Her Scars

Rosaline Winters has been suffering depression for 4 years. When the new guy, Logan Grey, moves in in the same town as her, Rosaline falls in love for the first time. She learns to depend on him. Will Logan Grey be able to save Rosaline Winters?


2. Chapter 1

Please read the warning before reading this.

I put my headphones on as I hit the shuffle button on my iphone. I looked outside the window, staring at the raindrops fall on the bus. Wow, this is crappy weather for the first day of school. I felt a sudden surge in my stomach. Damn, I was starving. Don't eat. Don't eat, you fat bitch, I heard my conscious say. It's been almost a week since I haven't eaten. Once I have a thigh gap and once I can see my own bones, then I will be satisfied. I felt the bus slowing down, signaling that we have arrived to school. I grabbed my backpack and shut my music off, taking off my headphones and leaving them hanging around my neck. I started walking off the buss. "Here's another day full of pain and misery," I mumbled to myself. "Rosaline!" I heard my name being yelled from a distance. I couldn't see that well who was saying my name because it was foggy, and it was still raining hard as hell. "Rosaline! Come over here you asshole!" By the word "asshole" I automatically knew who it was. Lydia. The girl who's been my best friend since birth. "Well, hello to you to!" I shouted back as I started running towards her. We embraced each other. "Come on, let's get inside!" I yelled over the rain.

"So, how've you been? How was your summer?" Lydia asked, as we both put our books in our lockers. "I've been okay, and my summer was fine too. How about you?" "Oh my god, I have so much to tell you! So, I met this guy that works in the waterpark. He was so freaking cute! So I went up to talk to him and I found out his name was Max and - - - -" I just nodded my head and pretended like I was listening. Lydia's always talkative and so energetic all the time. "I gotta get to class. Talk to you later!" I cut her off, as I shut my locker and started walking away. "Oh okay! Bye!"

My first class was History. Ugh, might as well shoot myself in the head, then go through Mr. Manson's class. I heard from his previous students that he is extremely strict and NO ONE passes his class. EVER. I walked in to find everyone already sitting down. I looked at the clock in the front of the room. I wasn't late. In fact, I was 5 minutes early. "Ah, I'm guessing you are Miss Winters." i gulped as I looked around the room to find all eyes on me. " Yes, I'm Rosaline Winters." "You're late. Take a seat." I hated attention, so instead of arguing with Mr. Manson that I was 5 minutes early, I just walked to the only open seat left. I started taking out my history books and a pencil. "Hey emo bitch." This always freaking happens to me. Just because I dressed like a scene girl, everyone bullied me. I ignored the comment and started taking notes on what Mr. Manson was saying. "The next time you decide to self harm, use a knife and slit your own throat."  "Please do the world a favor, and kill yourself already." "You're fat and pathetic, you cunt. Why did God create a failure like you?" I felt a pinch in the corner of my eye and my face getting hotter and hotter. Their comments were true and I knew it. The only thing I had to do now was to let the comments sink in and try not to cry. Yes, I'm weak as fuck. I stared at the clock. 50 more minutes and I'm out of this class. The taunting and the insults continued throughout the entire class. 

As soon as the bell rang, I practically ran out. I didn't want to attract any attention to myself, so instead of going into a bathroom stall to cry my eyes out, I went to the place I've been going for 4 years now. The roof of the school. No one else knew about this except for me. Not even Lydia knew. I started my way up the ladder. Little did I know I was being followed.

The roof of the school was wet due to the rain. It was still slightly raining, but I didn't care. I sat at the edge of the roof looking down at the cars passing by on the street. I could end it all here. I could jump off right now. I thought to myself. But what would happen to Lydia? After all, Lydia is the only person I care about. My parents are fucking selfish- well, my parents were fucking selfish. They both committed suicide when I was just a few months old. They killed themselves without even thinking about me. But if I did end everything here and now, imagine how happy those guys that insulted me would be. The sound of footsteps disrupted me from my thoughts. In a panic, I stepped away from the ledge and quickly wiped my tears to make it look like I was fine. I turned around to see who it was. I had no idea who it was. "Hey." He said, as he started walking towards me. The question most people would ask as their first question would be something along the lines of "Who are you?" or "What's your name?," but the first question that came out of my mouth was "How the hell did you find me and what the hell are you doing here?" He grinned. "Well nice to meet you too," he said sarcastically.

Author's Notes: Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading! I know this chapter is crappy as fuck. I kept running out of ideas so I basically improvised throughout the entire thing. Make sure to share this story, vote, and comment. c:

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