That Moment *Sequel*

Our Moment The Sequel!
Victoria Wells is struggling. She lost her faith and trust. But when a guy lifts her heart, she is in love again. Is that right? Or pigs aren't really flying? Kimmy is finding it not simple once she falls in love with Niall. Harry is lost in the maze searching for Kimmy's heart and trust again but is it true or is he falling for Victoria?. Niall, does he love Kimmy? Or Victoria. Clarissa was once a trusted angel but now, nobody trusts her anymore, especially not Liam.


53. Stacey Chat

Mia's POV

Hmm... I feel different. Mean..


You Have Unblocked StaceyOmq!

<m-i-a-aa> stacy.

I waited for a reply, luckily she's always on this app but the bad thing is, she talks to everyone available. I mean, I can tell, obviously.

<StaceyOmq> well well welllllll u unblocked me

<m-i-a-aa> whateevr

<m-i-a-aa> i have something to ask u.

<StaceyOmq> ask away and ill state away. (;

I thought of a question, but I know this chick, she wouldn't tell me the truth even if I strangled her. So I asked something else instead of "what happened on the day I left?"

<m-i-a-aa> what happened to Victoria?

<StaceyOmq> mmmmmmmmmmmm why should i tell you?

<m-i-a-aa> because. i know you and her brother used to have a thing.

<m-i-a-aa>  only you and him will know that and everyone knows, the only thing that will keep Max from telling the truth, is 

<StaceyOmq> I HATE U

I waited a few seconds knowing what will happen next.

<StaceyOmq> sigh fine, she fell in love with your ex boyfriend's twin thinking it was your ex boyfriend btw its naill and the next day she would come to the real one and give him kisses WHATVER and when strings got pulled, she broke up with him and now their not speaking w/ each other

<m-i-a-aa> who might this girl, stacy, be?

<StaceyOmq> HOWD U NOE

<m-i-a-aa> child i know, because i remember the text you gave me nights ago.

<StaceyOmq> donut tell anyone plzzz! ):

<m-i-a-aa> hush child......

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