A Childhood Memory

Basically, this story is about a girl called Samanda, who was best friends with Niall Horan since birth. Sadly, she had to move away to London from Ireland when they were both just 12 years of age.
It must be by fate that these two saw each other after 7 years. Samanda had been a fan of One Direction since the day she saw Niall audition for X Factor, as she realised that he was her childhood best friend when he entered the stage.


8. Backstage..

Niall's P.O.V.

I just wanted the concert to hurry up and be over! I love all my fans, they're my life savers and I enjoy being on stage so much. But tonight, I just want it to be over so that I could talk to Samanda and catch up with her. I want her to stay over at our hotel tonight. We'd have such a laugh. I was smiling the rest of the way through the concert. I couldn't wait for her to come back stage to me. She'll always be my best friend. 


It got to our last song, "What Makes You Beautiful". I smiled as I watched Samanda the whole way through it, yet another song which reminds me of her. 

"You don't know you're beautiful!"

I sang as I pointed the finger at Samanda. She giggled and put her head down, smiling. She really is beautiful, she just doesn't see it. 



The girls in the arena started filing out, as Samanda, her brown-haired friend and an adult stayed seated. When the arena was emptied, the 3 of them made their way up to the stage to follow us backstage. I had my eyes fixed on Samanda the whole time she was walking towards me. She was so beautiful. 


Samanda's P.O.V.

Oh my god. Was this actually happening? I was making my way back stage to meet the boys, and see my old best friend for the first time again in 7 years. I whispered to Scarl as we walked towards them, "hey, you could hit on Liam while were here" I winked at her as I said it. She winked back and we both giggled. We got to the boys. Niall picked me up and spun me around. The way he did the day I left to London. I giggled and I squealed because he was squeezing me too hard. He just laughed at put me down. He held my hand and kissed me forehead. 

"Samanda?" he said, looking at me. 

I gave him a "sup?" kind of nod in reply, and he said "there's something I need to ask you. Before we have any sort of catch up, I need to ask if you'll come back to the hotel with us tonight. I want you to stay over. You can come back on our tour bus and we'll take you back for some things...."

I didn't say anything, I was speechless... 

He carried on talking, pleading me to go back with them, "We've got 7 years to catch up on, we can't do that in half an hour! Please, I've got munch". He winked at me. I giggled, and he got on his hands and knees and started to beg. He had me in fits of laughter as I hit him around the head and told him to get up and stop being daft. I giggled as I said, "Oh Nialler, you've not changed a bit. Still your silly old self!" I hugged him and started to diall my mum's number. 

"Samanda I'm busy. You should be home by now. What are you playing at?!" she screamed down the phone to me.

I told her I was staying at the boys hotel, and she told me to stop lying to her. She wouldn't believe me until I told all the boys to shout "hello Kerry" down the phone to her. I heard her gasp, and tell me I have to be home by noon the day after. I jumped up in joy. I kept watching Liam and Scarl sharing awkward eye contact every now and again. I found it so cute!



Liam's P.O.V.

As Niall and Samanda were having a good old catch up, I couldn't help but notice that the girl who Samanda brought onto the stage with her had the words "I Love Liam" written across her cheek. She was pretty cute. I was secretly hoping that she was staying at the hotel tonight too... 



Samanda's P.O.V.  

Tonight was going to be so good. 

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