Take It All

Have you ever been beaten by your lover? Well I have and he took everything from me. It's time to get my revenge.


2. Therapy

"Miss Starrlett, how is everything going at home?" Mr. Lee (my court appointed therapist) asks. "The exact same as the last fucking time I was here." I snap. "Alexis, you have experienced some of the most terrible things I can imagine, and yet you still have no wish to be here because you are strong and can take care of yourself but you have to continue therapy for 3 more years, so can we focus on what really bothered you this week?" "Do I have a choice?" I ask, already knowing the answer. Mr. Lee shakes his head. "My sister took money from my wallet to buy some beer and weed, but that is nothing new, what really bothered me about that is that Louis was there when she did it." I say. "Ahh tell me something, how are things with you and Louis?" He asked. "Great and time is up I have to go" I say getting up and walking out the door.
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