A Childhood Memory

Basically, this story is about a girl called Samanda, who was best friends with Niall Horan since birth. Sadly, she had to move away to London from Ireland when they were both just 12 years of age.
It must be by fate that these two saw each other after 7 years. Samanda had been a fan of One Direction since the day she saw Niall audition for X Factor, as she realised that he was her childhood best friend when he entered the stage.


9. The Tour Bus

Samanda's P.O.V.

Louise gave in and let Scarlett stay with me at the hotel. She waved us off as we climbed onto the tour bus. I couldn't believe my luck. I was climbing onto the One Direction tour bus. I whispered to Scarlett, "are we dreaming?", Niall must have heard because he pinched my arm and as I yelled out because it hurt, he laughed saying, "nope, it's really happening". We all burst into fits of laughter. 

Obviously I sat next to Niall, while Scarlett and Liam sat together behind us. I looked through the gap in the seats to Scarl and gave her a cheeky smile, and winked at her. She giggled and tapped me on the head. Louis and Harry sat in front whilst Zayn sat across from us. We were all having a laugh, Niall had his arm rested around my shoulder, and Scarl must have been tired because she was fast asleep with her head on Liam's shoulder. I winked at him and he just giggled at me. 

I had a feeling tonight was going to be fun!


Liam's P.O.V.

So, we all climbed onto the tour bus, and it must be by fate that the girl who Samanda brought onto stage with her sat next to me on the tour bus. I had to ask Samanda what her name was, to find out she was called "Scarlett". Such a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl. She's so cute. She's a little shy, but I hope she can get comfortable around me. 

I looked in front to see Niall and Samanda sat together with their arms wrapped around eachother. I can see this going somewhere! 

I look to the side of me where Scarlett has her head rested on my shoulder. It felt right. I think I'm starting to like her! 

I look at her cheek, and smile to myself. The words "I Love Liam" floating around in my head, giving me butterflies.


Niall's P.O.V.

Out of all the boys, I know Liam the best. I sat watching him looking at Scarlett, and the look in his eyes says it all! He's starting to like her. I can tell.

I whispered in Samanda's ear, "look at them, they'd be so cute!". The whole way back to the hotel me and Samanda spoke about how we were going to spend the night. We both had to be up early in the morning, so we decided we were going to watch a film and eat munch, then go to bed. What a perfect way to end a night with my long lost child hood best friend. I think I'm falling in love all over again.


Samanda's P.O.V.

We got to the hotel. It was perfect. It was beautiful on the outside, with large black gates towering over us, and a beautiful long path leading to the automatic doors to which leads you inside the hotel. If I'm honest, I thought it was the second Buckingham Palace! 

I was excited for what the night had in store for us. 





I'm stuck for ideas in the next chapter! Help??? :( 

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