The Dare *Completed*

Nora is a nerd and Niall is a jerk what happens when Niall is dared to date her?


3. Chapter 3

~I wake up the next morning, squished against someone’s chest. I look up at Niall and sigh. I push away from him and he wakes up. “Hey baby,” he says and I roll my eyes. “Don’t call me that.” I say and he smiles. I get up and grab some clothes and I get in the shower. I quickly get out after washing myself. I start drying myself off and I change into my clothes and Niall walks in. “I need to pee.” He says and I make a face. “I am almost done.” I say and he sighs. “I need to go, either leave or watch me.” He says and I sigh and he walks in and I walk past him and quickly brush my hair and I hear him start peeing. I make a face and brush my teeth and apply my acne medicine and then put on my glasses. I leave the bathroom and go downstairs and get my bag and go outside. “Let’s go.” Niall says, putting his sunglasses on and putting his arm around my shoulder. I sigh and we walk to school and I see Marcel up ahead. “Nora? What are you doing with him?” He asks, pointing to Niall. “Why? Is there something wrong with me?” Niall asks, lifting up his fist and pretending that he is going to punch him. “It is a dare.” I say and Marcel flinches. “Niall, leave him alone.” I say and he looks at me. “Only if I get a kiss,” he says and I sigh. “No, just leave him alone.” I say and he smiles. “Nope, he is going to get his ass beat.” Niall says and I sigh and kiss him. “It won’t hurt that bad.” Niall says to Marcel. “Niall!” I scold and he smiles. “You got lucky Marcie.” Niall teases and I sigh. “Are you going to be mean to everyone?” I ask and he laughs. “Nope, just to the nerds.” He says and I pull away from him. “You are such a jerk.” I say, walking back to Marcel. Niall grabs me and kisses my neck. “Any girl would be lucky to have me.” He says and I shrug. “Then let them have you!” I say, trying to get out of his grip. “But this is a dare and I don’t back down from a dare.” He says and I roll my eyes. We go inside and people start staring at us. “Hey man!” Niall says to some of the jocks. “Niall, what are you doing with Nora?” One guy asks and he smiles. “A dare, do you actually think I would date someone like her?” He asks and I bite the inside of my lip. We walk up to Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. “Hey guys!” Niall says and they burst out laughing. “Enjoying the new girlfriend?” Harry asks, laughing. “Totally!” Niall says, laughing too. I get tired of their laughter and I push Niall away from me and I go outside to Marcel. I sit down next to him and he looks up at me. “Hey.” He says and I smile. “Your brother is a real jerk.” I say and he nods. “I know, let’s go to class.” He says and I nod and we go inside and I follow him to class.

After school, I gather my books and go to my locker and put my bag in it and then I go outside and someone grabs me. “What are you doing this weekend?” Niall asks and I sigh. “Staying away from you, you jerk.” I say and he laughs. “You lucked out.” He says and I sigh. “We aren’t really dating; you don’t have to spend time with me, like you said would you ever date someone like me? The obvious answer is no, so leave me alone, I want you to get this stupid dare over with as soon as possible.” I say and he laughs. “What?” I ask and he smiles. “The only way for that to happen is if I have sex with you.” He says and I just stare at him.

Authors Note

I hope you liked this chapter my lovelies! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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