The Dare *Completed*

Nora is a nerd and Niall is a jerk what happens when Niall is dared to date her?


5. Chapter 5

I put on the only tight dress that I own and leave my hair down and put my contacts in. I put some make up and look at my reflection; I look like a whole new Nora. The doorbell rings and I walk down and open the door and Niall looks me up and down. “Whoa.” He says and I sigh. “Let’s just get this over with.” I say, grabbing my bag and walking past him and walking to the car and getting in. He gets in and pulls off of the curb. “That dress is so tight I can see your bum.” He says and I glare at him. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry.” He says and I sigh.

He drives for what seems like forever until we come upon an empty space, nothing but an endless, grassy field. I get out reluctantly and I follow him and I notice we are on a hill. He pulls me to him and smiles down at me. “Close your eyes.” He says and I sigh but I do. He grabs my hands and guides me somewhere and I almost trip a few times but he catches me. “Ok, open.” He says and I do and I see we are at the edge of the hill. “Great view,” I say and he chuckles. “Look down.” He says and the first thing I think is we are going swimming but when I look down, I see a single hot air balloon. I gasp and look at Niall. “I have always wanted to go on one of these!” I say and he smiles. “Let’s go then.” He says and we go down the hill. “Why so late though?” I ask and he smiles. “Well, it will be cooler so I thought it would be a nice chance to give you my jacket.” He says blushing and I smile. “Niall!” The guy says and he nods. He helps me into the woven basket and I move farther in and then he climbs in. “Niall, do you know how to fly one of these?” I ask and he smiles. “Yes.” He says and the guy pulls up the pins and Niall gets us in the air. “So, why haven’t you gone on one of these?” His Irish accent breaks the silence and I grip the side of the basket. “Well, our family all went up in one and my little dad was leaning to look down and he leaned too far-.” I close my eyes, remembering his screams, my screams. Tears fill my eyes and I sob. “Nora, it’s ok.” He says and he wraps his arms around me. “I miss him so much Niall.” I say, crying on his chest. The echoes of his screams keep going through my head. “Just forget about it.” I say, wiping my tears and I laugh at his shirt that has my tear stains on it. “Should I take it off?” He asks winking and I roll my eyes. “No, then you would be cold.” I say and he laughs. “I have a jacket.” He says and I shrug. “Have you eaten?” He asks and I nod. “Good, now I won’t have to spend any money and we can stay up here longer.” He says and I laugh. We stay up for a while and it starts getting cold. I shiver and sit down and Niall sits next to me and pulls me back into his arms and I put my hand on his chest. “Ok, why did you want me to wear a dress?” I ask and he smiles. “You look fit and you are revealing a lot.” He says and I sigh. “You look very nice, you look like a completely person, someone may want to snatch you up.” He says and I sigh again. “I don’t want them to like me for slutty Nora; I want them to like me for me.” I say and he chuckles. “Slutty Nora?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “Whatever.” I say and he kisses the top of my head. “When they get to know you, they will look past the looks; Marcel looks like he has a crush on you and from what I heard from Harry, he does.” He says and I look up at him. “No.” I say and he nods. “Oh.” I say and he nods. “Yeah so are you ready to get down?” He asks and I nod.

We land safely and the guy is down there and we step off and he pins it down and we go back to his car. We get in and he drives me home and I get out and close the door and go up to the porch and he grabs my wrist. “Can I stay over, it is pretty cold and you owe me for getting my shirt wet.” He says, smiling and I giggle. “Alright,” I say and I open the door and he goes inside and I go in and close the door behind me and lock it and I go upstairs to my room. I slide out of my dress, forgetting Niall is here and slide into my pajama pants and a black tank top. I turn and Niall is staring at me. “Don’t even.” I say and I lie down and he strips out of his jeans and shirt and walks over and climbs underneath the black blanket and scoots over to me and I wrap my arms around him and he pulls me against him and I look up at him. “Goodnight.” I whisper and I could just see his blazing blue eyes. “Goodnight.” He whispers back and leans down and kisses me on the lips. I kiss back and then close my eyes and run my finger up and down his side. “That tickles.” He mutters and I giggle and lay my palm flat on his soft skin and I finally fall asleep.

Authors Note

Sorry that it took so long to update this but I hope you like this a lot!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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