the girl who lived.

16 year old Alex Speer is about to change her life forever, with drama, love, lost and the strange things that go on in her little town of Sunny Side, Florida.


2. The New Guy

Monday morning finally came, they didn't cancel school, then again they don't cancel it for anything, dad had left for work already and mom was trying to get Jacob ready for school "How many people do you think will be at school today?" "I don't know Em" the schools population is give or take 1000 students, so if half the school didn't come there still wouldn't be that many missing. Mom and Jacob had left already, me and Em made our way to her car.

We pulled into the school parking lot 10 minutes later, the schools just down the rode, but Em needed to go to the store first. We met up with Tyler and Zack on our way in, Tyler is Emily's cousin and Zack is his best friend, we all have a big child hood together and some good memories. The most popular girl in school comes over to us "Did you hear bout the new guy? He's a total hottie" she walks away well pushing her little A tits up "You got nothing to push up sweetie" Zack yelled after her. The 4 of us walked into the school and noticed it being more empty then it should be "Ill see you guys at lunch" Tyler said well running down the hall to his locker that's on the other side of the school "Yea same" Zack said well walking up the steps. 

Mine and Em's locker are side by side, we past the group of girls standing out side of the registration office "Tia, what's going on?" "The new guys in there, he's really hot and single" she squealed, the girls in this school love having new people in the school especially if its a guy.

Em pushes her way through the big crud of girls, I don't bother with that stuff because what guy would wanna go out with a girl with brown, blue and purple hair and tattoos, no guy would. I keep walking to my locker, when I get there Em texted me saying that she's bringing the new guy to meet me, why me?

I get my books and close my locker door and look down the hall and see Em walking with this guy, he's tall with dark brown flippy hair, when they approach I get a better look, he has a lip piercing and tattoos all up his left arm, he's really hot. "Keith, this is Alex, Alex this is Keith" "Hey" he says with his eyes darting to my arm full of tattoos "Hey, I like your eyes" I say without thinking, he has a little smile witch shows the faint view of white teeth "What class you have first?" "English with Mr. Sweetman" "Me to" I say with a smile "Alex can I talk to you, in private?" "Yea" Keith steps down the hall a little "There's another killing, 3 minutes from the school, my mom wants me home, can you find away home?" "Yea ill find a way" "If you cant I can pick you up at he end of the day" "Its ok Em" "Ok, be careful, ill text you later" she says well running down the hall, Keith has a bunch of girls around him so I just walk the other way taking the long way to class, I walk in and only 3 people are in there, A tits, Tia and Rob. I walk over t my seat in the back of the room and sink into my chair, a few minutes later Kith burst through the door and little miss prissy pushes her tits up and pulls him into the chair next to her, he looks around the room until he spots me and gets up well Cassie is in mid sentence and walks over to me and drops in the desk next to mine, he pulls it closer to mine so there touching "Hey again" "Hey" I say without making eye contact, Cassie looks extremely mad, I quickly duck my head as a book fly's over it, Keith stands up and walk's over to Cassie "why'd you do that?" "Why are you standing up for her, she acts all tough so she should stand up for herself" she said that well looking directly at me.

I had enough, I get up and lean over her desk "What was that A tits? I didn't hear you, wanna say that again?" she has a blank look on her face and so did everyone else "Didn't think so" I walked back to my desk and sat down. Keith came back with me and just looked at me, "What was that?" "Me standing up for myself" I said well sinking into my chair "I thought it was hot " he said well turning to the front, when I looked at him I knew he had a grin on his face.

Next class was gym, he had that with me to. We walked there together and everyone was looking at us, I had gym with Zack to, when we got there little miss A tits was wearing her sort shorts and see through tank top and had 10 guys around her, Keith didn't look at her once, I seen Zack standing over there, he's just like the rest, I didn't have my gym clothes so I had to wear Em's, she had short shorts and a black tank top that didn't fit over my tits, when I walked out everyone was looking at me, I didn't know if it was because of my tattoos or the clothes, when I was walking down the hall about 3 guys grabbed my ass, one of witch was Zack, I finally got to the gym and there was little miss A tits rubbing herself all over Keith, I rolled my eyes and walked by them, she gave me a death stare and started to kiss his neck, I could feel him watching me, then there were arms around my waist and someone rubbing against me, I knew it wasn't Keith. The that body got ripped off me and I fell back word from the jolt, I turned around to see Keith beating the shit out of some guy, I never seen him before, I quickly got up and ran over, I grabbed his arm as he was about to swing his third punch, he stood up and looked at me, he took one last look at the bloody guy on the floor and then he pushed me against the wall "Did he hurt you?" "No" Keith starts to feel my body over then lets me go, he goes back over to that guy on the floor "If you ever touch her again I will hurt you, do you understand?" "Yes" the guy said Cassie then walk's over to Keith and rubs his arm "Come on baby, lets go somewhere alone" she says well rubbing her one hands around on his leg, he looked at me again, I tried my best not to cry but I couldn't hold it, I ran off down the hall to the changing room and burst through the doors and sat on the floor in the shower crying.

Someone came in, I hoped it wasn't Cassie and Keith, but I hoped it was Em coming to get me or Tyler and Zack, no it was Keith, I closed the door all the way and kept quiet "Alex? You in here?" I started to cry again, I made a little sound and he herd me "Alex open the door" "Why? You and Cassie need somewhere private?" I could tell he was hurt by the way he was talking now "Alex please open the door" I got up and opened the door and sat back down in my little spot I had, he opened the door and came in and shut it behind him and locked it, he sat down on the other side of the shower "What's wrong?" I put my head between my knees and held my breath so sobs wouldn't slip out, "Alex?" he came closer to me, I looked up at him and I got a good look at his face, I could see he was crying a few minutes ago because his face was still poufy and red, he sat down in front of me.

Someone burst through the doors "Keith?" "What?" "Where are you?" "Who are you first?" "Cassie your girlfriend silly" I got up and burst through the door and out the other one, I started to run down the hall to the gym, I ran face first into Zack "Alex what's wrong?" "nothing do you need a partner?" "Yea that's why I was down here I was looking for you" I got up and help my hand out to him "Ok let's go"













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