Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


32. Back

So I ship zerrie 100 % now bc I just have my days so yeah. I hope you guys love S.O.M.L as much as I do :) 

Comment what you think your favorite track will be on midnight memories :)


"Are you sure that's everything." I said scanning the hotel room." Niall nodded. I checked to make sure one last time before walking to the lobby to return the card key thing. 

"I'm going to miss home." I said with a frown, looking out of the tiny window from the plane. Niall grabbed my hand and kissed it. 

"It's okay babe we'll come back." I smiled as I felt the butterfly's flip through my stomach like a jumpy house. Babe. I love it when he calls me that. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. 

The plane ride back was a bit bumpy so sleeping was inevitable. I was so happy to be off that suffocating plane. 

"when do you start up practices again?" Niall asked as he closed the taxi's trunk. 

"umm I guess in January." he smiled at me. 

"It is January." I flushed. 

"Psh I meant the end of January." he rolled his eyes. 

As soon as we got inside, Narry came trotting down the stairs. me and Niall both looked at each other. 

"Not it." we said at the same time. I crossed my arms 

"okay who ever Narry comes to first has to clean it." Niall groaned but nodded. we stood there waiting for Narry to come, and when Narry rubbed his face on my leg I threw my hands in the air in defeat. 

"The litter box would've been clean by now." I grumbled off. 

"you're the one who didn't want to." 

"you're the one who accepted the bet."

"It's your cat." 

"You live here too!" 

"So it wasn't my decision, he's your cat." I rolled my eyes, I didn't feeling like shouting back. I grabbed my suitcase and lugged it up stairs. How the hell where we going to take care of the new puppy. 

Niall's pov (The first time?) 

I let a sigh and ran my hand over my face. I picked up the remainder of the bags and took them up stairs. Betthany was in the bathroom Narry patiently waiting by the door, she was banging the scoop on the side of the litter box. I sat on the bed and thought about what I was going to say. she stood up and walked over to the sink, I sauntered over and wrapped my arms around her waist. "I'm sorry." She sighed and turns around, placing her hands on my chest. "I'm sorry too, I didn't mean to snap." I lifted her chin up. "It happens to everyone." She smiled and started to press her soft lips on mine, but we were interrupted by a loud meow from Narry. She pulled away and cleaned up the bathroom as I unpacked. 

I fired up my new grill, the nobs turned, smooth like butter. It was cold outside but Betthany insisted we grill out. I looked out over the deck to see her playing with the new dog, she'd named him Edgar. 

"Its better than naming him beni." She'd said. I had no idea what that was and she was quick to explain it as the ship name for us. 

Her laugh broke me put of my thoughts. I looked up to see the little dog treading through the snow. 

"He's going to catch a cold." I said and she just rolled her eyes, Betthany picked Edgar up and carried him to where I stood. 

"One day your eyes are going to be stuck in the back of your head." she chuckled. 

"I'm always told that, its yet to happen." It was my turn to roll my eyes, I stacked the chicken onto the plate and walked inside with Betthany. 

"Chickens good." Betthany said her mouth full of salad and chicken. I chuckled and looked to my left, Narry sat on his perch eyeing Edgar who was chewing on this tiny bone. 

"Thanks" Betthany said surprisingly. I took a drink from my cup. 

"What for?" she shrugged. 

"Everything." I smiled and took her hand. 

"You can't thank me yet, there's much more to come for us." what did I mean by that? I don't know, marriage, children, surely we'd get married, I couldn't see myself standing at the alter with anyone else but Betthany. Then I started picturing how she'd look, her hair long and flowing, the long white dress against her golden skin. 

"Niall, Earth to Niall." I shook my head and smiled at her. 

"sorry." she chuckled and walked her empty plate to the sink, I grabbed mine and took hers from her. 

"I got it." she smiled at stared at me suspiciously. I kissed her cheek and she walked to Edgar. 

Sarah's pov

"Well are you sure." Harry nodded, each curl shook. 

I looked around our little flat. 

"Don't get me wrong I love living here, I just don't feel it's us." I bit my lip 

"so what are you suggesting." 

"That we move." 

Move? where to America or closer to his home town? 


"Anywhere we could always go to your home town, or we could go to mine, Gemma is due any day." I nodded. If we moved any where but here I would have to sell this little book shop, something I didn't want to do. 

"Do we have to move now, I mean I'm up for it but I want time to think it over." I crawled onto Harry's lap. 

"you have all the time you need." I smiled and planted a kiss on Harry's lips. 

"Plus I don't want people shopping downstairs while we're making love, no interruptions.'' I felt my face flush but I just laughed it off.

"I understand, all well." Harry raised a brow. 

"Do you?"


Harry's phone was ringing. I slapped all around where Harry was, 

"Harry your phone." he sat up. 

"yes?" his voice was raspy, which was totally hot. 

"We'll be there as soon as we can." I sat up as Harry hung up. 

"Gemma just went into labor." I felt the excitement bubble under my skin. I threw the duvet off of me and hurriedly got dressed. 

"Fuck makeup!" I said jumping around as I slipped sweat pants on. Harry chuckled and threw our clothes into a bag. 

"Make sure I have under wear!" I said from across the room, earning a smirk from Harry. 

We threw the bags into the back and hopped into the car, taking off into he night.

It took a while but we finally made it, just as the sun had fully risen, we walked into the hospital. 

"You're here to see?" 

"Gemma Reagan." She looked up at Harry and then smiled. 

"She looks just like you, her room is 592." Harry chuckled and off we went.

Harry quietly opened the door and I shut it behind us. Gemma was asleep on the bed, her dark hair tied back, she looked like all the life had been sucked out of her, I stayed back s Harry walked up. 

"Don't you look cute." Harry joked with his sister. she didn't even open her eyes. 

"Harold I will slap you." Harry chuckled. 

"How are you?" this time she opened her eyes. The same green as Harry's, there was a soft knock on the door and in came the nurse, holding a baby. I felt a smile creep up on my face. Gemma sat up and held her arms open as the baby was placed into her arms, her face lit up and it didn't look exhausted. Gemma's husband took hold of her hand they looked adorable, Harry walked back to me and grabbed my hand, then the door swung open, and Anne came rushing in, balloons in one hand and a bear in the other. I laughed and Anne rushed up to Gemma. Then the coo's and awes started. I couldn't help but giggle, that's when everyone turned to me, as if realizing I just got here. 

"Sarah come over here, you're considered a part of the family." Gemma waved me over and I tip toed over. Gemma passed around her new prized possession. A little baby boy. I was the last to hold him. he was surprisingly light and I couldn't help but smile as the cloth touched my arms. 

"What's his name?"
Gemma and her husband exchanged looks. 

"Duncan." she said with a smile 


Omg guys I am in love with chandler Riggs like as much as I love Niall plus he is as old as me 

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