Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


33. Bored

I love Chandler Riggs, it's plain and simple ;) lol

Tons 😍😍😍😍😊😊☺😊😘😚😍😝


Niall's pov 

I knew that she wouldn't be happy, she'd be upset but it's a price to pay. I grabbed at my hair and put my phone away. A tour I knew exactly what management was planning, one direction hasn't gone away, we were just taking a break. I was currently sitting on the trunk of the car waiting for practice to end. It ended about ten minutes ago, I pushed off the car and stuffed my hands into my jumpers pockets. 

Betthany's pov 

"We don't have practice tomorrow since practice was so good, but don't forget we are having cuts and tryouts here soon." the girls around me but their lips some fiddled with their ponytail. Cuts, this would be my first Cuts and I was scarred too. 

"Good job guys." I walked to the sideline and grabbed my bag, slipping my cleats off and putting on slides. I looked up to see the coach coming towards me. "Betthany I wanted to let you know." the coach started, I tried my best to keep my breathing steady, I was going to get fired of course, I knew it was too good to be true."that I don't think we would've won the gold medal with out you, I want you to run tryouts and go scout soon." I felt my jaw drop. "oh coach surely the girls who have been here longer are much more prepared." He laughed. "That's why I want you to run the tryouts because the older girls still have to tryout and they would kill to have your job, you have decency." I smiled and jumped up and down not knowing what to do. I looked toward the car, Niall trotted onto the field. I sprinted to him and threw myself in his arms. "What is going on?" Niall asked his Irish accent was thick with confusion. I smiled and held onto Niall tighter. "I'm running tryouts and coach said he wants me to scout sometime soon." Niall's blue eyes went wide. "Are you serious." I nodded and he smiled and spun us around. Niall sat me down and I dusted myself off, as the coach walked by us he chuckled. "Don't loose this one." Niall smiled and shook his head. "I won't sir." I smiled and took Niall's hand in mine, he was chewing on the inside of his lip something he did when he was thinking. "what's a matter babe?" I asked he turned to me and smirked. "babe?" I flushed. "Would you rather me call you Niall?" he shook his head and chuckled. "I-" "Stop changing the subject." He sighed and turned on the car. 

"Basically Simon thinks we should make a come back, Harry said he's up for it Louis agreed we don't know about zayn and Liam's okay." I felt the blood drain from my face. "so what's your answer." he shrugged. 

"They can't be one direction without their Irish leprechaun." he turned to me in his seat. "Really? but seriously your okay with it." I nodded. "I'm not okay with it per say but I am not going to hold you back, it wouldn't be right me getting promotions whilst you stay at home bored." Niall picked up my hand and kissed it. 

"Thank you." 

Niall and the rest of the guys were recording a new album, that means new stuff that means a new tour, more signings, more meet and greets. was I happy yes, the inner fangirl in me was exploding. Did Sarah know? What was another tour going to do to us? Will it end up like the last tour? I just sat there thinking the whole drive home. 


"Niall we have to be there in an hour." I sprayed my hair for the final time. I dabbed some light pink lipstick on and the blotted it. We were going to the boys new album, launch party. The album was named, better now than later, and when Niall first told me I thought he was joking, but I was wrong.

"I couldn't be more proud of them. The album is sure to be great, who can take a two three year break and come back as number one?" I raised my glass as we all clinked our cups. I looked around me, my head was a blue even though I hadn't had anything to drink and I wasn't going to, I needed to stop drinking. 

Setting my glass down I pulled Sarah aside. "I feel weird." she looked at me funny. "What do you mean?" I shrugged. "that I don't belong." just as I finished my sentence a women came up to us. "girlfriends if Harry styles and Niall Horan, can I get a few minutes with you guys." I gave Sarah a look and she ignored it. "sure." The lady was using her phone as a recorder. "how do you feel about this." she motioned to behind us. I smiled, a fake one. "Its wonderful I am so proud." Sarah said, same for her. we answered a few more questions and then we were finally free.

"Babe can you believe it's almost February." I asked Niall sipping my chocolate milk. he shrugged. "By the way we are leaving for tour next month." I felt the color drain from my face. "what?" I squeaked. Niall pulled into his arms. "February 14th I'm leaving with the lads." I took in a deep breath. On valentines day. "I'm going home then." Niall looked confused. "I'm spending that time at home, Sarah will get the cats, I'm not staying here whilst you're away, not again. Niall nodded. "its a smart idea, I love you." I smiled as he kissed my forehead. "I love you too." 

I grabbed my phone and dialed Sarah's number, I then went on a long frantic rage on their upcoming tour. "Betthany really?" she asked me like I was dumb. "No Sarah umm not I just don't understand I'm not ready." She let out a sigh. "what are you worried about." I pulled at my lip. "racing besides I think I need to just go home for a while. I need to hang with old friends." 

"I think I agree with you, but um we need to talk like meet up at the park or something, I know you don't drink coffee." I was confused but agreed to it anyway. I threw on some Adidas pants, a black long sleeves and my black and pink slides. "where are you heading out to?" I asked niall who was putting on a coat as I walked down the stairs. "well me and the guys are doing bonding trying to overcome what happened. Zayn's okay and Louis's apology was accepted." I smiled. "bye." he shut the door behind him. no goodbye kiss no bye no I love you, someone is not looking forward to team building. 

I shut Edgar in his crate and finally got on my newly fixed up bike.

"Finally Jesus." I chuckled and the cold wind blew. "okay what's up?" she took in a deep breath.

"Betthany I'm pregnant." 


Hooooohoholllyyy dicks on a stick bet you weren't expecting that. 

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