Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


34. Can I just say?

Okay so I could rant about how much I love chandler Riggs but I'm going to contain myself, some what. 

I love chandler Riggs. 


Previously on plain And Simple

"Finally Jesus." I chuckled and the cold wind blew. 

"Okay what's up?" she took in a deep breath.

"Betthany I'm pregnant." 


I felt the walls crumple around me. pregnanthow could my best friend be pregnant. 

"That means you and Harry had sex." She blushed. "It is his right." she nodded. 

"of course." billions of question were brewing in my mind but they couldn't come out all at once. 

"Does Harryknow?" she shook her head in shame. 

"They are going on tour in two weeks." I shrugged looking at my pregnant best friend differently. Holy dicks on a stick. I pulled at my hair and twirled around.

"Betthany?" She pulled me out of my loss for words.

"I can't tell wether to be happy or sad or all giddy." she chuckled.

"Ask away." I smiled.

"so how was sex with Harry styles." she threw her hand to her forehead.

"I should have known you were going to ask the cheeky questions first." I smiled.

"Are you like visible." She stood up and dragged me to the bathrooms. in the back of the girls bathroom she lifted her shirt up a little, her stomach was a bit swollen and most people wouldn't notice but if you grew up with her, it's definitely noticeable, to me at least.

"Oh my god you really are." she laughed at me.

"No Betthany because I prank people like that." I chuckled.

"what are you going to do?" she rested her hands on her stomach.

"I don't know yet." 

Sarah pov 

I didn't cry sure it was a shock and sure Harry may not want kids. But there was no taking this back. I had just left the park telling the only person who I could trust here, I would've told Jane, but she's not here. 

I got out of the car the car and decided on a shower. something warm and cleansing. I hopped in and washed my body, my eyes kept drifting to the swollen mess of my stomach. It didn't look pregnant as bad. It just looked like a period bloat, for now. I wrapped a towel around me after I was done shaving. I walked into the room and walked past the full length mirror. I slipped on a bra and some under wear and then stopped in front of the mirror. I wrapped my hands around my belly posing in different ways, I posed like I always see the models pose, would me and Harry do that? what if he says no. I felt my heart beat in my fingertips. I turned side ways and rubbed my belly before bending down to pick up a shirt. I slipped that on just as a voice said. 

"when were you planning on telling me?" 

I felt the blood pool from my head. turning around slowly I saw a furious Harry.

"I...I don't know." I felt like weeping and falling on to the floor and begging for his forgiveness.

"You don't know you weren't going to tell me that you were pregnant, what was your plan?" him saying the words tugged at my heart, only a bit.

"I didn't have one." he laughed.

"of course you didn't." I crossed my arms now furious too.

"you're not the pregnant one here, I didn't have a plan because its just as unexpected, okay, it's your child." his features softened.

"how do I know that?" this shocked me.

"Harry styles if you are going to accuse me of cheating then you better leave. because I have not been with anyone else after we got back together. he grabbed his coat.

"I need time don't wait on me for dinner." I wanted to say but we haven't much time. This time I cried, I made dinner wiping away the tear trails on my face, I ate I've cream for dinner. the only thing that felt as if it actually liked me. I tucked myself into bed and turned on the television. I turned the lamp off just as darla and mouse hopped into bed. 

"At least you guys love me." I said starting another crying fit. Crying do much exhausted me and sleep didn't take forever to find, just as I closed my eyes and heard a whisper.

"I never said I didn't love you." and I felt Harry's lips pressed to my forehead.

"Harry." I opened my eyes slowly. He looked a little off for a second but then composed himself.

"I'm sorry." he said fiddling with his beanie. I sat up.

"you're not mad at me." he shook his head.

"I was never mad at you I was just in shock all that's happening and it chooses now?" I scoffed.

"That's how it goes." He smiled.

"So you're pregnant." his smile was contagious.


"How long have you known."

"I've known since thanksgiving." he took in a deep breath.

"why didn't you tell me."

"I was trying to but each time I would, you would have something bigger and more important. Harry slipped off his pants and shoes, climbing into bed next to me.

"Nothing is more important than you." Harry placed his hand on my stomach.

"And you." I couldn't help but smile. a child with Harry, what would she or he look like? a girl or a boy.

"what am I going to do? We have a tour to go on here soon." I bit my lip.

"I know." Harry sighed and snuggled next to me. I couldnt help but smile as his hand laid on my stomach. 


"Good morning beautiful." harrys voice was cheery. I groaned. "Why are you up so early." he chuckled. "I felt like we need to go out for breakfast." I laughed. "And why is that?" he shrugged. "It's what families do." I smiled, his effort was adorable. I rolled out of bed and unbraided my hair, slipped on a camisole and a cardigan. "We have to tell managment." Harry was eyeing my stomach, I decided to button up the cardigan. "what will they say?" he frowned, "they wont be happy I'm not going on tour." I gasped. 

"Harry you have to, fans will be disappointed. " 

"well i will miss out on special event in life that only happen once. My first child is more important than a stupid tour." I shook my head. "Harry a tour the fans they are way important." 

"Not as important as you." he kissed my cheek as my stomach growled. 

"we gotta get you guys breakfast." I rolled my eyes but followed behind Harry. 

"Will the paparazzi be bad?" He shrugged. "Not as bad but they will always be there." I nodded and looked down at my belly. I couldn't wait for it to get bigger. I sat in a booth seat and the padding was minimal. "Oh look we are already up on smile." I said showing Harry. He chuckled. I kept scrolling and my arms automatically went to fold in front of my stomach. "is it noticeable." I whispered to Harry. He looked up and smirked. "babe I don't care if it is or isn't. it doesn't matter just don't flaunt it, yet." I smiled and felt assured after his words. When was he going to management? 

The food was good and I couldn't wait to just get home and relax on the couch. I was surfing the web for houses when Harry tapped my shoulder. "I'm going in to management." I nodded and kissed him bye. "good luck." he chuckled. 

Harry's pov

A baby, mine. I couldn't contain my excitement I wanted to brag to the world. I couldn't just yet. 

I walked into the meeting room, it looked so much bigger without the guys. It was me and a few others. "Harry you wanted to have this meeting, we assume its important." I nodded. "yes it is and I just want to remind you all I haven free will." they nodded and I went on. "Sarah's pregnant." I watched Simons eye brows shoot up in shock. I bet her understood, his daughter was four now. "I am not missing this, I'm not going on tour." "listen styles we understand but how about we struck a deal." I narrowed my eyes. "If you are on tour for at least two months, then you can stop the tour and the rest of the boys will stay." I bit my lip deciding. "well let me think about it with Sarah." They nodded. "you've got two days, oh and don't announce just yet." I pushed in my chair and left, knowing that they were talking about me. Now what. I go home and tell Sarah and then we decided. I definitely want to be married before the baby is born. She's only about three months in. 

I walked into the flat and shut the door behind me. 

"so what did they say?" 


Well what do you guys say hmm? 

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