung up and Betthany was making gagging noises. I rolled my eyes and washed my hands. 

"So what do you think you're having?" Betthany asked as she followed me to the living room. I sat down and Betthany plopped down next to me. 

"Honestly I feel it's a boy but Harry thinks it's a girl." She nodded and brought her legs to her chest something I could not do. "Niall hasn't texted me." I felt a frown appear on my face. "I want to try so hard to just brush it off." her voice was shaky and I knew she was going to cry. 

"I don't want us to end like last time did, I don't want us to end at all." I placed my hand on her back and rubbed circles, she had been doing so much stuff for me lately that I wasn't asking her about herself. She needed to vent. "Then I'm sitting here watching among the between and I just hate myself for being such a... bitch to him, I just left him there. I'm a terrible person, and in soccer, my hips been acting up lately and now I'm having to do special stretches, what is happening." I handed her a tissue and she wiped her tear stained cheeks. "Betthany you've played soccer your whole life, it's going to start tacking a toll sometime soon." she shook her head. 

"I'm only 21 done girls are near their thirties." I sighed. 

"You're different than others." 

"yeah I'm weak." 

"Oh Betthany you're far from weak, you survived a motorcycle crash, you lost your memory and regained it, you got a concussion from a head collision, do I need to go on?" She let out a laugh. 

"No I'm good I guess." 

"I can't tell who's more stressed me or you?" she chuckled 

"I think once I go back home I will be fine." I nodded and felt guilty the only thing keeping her here was me, as soon as Harry got back she would leave. 

"We still haven't announced that we are officially pregnant. Harry is going to want to get married before the baby is born and I don't want the world to think we are getting married for the baby, the baby is just making things move faster." Betthany nodded and walked to the kitchen, returning with a bag of chips. "when did we get these." she shook her head and waved her finger at me. 

"No when did I get these." I rolled my eyes and reached into the bag.


I grabbed the nearest shirt and slipped it on, the shirt stretched around my belly. I wanted to take it off but then realized I could cover up with a jacket. I slipped on my red peacoat. I was thankful for such things as the pajama jeans which were the only jeans I could wear. Now a days they had pajama pants skinny jeans. so at least I looked fashionable. I didn't dare wear heels like I normally due and I went for my white Chuck Taylor's. I threw my hair up and threw on some makeup. I looked cute and not pregnant, I didn't have dark circles from not sleeping well, I looked okay. 

I rushed out the flat and down the stairs another reason to move, I flicked the lights on in the book shop before heading out to the car. 

I arrived at the airport a little behind but nobody seemed to notice. I turned corners went down hallways and then I finally saw Harry. As if he knew I arrived he looked straight up at me a grin spreading across his face. I quickly walked up to him as he wrapped his arms around me, I noticed how very lightly he hugged me. "I'm not going to break." his smile just grew as he let out a laugh. 

"Maybe not you." Harry took hold of my hand and we walked out to the car, his suite case being the third wheel, well in our case, the fourth wheel. 


Hahahs you guys like my joke. okay so I watched walking dead last night (like every Sunday night) and I don't give a rats ass about the governor. Like what the hell I just wanna see me some chandler Riggs. but no I had to watch a guy make out with a girl half his age.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed :)

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