Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


8. The reunionpart2


But as I approached them Katy looked my way and her eyes went wide I simply smiled at her. "Hey Katy I see you have met Niall Do you remember me?" She looked like she was thinking but oh she was so beautiful.


I quickly turned my head as I could feel someone was staring at me I noticed Harry walking my way he smiled at he and my eyes went wide I was so scared I needed to find Ben. "Hey Katy I see you have met Niall do you remember me?" Ahh, what can i say I have no idea I simply nodded my head as a response he looked sad that I didn't give him an answer so I simply smiled. "How are you Harry?" I was so scared but  he looked up and smiled ear to ear at me god he was cute. Wait what did I just say Katy whats wrong with you. "I've been really good?, how have you been I've noticed you have done really well in life I mean becoming miss universe?" I was waiting for a comment on how I could ever be miss universe but it never came maybe these boys have changed. "Oh yeah, I've been good congratulations on becoming the biggest boy-band in the world though you must be very happy?" I looked at Niall and then Harry. "Yeah, It's really good thank you for asking?" Niall replied with a smile I simply smiled back at him and I looked at Harry he looked angry oh god what did I say he excused himself and said he was going for a drink so I carried on my conversation with Niall. 


That Irish blonde mother fucker. If he thinks he can have Katy all to himself me has an-other thing coming his way. Why are you so jealous Harry whats wrong with me what is happening I can't have feelings for Katy I've never met her before. Oh no my heads messed around.



I looked around the room for Katy she was talking to this blonde person she was smiling so I didn't bother to walk over. I saw someone with curls looking quite angry and confused so I simply tapped him on the shoulder he turned around and It was Harry. "Yes can I help you?" He gave me a look and I simply gave him the look his face expressions went from angry to sad. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that." I simply smiled at him and sat down beside him. "So come on Harry what's wrong with you?" He looked at me unsure to tell me or not "You half to promise you won't tell Katy." I nodded my head and promised him. "Right well, I feel awful because of what I did to her and I want to make it up to her but Niall one of her other bullies got in the way and now she laughing and smiling at him and it should be me, I went and talked to her before she looked scared at first but then she grew okay but she looked so beautiful." My eyes went wide and Harry covered his mouth I knew it Harry has got a crush on Katy I simply smiled. "I didn't mean to say that." He looked embarrassed. "It's okay Harry I've new Katy for 3 years now she a lovely girl but my when I found out her past and what you boys did and called her I couldn't believe it she was scared to come tonight because she thought you'd say something to her, She did say that you could have changed and she would become friends if you were nice but Harry its sounds like your in love with her. I think you should take her out sometime as friends?" He smiled at me "Do you really think she would say yes?" he had hope in his eyes I nodded my head and patted him on the shoulder he thanked me and walked off to find Katy.


I was all along I didn't know anyone in this place I had no Idea where Ben was and Niall had left to talk to his old friends suddenly a boy I had never seen before came up to me. "Hey beautiful I know you your Katy Marie Lawson my you are hot." He grabbed me by my waist and I grew scared I simply screamed "HELP" but he wouldn't let go. Then someone grabbed the boy off me. "Don't touch her you dick, What gives you the right to?" It was Harry my eyes went wide and he picked me up and took me outside for some fresh air. I felt safe in his arms what is happening to you Katy shut up talking to your self. "I'm sorry about that Katy, You looked scared like you didn't know him?" I simply smiled. "Thank you Harry, for saving me god knows what would have happened and no I have no idea who he was probably some fan or something." Harry smiled at me. "You know Katy I've never actually said sorry for my actions in high school I was a dick I know but I'm a better person now and I would love to show you so will you go out with me sometime.?" Harry Styles just asked you out what do you say omg. Smile Katy you idiot "I'd love too Harry here put your number in this?" I Gave him my phone god what was I doing he simply took the phone off me and tapped at it and gave it back to me. "GOD GIRL. I've been looking for you everywhere!" Suddenly Ben came running out. He saw me and Harry sitting together and smiled cheekily like he knew something hmm I will half to find out later. "It's already late you have a shot tomorrow so come on lets get you some beauty sleep." I nodded and said "Can I have 2 seconds." He nodded in my understanding. Harry smiled at me. "Harry thank you for tonight and for saving me, I forgive you to you have changed but many people have too I mean look at me." He started to laugh. "Its fine Katy anything for you, and your welcome." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and went back inside while I went back to Ben.


She walked over to me I smiled at her "You saw the hole thing didn't you?" I nodded and laughed at her she blushed I swung my arm around her shoulder and got into the taxi.


YESS. I walked back into the reunion everyone was dancing I found the boys sitting down so I walked over. "Hey Hazz where you been all night?" I smiled ear to ear I think they noticed because they looked at me confused. "I've been with Katy. Miss universe." Zayn went wide eyed Nial looked angry and the rest didn't seen to move. "You were with Katy Marie Lawson?" Liam added I smiled at him and he chocked on his drink I laughed. "Your joking right, I mean we were looking for her all night to say sorry and for her to like us and now we find out you have been with her all night." Zayn said. "Well actually I talked to her she really nice she has changed so much, you should see her up close she beautiful." Niall added I stared at him was I jealous. "Yeah well, I'm going out with her sometime I will bring her to meet you guys." They smiled and gave me a hug. 


HARRY not the only one she going back out with I got her number too. Okay Niall relax you will get her not Harry she will be my princess not his. deep breaths. 


I Don't know who Katy should goo with who do you want her with?x


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