That Moment *Sequel*

Our Moment The Sequel!
Victoria Wells is struggling. She lost her faith and trust. But when a guy lifts her heart, she is in love again. Is that right? Or pigs aren't really flying? Kimmy is finding it not simple once she falls in love with Niall. Harry is lost in the maze searching for Kimmy's heart and trust again but is it true or is he falling for Victoria?. Niall, does he love Kimmy? Or Victoria. Clarissa was once a trusted angel but now, nobody trusts her anymore, especially not Liam.


25. The kidnapper's plan

Niall's P.O.V.

Jake was my brother's friend until he got into drugs. This is what Jake looked like:

He looked a lot like Liam Hemsworth. I would call him a twin.

"So, do you know where the girl is? Take off the tape!" he demanded. they took the tape off. I did hurt a little.

"The girl, what girl?" I asked. I knew the answer, just wanted to play with him. They showed me the same picture.

"Victoria. I never hang out with her." I lied, we did.

"I know you are together a lot."

"Fine! She's might, I said MIGHT, be at her house." I gave them the address.

"Tom, Zach, and Will, go get Victoria." Jake demanded. No, I can't let them hurt her!

"We will beat her until you give us some stuff like money." he informed me.

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