A Childhood Memory

Basically, this story is about a girl called Samanda, who was best friends with Niall Horan since birth. Sadly, she had to move away to London from Ireland when they were both just 12 years of age.
It must be by fate that these two saw each other after 7 years. Samanda had been a fan of One Direction since the day she saw Niall audition for X Factor, as she realised that he was her childhood best friend when he entered the stage.


4. The day of the concert....

**1 month and 14 days later**

I was woke by the birds singing outside. I yawned and turned over to face the window. Looking out to the pale blue sky, smiling because it was such a beautiful day. I didn't think for a minute that today was the day. 


I dived out of bed to switch off my alarm before it woke Fern. I looked at my phone. It was a reminder. 

"One Direction Concert!! :D" said the words on my screen. I squealed and then quickly put my hand over my mouth and span around to make sure I hadn't woken Fern. Wow. This day came so quick but I honestly couldn't wait! 


Scarlett's P.O.V.

My mum woke me this morning. "Scarl. Scarl? SCARLETT ROSE GRAYSON!! WAKE UP!!" 

When my mum used my full name, I always got scared. I shot upright in bed and said "Yes! I'm awake woman! Calm down!" She gave me the "stare", and said "don't dare talk to your mother like that, or there will be no One Direction concert later!"

Oh my god! It's the day of the One Direction concert! How could I forget?!! 

I hugged my mum and said sorry. I couldn't talk to her like that. Not today. I jumped straight out of bed and ran to my phone. I dialled Samanda's number praying that she'll be awake. She answered near enough straight away, and to answer the phone, it wasn't a simple "hello", it was a squeal and she screamed "OH MY GOD TODAY IS THE DAY" down the phone. I just laughed at her excitement. I didn't blame her. After all, it's been years since she saw Niall, and she must have been excited to be on the front row of his concert. I asked her what she was wearing and we just fan girled together on the phone. She told me she had to go finish off getting ready and then she'll come straight over. I ended the call. It wasn't long before the concert!! 


Samanda's P.O.V 

Well, I'm all set.  I've got my phone and all the money I got from the family over in Ireland, really starting to miss them but I can't think about that now. I've got a One Direction concert to go to! I grabbed my bag, and seeing as it's 1:00 in the afternoon, I thought I'd better wake Fern and tell her I was off. I shook her and said "I'm going to the concert now. Wake up and get something to eat!" I said whilst walking towards the body length mirror to check myself over once more. She mumbled something into her pillow which I didn't quite hear, so I just walked out and closed the bedroom door behind me. 

I skipped my way to Scarl's with a beaming smile on my face. I couldn't be any happier at this moment. My excitement was taking over and I just couldn't stop smiling!



I got to Scarl's. They were stood at the door waiting for me. Scarlett came running to me and jumped into my arms, almost knocking me over. I think she was just as excited as I was! Louise smiled at me with a nice "afternoon darling. Got everything you need?". I told her I had and thanked her for the 100th time for going through all this hassle for us..


We all climbed into the car. Louise handed us our tickets. I clung onto it and let a tear run down my face. I had so many mixed emotions.. I didn't know what to think...


"All set?" Louise questioned us as she looked through her rear view mirror.

"Yes" we both squealed in excitement. 

She laughed. "You two girls are mad". 

We giggled back at her. Then we set off. 

The butterflies in my stomach were flying around like crazy. My heart was beating... I had a funny feeling something good was going to happen tonight.. 

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