Magic in the Air

Set in the year after the events of the Deathly Hallows.

Sinead wonders why she's different from all the rest, why she can read people's minds. A letter inviting her to Hogwarts transforms her life forever.


3. Revelations

Sinead’s father smiled at her. 

‘Hogwarts was the school where I met your mother’, he said with a whimsical look in his eye. 

‘But it says here that it’s for witches and wizards. Sinead asked. 

Her mother smiled at her and patted Sinead’s hand. 

I’m afraid there are something’s that we haven’t told about our past’ her mother answered shyly. 

Sinead didn’t know what to make of this. She felt cheated that her parents hadn’t told her everything about their lives, even lying to her. Up until now she assumed that the family had lived in Stockby. 

‘So are you witches and wizards? She said and then a thought came to her head, ‘does that make me a witch?’ 

‘Yes, your father and I have magical powers. You have them as well but you don’t really know how to use them yet.’ Her mother said. 

‘We need to tell you a bit about the past to explain why we kept this a secret from you.’ Her father said finally sitting down next to Sinead and taking her hand. 

‘A few years ago just as we’d left Hogwarts there was a rise of Dark Magic around a man called Voldemort. He and his followers had terrorized the magical world killing anyone who stepped in their way. You see they didn’t like the mixing of magical folk and muggles 

Muggles?’ Sinead asked  

‘Ah, it’s the term we give to non-magical people. Where was I? Ah yes muggles. During this war many of our friends and family disappeared overnight. Most were tortured and killed by the Deatheaters.’ 

He saw the look of confusion on his daughters face and smiled. It must be hard to take all this in. 

Deatheaters was the name given to the followers of Voldemort, who was a particularly nasty wizard. Some really nasty people were running amok and our Ministry couldn’t do anything about it. Anyhow your mum and I were just 19 at the time and we decided to disappear in all the confusion. We didn’t want to bring a child into a world like that. We just up sticks and came to live in Stockby and tried to live normal lives and forget about magic’  

‘But how have I got a letter to go to magic school?’ Sinead asked. 

‘Well, Voldemort was stopped after he killed a babies parents. When he tried to kill the baby, something happened and Voldemort disappeared. That boy was called Harry Potter, you’ll learn more about him. He’s really famous now. Even though it was safe to come out as magical again, we stayed away from most of our relatives and friends. A couple of years ago,Voldemort came back and the magical world was once again thrown into confusion. There was another massive war between magical people. It even made headlines in the Muggle world. Remember the Millennium Bridge collapsing?' 

Sinead nodded enthralled by what she was hearing. 

'Well, anyway, that was caused by Voldemorts supporters', her father continued. 'this last few months have seen a massive battle at Hogwarts. Voldemort and his supporters were routed and Voldemort actually died at the hands of Harry Potter. There's now a new optimism in the magical world. Your mother and I decided it was now time to go back into the magical world. We let the Ministry of Magic know that we're alive and let them know that we had a daughter who was old enough to attend Magic school' 

Sinead sat between her parents trying to take all this in. her eyes flittered from one to the other. Could this all be true? She had so many questions.

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