Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


5. clumsy me

Betthany's pov.

I gave out an inhumane animal noise.

"Mhm... I guess so."

He rolled his eyes "you were really a fan."

He walked in the kitchen picking up the flowers and throwing them away.

"Well I guess you could consider me one.. What are you doing?" He was cleaning the kitchen, obviously.

"Why don't you go clean up and then we can go out. I'll finish up here." He pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

I couldn't help but sheepishly say "okay." And walk up stairs. I took a shower and pulled my hair into a fishtail braid and threw on some skinny jeans and a peach sweater. I slipped on some flats and walked down the stairs. Niall had the kitchen pretty cleaned up.

Except the glass, and unfortunately, the rug in the hall way tripped me causing me to leave a shoe behind me sending me falling into the kitchen, where my hand slid across the shards of glass that had been left. I let out a shriek of pain. The stinging sensation caused my eyes to start to water. Niall was by my side in a flash. I held back a sob when I looked at my hands, blood dripping. Niall had two rags from the closet and he wrapped my hands in them. Lifting me up he carried me into the car. My eyes wide at the rags.

"I should have just cleaned up the glass before anything."

"Niall if I hadn't fallen." 

We walked into the ER. The lady saw my hands and said I'd have to wait. But thanks to Niall's arguing, I got seen right away. The doctor washed my hands put in the stitches and wrapped my hands up. Thankfully my fingers were still good. 

Once we started driving in the car I asked. "Are we still going out because I am -"

Niall interrupted me yet again. "Starving I know, how about the good old Nialldo's?" I giggled. Niall had finally gotten his dream of owning a Nando's. The wraps on my hands were thankfully covered by my sweater. 

We ordered and sat down. "So what do you want to do after this." I asked Niall.

"We could always go to the park and feed those starving ducks." I smiled. "Sounds cool." 

After going to the grocer's, we took the loaf of bread to the pond in the park.

"It makes me happy knowing these ducks have full bellies." I said.

Both my arms wrapped around Niall's right one. We stopped walking once we were at the top of a hill. There was a tree and a bench so we sat on it. I let go of his arm and skipped ahead of him. Watching the sun set I felt Niall's hand intertwine with mine. It was a little weird because of my wraps on my hand. I smiled at Niall's effort. I turned to him. His blue eyes searching mine. He bent down I bit my lip then he stopped.

"Can I kiss you?" He barely let out in a whisper. I nodded. Then his lips gently pressed against mine. Once we broke apart I couldn't help but smile. 

Walking to his car I smiled. "Thank you!"

He looked at me confused. "For what?"

"For asking."

He smiled. "It's what any gentleman would do." 

I rolled my eyes. I got in the car and Niall dropped me off at home. I skipped and twirled my way into the flat. Sarah stood up from the sofa.

"Where the hell have you been and oh my god what happened to your hands and why are you so happy?" I felt my cheeks start to hurt from my smiling.

"I've been out with niall. Two Narry got into the kitchen and broke all the vases and Niall found out Narry's name is Narry and I slid and fell on the glass so Niall rushed me to the hospital and then we ate at nialldo's and then went to the park and at the park Niall kissed me."

I threw myself on the couch out of breath. I just heard her say "oh my god."

"Now it's your turn." She giggled and threw her hand out sassily.

"Well it all started at the book shop."
Sorry it's so short I just wanted chapter 5 done!!! Haha enjoy :) 


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