Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


7. The reunion


Today went faster than I expected I've stayed away from the boys running in and out of the hotel I've had my hair done and make-up done and now I'm slipping my dress on Ben's in the bathroom now putting his suit on. I can honestly say I'm scared to see what tonight will bring I have no idea what is going to happen. "Come on Katy, you look gorgeous lets go get into the taxi its waiting for us?". My breath hitched as I knew that the time had come to face my fears of 5 boys. "Ok two seconds." I walked into the bathroom to check my self Ben was right I do look rather good. "HURRY UP WHERE GOING TO BE LATE YOU MAY BE MISS UNIVERSE BUT COME ON SLOW POKE" Ben was getting rather impatient he just wanted to check all the boys out while I on the other hand would like to crawl in bed and not go. I walked out of the bathroom and out the door making sure to lock it as we were both waiting for the lift Ben turned to me. "You have nothing to worry about remember I'm here plus I doute they will say anything to you babe you look beautiful." I simply smiled and got into the lift making my way down to the main entrance of this hotel. We jumped into the taxi and I began to shake.


"OMG, look who actually showed up to prom?" Harry said looking at me up and down I simply put my head down in shame I didn't want to come my mum made me. " You look rather ugly in that dress its makes you look like a whale." All the boys started laughing I felt a tear come down the side of my eye I quickly wiped it away before they could see. " Aw boys, I think she is here all alone." Zayn said with a cheeky grin on his face I couldn't take it no more I looked up at him "Why do you always half to make a comment why can't you just keep your mouth shut." I simply regretted saying that because all of a sudden something was thrown at me.


End of flash-back.

I quickly wiped the tear at the side of my eye as I didn't want my make-up to run. "Sir where here." My heart went wiled. Ben put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed small circles to try and relax me I was in no need to relax as I was about to walk into a school I haven't seen in 4 years. Me and Ben got out the car and made are way into the school Ben had his arm linked with mine to relax me it honestly worked then I seen a girl she looked like Rachelle the girl that used to call me Ugly and Fat but as I approached her she looked at me and her eyes went wide I guess she knows who I am. "Hello. how can I help you are you lost?" I looked at her shocked that she didn't notice me "No she actually went to this school do you remember someone called Katy Marie Lawson?"Ben asked looking deep into her face she look at him and laughed "Oh I remember her I wonder what that things up to.?" Ben's grew angry at her words he clenched his fists. "Yeah well she now Miss universe and one of the top 10 Victoria Secret Model and your standing right in front of her." Ben smiled cheekily while Rachelle mouth dropped. "Omg Katy you have changed so much I'm so sorry for everything I have just said." She looked really shocked but If It wasn't for what Ben had just said she would have laughed in my face I simply nodded my head and walked into the main hall where I got stares from everyone. 



I was just having a laugh with the boys when suddenly everyone in the room mouth dropped including the boys. "Niall what is everyone looking at?" Niall pointed at someone behind me I turned around slowly and saw Katy My eyes went wide and she smiled and walk further into the room. "WOW SHE FUCKING UNREAL." Zayn shouted I looked back at him and gave him a dirty look he looked at me confused.. "What I mean look at her I mean WOW." I saw Niall clench his fist at Zayn. OMG Niall likes Katy this can't be I was going to get to know her tonight and apologize I thought we could start again I grew angry was I jealous no harry shut up.


As everyone went back to their own thing I knew I had to go and speak to Katy so I walked up to her slowly my hands were sweating I had butterfly pull your self together Niall she just a girl. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around slowly and looked at me like she was scared.


As I was getting a quick drink I felt a light tap on the shoulder I didn't want to turn around but I didn't want to be rude but as I slowly turned around I saw his face it was Niall I grew scared as to what he was going to say. He smiled at me. "Hello Katy, Do you remember me I'm Niall?" He smiled at me of course I know who you are idiot you were my bullies I grew angry but still scared I put on a fake smile and replied with "Oh hey Niall, Yes I think I remember you were your friends with Harry and his gang?" I took a sip of my drink and he looked down like he was guilty. "Look about that Katy, I'm so sorry for being a jerk I just wanted to be popular and stay with the boys I feel really guilty now that I think about It I know you probably hate me but I just wanted to say me and the boys have changed where not like we used to be I'm so sorry for what I did to you." I simply smiled as he had the guts to say sorry and look really guilty he looked up and smiled back at me. "It's fine Niall, I forgive you." He smiled at me and started to make a conversation up. 



As I was talking to this random girl that claims we dated In high school I looked over and saw Naill talking to Katy and she was laughing I grew angry and started to walk over to them...

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