That Moment *Sequel*

Our Moment The Sequel!
Victoria Wells is struggling. She lost her faith and trust. But when a guy lifts her heart, she is in love again. Is that right? Or pigs aren't really flying? Kimmy is finding it not simple once she falls in love with Niall. Harry is lost in the maze searching for Kimmy's heart and trust again but is it true or is he falling for Victoria?. Niall, does he love Kimmy? Or Victoria. Clarissa was once a trusted angel but now, nobody trusts her anymore, especially not Liam.


40. You're Stubborn

Kimmy's POV

"You got the sofa wet."

"Stop being so dirty minded." I said

"I wish that was a joke love but it's not get up."

I got up. It was wet. I should've dried my hair (from showering) before laying down

"Guess it's time for me to go, BYE!"

I made a ran for it the bumped into his upper chest.

"Then you can sleep in my bed."

"I don't wanna sleep with you."

"Who said anything about sleeping with me?"

"Just a few hours ago you told me the same thing about your house!"

"What about all the other bedrooms?"


"Why did you have sex with girls in the morning then went for a stroll to look for more?"

"No." He said innocently, he looked cute that way. I ran up to the bedrooms and saw that they weren't occupied.

"See they--"

Harry came out of the bathroom with a bucket of water.


I stared at him. Then it happened for the other bedrooms. The last one, when he came out with the refilled bucket I laid down on the bed but he splashed it on me.

"You. Are. Crazy!"

"You're the one splashing the beds!"

"You're right, but I'm doing it for you, plus who said you were going to sleep with me?"

"You said the same thing with the whole house thing."

He got quiet. Then he sat down. I sighed then went to his room. I laid down on his bed. He laid down next to me. Then scooted closer, I scoot farther to the left. Then he did the same. Then awhile I fell, he fell too.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked. Then he hugged me.

"I missed you!"

I patted his arm then laid down, I faced away from him. He laid farther away from me.

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