Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


6. You need to pay.


As Katy was un-packing both of or suit cases I decided to go on a walk I'm the kind of person that likes an adventure and who knows I might even bump into Louis I know he doesn't like boys but still its worth a shot.

As I was waiting for the lift to come a brown curly hair boy with bright green eyes stood next to me I remember this boy he was the one that bullied Katy and then seen her earlier and his eyes widened. I must have been staring at him for too long.. "Um can I help you?" He looked at me confused "Oh no, sorry I was in a stare." I said quickly looking back the other way. "Hey wait I know you, I seen your earlier with that girl named Katy how do you know her?" I looked at him shocked that he even had the guts to talk to me about her that son of a bitch I couldn't stop myself from the next words that came out of my mouth. "Oh you mean miss universe the Victoria Secret Model yeah me and her are dead close best friends if you add but my she knows you too and all of the others in your band." He looked at me shocked at my sudden out burst "She talks about me?" His eyes were wide. "Oh yeah you know back in her teenage years." I had know idea why I was being so horrible to this boy. "Oh, yeah I did know her when she was in high school." His head dropped like he was guilty.


Flash back - 

"Hey four eyes how you doing?" I asked Katy as she walked past me and the boys the lads just laughed along. "Um.. I'm.. Goood.." She could hardly get her words out she looked scared half to death so she should be. "Your so fat, Your worthless I don't even know why your here your a waist of space." I screamed at her the look in her eyes made me laugh she looked like she was going to cry. "Aww is ugly ducking going to cry?" Zayn shouted past my shoulder which made me laugh. suddenly she grew angry I've never seen this side of Katy before it scared me. "You bunch of jerks I will show you one day that I'm better than you and all the names you call me you are jerks I HATE YOU." 

End of flash-back.

Its hit me like a tom of bricks when I remembered what we did to her over the years and that one time she stood up for herself but she lost that confidence when we. God what am I thinking how could i be such a jerk to Katy the truth is back then I had a crush on her but I let my anger out on here and she became ugly to me but now she beautiful, Wait Harry shut up stop thinking about her ergh I can't wait for this reunion to end.




I can't stop thinking about her she stuck in my head I know Harry used to like her but I know he doesn't now. Why does my feelings always get in the way. The Katy I remember is the same Katy today she's still beautiful and her personality and her giggle its so cute. Niall shut up listen to yourself you can't love her you were horrible to her.



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