That Moment *Sequel*

Our Moment The Sequel!
Victoria Wells is struggling. She lost her faith and trust. But when a guy lifts her heart, she is in love again. Is that right? Or pigs aren't really flying? Kimmy is finding it not simple once she falls in love with Niall. Harry is lost in the maze searching for Kimmy's heart and trust again but is it true or is he falling for Victoria?. Niall, does he love Kimmy? Or Victoria. Clarissa was once a trusted angel but now, nobody trusts her anymore, especially not Liam.


45. What a coincidence?!

Victoria's P.O.V.

I did it! My plan worked! I'm popular again... well, I was always popular, but, at least I'm not known as the weak one. I went to my locker and got the stuff I need for class. Along while, I hid my megaphone. As I closed my locker, I saw Niall. He was looking off to space... or looking blankly at the inside of his locker. What is he thinking? Why should I care? Whatever. I walked past him, murmuring asshole under my breath. He looked confused after that. HAHA.

On, my way to class, I saw Stacy talking to... Jill. I walked up to them. I'm gonna have fun with this.

"Hey, nerd and nerd new friend." I greeted.

"Hey, to the girl who is not so pretty." Jill responded.

"Look whose talking." I threw back.

"Well, I don't think right now is a good time for this." Stacy said.

"It's always a good time." I said. "Stacy, you're a faker no one wants to have around. Jill, well, this will explain it." I threw a punch at Jill and walked off.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Asshole." Victoria murmured. Why did she call me an asshole? I thought she liked me. Whatever. I walked to class to see Kimmy zoning off. I sat next to her and was going to speak, but the teacher interrupted.

"Okay, students, you have lost the privlage of choosing where you sit. Stand around the class and I will assign your seats." Ms. Lovato said. I hope I'm next to Kimmy.

"What's going on?" Victoria asked as she came in.

"We are being assigned seats." Kimmy informed her.

"Niall, you're here. Kimmy, you're next to Niall. Victoria, you're behind Niall. Harry, you're next to Victoria." Ms. Lovato spoke. Noooo!!!!!!!!!! I'm near Victoria and Harry.

"What a coincidence." Kimmy pointed out. We walked to our new seats.

"Great, I'm around 2 weirdo's and 1- ... no wait, 2 jerks." Victoria remarked.

"I know Harry is the jerk you're pointing out, but who is the other?" I questioned.

"You should know..." Victoria said.

"I don't have a clue."


What?! What did I do to her?

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